Best Underwater Fishing Camera

After the housing, underwater fishing cameras are an important part of any fisherman’s equipment. Without a dependable camera to capture the evidence, it can be hard to figure out what is causing you problems or find a pattern that can be worked on to improve your luck in future fishing trips. That got me thinking about what cameras and all other gear I have used and come across.

There are a handful of great underwater fishing cameras available these days. They vary in price, durability and functions as many take different types of pictures. The good news is when you understand what you need to capture images of, you can find the perfect camera more easily.

List of the best underwater fishing cameras

It’s no secret that we’re living in an age where fish is dwindling due to pollution and overfishing. To combat this, many anglers have begun targeting previously untouched waters and catching species of fish that are rarely, if ever, caught. This has led to the growing sport of underwater fishing cameras.

5. Eyoyo Portable 9 – Best Value

First, on the list, we have an underwater fishing camera from Eyoyo. Eyoyo Portable 9 comes in neatly packed and promises to make your fishing experience better than it already is. They even go as far as saying “Fishing will never feel the same after you try the Eyoyo Portable 9”.

As the 9 in its name implies, it is a 9 Inch underwater camera meaning it has a large screen size that displays great visuals; also its sun-visor will be ideal for bright environments. Not only for bright places but thanks to the 12pcs Infrared LEDS and the 1000TVL camera, fishes will be seen clearly even in the darkest environments.

Thanks to Its unique design, it won’t disturb the fish and instead, it will lure them closer to the bait. It comes with an 8GB TF card, which is plenty enough for you to record the underwater world.

As for the battery life, it is packed with a 4500mAh rechargeable battery cell that is included in the package. It promises to deliver around 6 to 8 hours, yet again, that’s quite a lot of working time.

4. MOOCOR Underwater Fishing Camera – Best Compact

Next, we have a prominent pick in the fish world the Moocor. Moocor underwater camera is a professional and helpful fish finder that will observe any fish while it’s moving in a really high-quality format. No doubt, that this camera will make fishing a lot more fun.

It comes with a 4.3 inch HD display that has a resolution of 800×480. It’s a cable that is used to submerge the camera inside of water is made out of black PU skin and of course it is waterproof and anti-corrosion/cold. The cable is strong enough to withstand up to 40 kg of weight and has a length of 49 ft (15m).

With its 3 high brightness infrared LED lights the Moocor will record even in the darkest spots. You can also choose if you decided to keep the infrared LED on or off, depending on the light in the underwater world. It has a camera angle of ≧ 130°, and it is equipped with fins that can be viewed horizontally or vertically underwater.

Moocor supports up to 4x digital zoom meaning it will enlarge the images up to four levels from 1x while maintaining the same sharpness and high quality.

It features a very powerful 5000mA battery, that is capable of lasting a work time of up to 8-10 hours on a single charge. What’s more, you can even use a 5V USB cable to charge the camera.

It’s pretty durable, and can handle even the roughest weather conditions. I’ve taken this camera with me when I’ve gone ice fishing and i can confidently say that it didn’t let me down. For those that practice ice fishing, this will serve you well.

3. RICANK Underwater Fishing Camera – Best Budget

On the third spot comes Ricank with their great LCD display and long cable.

The RICANK Fish Finder is a great pick for fishermen that don’t want a heavy inventory and want to travel as light as possible, they also want the camera to be a great underwater fishing camera.

No problem, even though they might ask too much, Ricank delivers all that.

It sports a 4.3″ backlit LCD display that provides a high-resolution video feed via the 100ft durable cable. It includes a sun visor for bright days and a mounting bracket to attach it to your rod. With all that being said, it gives us the green light in the portability aspect.

Thanks to the eight bright LEDs, the video camera will work well even in cold temperatures and even under ice or deep waters. While these are not infrared LED lights, it performs reasonably well at night.

As for the battery life, just like the above option, it packs a 5000mA battery that gives a run time of 8 hours, more than enough for the whole fishing day.


Even though it doesn’t have infrared lights like the others on the list, it does everything else quite well. Basically, you get what you pay for; a portable basic and cheap underwater fishing camera which can also be used for ice fishing. Not many underwater cameras are able to handle ice fishing, so that’s a big plus

2. Aqua-Vu AV 715C – Most Feature-Packed

The next pick is something that is quite unique, the Aqua-Vu AV 715C looks like a device that you would see James Bond Use.

It offers all the basic needs for an underwater fishing camera. It is a viewing system that can be expanded with additional accessories from Aqua-Vu such as an ice pod or for example a camera trolling fin. However, you already have everything you need in the basic package that 715C comes from.

It sports a 7-inch monitor screen that is waterproof and has a water rating of IP67. The whole system is relatively compact and portable, due to the foldable attribute of the screen. Just below the screen, you will be greeted by the cable station where you can wrap the 50ft cable for easy storage.

It sure has an IR system that allows it to record even at low-light conditions. The live footage at the system monitor is fairly great; however, the clarity of underwater will greatly affect its vision. It can see around 5 to 6 meters under clear waters but in a murky environment, it gets worse and can only project image as far as 1 meter.

This is not the case only with the 715C, is a known issue that all the underwater fishing cameras have. Despite all that, being able to see at 1 meter is still impressive.

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1. GoFish Cam – Best Performer

And taking the first spot we have the most feature-packed camera the, GoFish Cam. It is among or even the best underwater camera, thanks to its compact form factor and wireless connectivity that captures crystal clear video footage.

It is a compact camera that can easily fit onto your line – It’s only 4.5″ long and weighs 3.3oz. But what makes this underwater camera better than its competition must be; the high-resolution camera quality. It supports Full HD underwater video in stunning 1080P at 60Fps and 30Fps. Or if you want a lower resolution, it can do 720P at 60Fps.

Thanks to the three stabilization fins you can troll your prey at slow or fast speeds. There are also the green night vision LEDs that provide clarity in dark or murky waters allowing you to fish even at night.

Sadly there’s LCD included but worry not since the camera connects wirelessly with your smart device. The supporting app that is available for Android and iOs allows you to view the underwater world through your phone or tablet with excellent resolution.

What’s more, you can record while you are catching fish and share the outcomes on your social media, with your friends and family.

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