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Best vacation perfume

With many of us looking forward to the days when we can jet off on exciting adventures again, we’ve been looking for ways to bring the travel experience home.

When we travel, all five senses are engaged in new and unfamiliar ways – from the taste of local cuisine to the sounds of a bustling city.

Our sense of smell is powerful in that it can instantly transport us back to those places we love through olfactory memory, so we’ve rounded up 10 perfumes inspired by destinations across the globe — from national parks to European capitals — to satisfy our wanderlust while we’re stuck at home.

Guerlain Aqua Allegoria Granada Salvia


“Inspired by the indulgence of a crisp pomegranate in a warm Spanish garden,” this fragrance is fruity and citrusy, perfect for warm summer months.

With one spray, you can picture yourself walking through the sun-drenched streets of Andalusia.

Also part of the Aqua Allegoria collection, Orange Soleia offers a beautiful, bright orange scent, perfect for any citrus lovers.

Both perfumes have top notes of bergamot from Calabria, Italy — Guerlain Perfumer Thierry Wasser explains this ingredient choice, saying “Bergamot essence gives lift to perfumes with a type of versatility you won’t find with lemon.

Without having too strong of a personality, it leads you into a quite marvelous and supple world.”

To buy:, $130

Caswell-Massey Yellowstone Living Florals Fragrance Discovery Set

Caswell-Massey and Yellowstone Forever, the official non-profit partner of Yellowstone National Park, teamed up to create a collection of perfumes inspired by the diverse beauty of this national park.

Each of the five fragrances in this discovery set uniquely captures the essence of the region it’s named for; for example,

Old Faithful incorporates the range of flora found near the geyser, while Yellowstone Lake has notes reflecting the special verbena plant that only grows in this corner of the world.

The scents range from woody to fresh and bright, encapsulating the range of experiences visitors have at this beloved park.

Maison Francis Kurkdjian Paris Petit Matin


A spritz of Maison Francis Kurkdjian Paris’ Petit Matin will have you imagining you’re walking down a Parisian street lined with flower stalls. Francis described the inspiration for the fragrance, saying “

Petit Matin reflects the idea of being in Paris in the early morning while the city is still cast in the first light of day. Having a coffee on a terrace while shivering at the first glow of daylight.

And then, have a walk through the empty streets and dive into the excitement of the day ahead.”

With notes of litsea cubeba, lemon from Calabria, lavandin from Provence, orange blossom, hawthorn accord, musk, and ambroxan, it’s a beautiful, bright fragrance.

To buy:, $225

Kilian Moonlight in Heaven


Inspired by a getaway in Thailand where Kilian enjoyed mango sticky rice, this fragrance is tropical and romantic without any cloying sweetness.

Moonlight in Heaven is fresh and citrus-y, with notes of mango, coconut milk, rice, tonka bean, and vetiver.

To buy:, $240

Atelier Cologne Clementine California


Atelier Cologne Clementine California smells like walking through a sunny  orchard of perfectly ripe citrus.

Notes of clementine from Italy, juniper berries from Turkey, and vetiver from Haiti make this perfume Atelier Cologne’s most popular scent — once you wear it you’ll see why.

To buy:, $140

Byredo Mojave Ghost


Inspired by the Mojave Desert, this perfume uses the scent of the ghost flower to transport wearers to the desert wilderness.

It has the perfect balance of woody and floral – like desert blooms in a dusky landscape – making it perfect for any occasion.

To buy:, $180

Dolce & Gabbana Light Blue


Evocative of the Italian summer, Dolce & Gabbana is a popular fruity and floral scent that transports you to hot August days on the Amalfi coast with notes of Sicilian cedar, granny smith apple, bluebell, bamboo, jasmine, white rose, wood, amber, and musk.

To buy:, $104

D.S. & Durga Radio Bombay


The fragrance story of this woody scent from D.S. & Durga sets the tone:

“A transistor radio made of sandalwood sings in the Bandra heat. Hot copper tubes warm the soft wood, releasing blooms of musk, cream, peach, ambrette, coco and cedar distillates.”

The brand’s motto is “perfume is armchair travel,” and the specific backstories and influences behind each scent make it easy to imagine yourself somewhere far away.

To buy:, $260

Jo Malone London Earl Grey & Cucumber Cologne


If there was ever a scent that encapsulated the essence of a British afternoon tea, it’s the Earl Grey and Cucumber Cologne from this beloved London perfume brand.

Notes of cucumber, bergamot, and beeswax keep this fragrance citrusy and bright.

To buy:, $140

Aerin Tangier Vanille


Capturing the beauty and allure of Morocco, this classic but fresh fragrance has rich, warm vanilla notes contrasted with crisp bergamot.

Summer is here, which that means the days are longer, dresses are shorter and perfumes are a bit lighter.

While many of us like to stick with our signature scent year-round, summertime is a wonderful opportunity to embrace fragrances that remind us of our favorite outdoor pastimes — days at the beach, picnics with the girls, vacationing in an exotic destination or even just a quiet evening walk around your own neighborhood.

Instead of hitting up your local department or cosmetics store and sampling scents in a whirlwind, we rounded up some of our favorite perfumes and fragrances that are floral, citrusy, bright and perfectly emulate the aromas of summer. 

Best summer perfumes and fragrances

1. Pacifica Beauty French Lilac Spray Perfume

Take the romantic aromas of French lilacs with you anywhere with this fragrance from Pacifica.

Not a floral fan? The clean beauty brand also makes scents inspired by Hawaiian ruby guava, Indian coconut nectar and Tuscan blood orange.

2. Jafra Eau d’Arômes Sunshine Fragrance Spray

There’s nothing like the feeling of sunshine on your skin in the summer — and that feeling is what this perfume is reminiscent of.

This fragrance is filled with bright lemon and sunflower notes that give way to sultry driftwood for a scent that can easily go from day to night.

3. Eau de Juice Good Energy Eau de Parfum

If you strive to live life with “good vibes only,” this eau de parfum is right for you.

This fruity fragrance is loaded with all kinda of summery fruits including mandarin, passionfruit, mango and papaya.

Plus, how can you not live the packaging that’s an instant throwback to your days on the playground?

4. Oscar de la Renta Alibi Eau de Parfum Spray

Oscar de la Renta perfumes are beloved by women around the world. One summer scent we can’t get enough of is Alibi de Parfum.

It starts off with notes citrus and ginger blossoms, evolves to light vanilla orchids and ends with warm praline and amber wood.

The bottle is just as beautiful as the smell with a gold lid and black lettering.

5. Boy Smells Exploratory Set

If you can’t commit to a single perfume purchase, an exploratory set might be right for you.

You may best know Boy Smells for their chic candles, but the brand also makes cool fragrances reminiscent of everything from smoky papyrus and poppin’ peppercorns to classic mint and sandalwood.

Not only can you test out four of their signature scents — Rose Load, Violet Ends, Suede Pony and Tantrum — but you’ll also receive a $16 credit towards a purchase of a full-sized bottle in the future.

6. Marc Jacobs Daisy Love Eau de Toilette

For many, Marc Jacobs Daisy is a beloved summer fragrance.

The brand recently launched a new perfume in the Daisy line that blends crystalized cloudberries, daisy tree petals, cashmere musk and driftwood together to make a clean and crisp perfume that can be worn day and night.

The bottle still features the beautiful daisy topper with gold accents.

7. NEST New York Seville Orange Perfume Oil

For those who love a citrus laden scent, the NEST New York Seville Orange Perfume Oil is a must.

The perfume combines orange zest, pink grapefruit and neroli blossom into one perfectly balanced scent that screams bright summer days.

Because this is an oil, you’re going to want to be sure it’s fully absorbed into your skin before putting on clothes you don’t want to stain.

8. Jo Malone London English Pear And Freesia Cologne

Imagine walking through British gardens filled with flowers and fruit.

That’s exactly what this Jo Malone perfume smells like.

The fragrance combines King William pear, freesia and patchouli for a delicate and clean scent that is perfect for summer, whether you’re going on a road trip with friends or out to dinner with your partner.

9. Henry Rose Windows Down Eau De Parfum

This Windows Down fragrance from Henry Rose is floral without being overwhelming.

While the simple bottle design is clean and simplistic, its contents are filled with bright notes of citrusy grapefruit, bergamont, sweet honeyed neroli and comforting earl grey tea,

10. Ellis Brooklyn BEE Eau de Parfum

11. Aerin Beauty Rose de Grasse Pour Filles Eau de Toilette

This is a great scent for women of any age that are looking for something new to wear this summer.

The fresh scent of Aerin Beauty Rose de Grasse is filled with pear, rose and soft musk that is reminiscent of a dewy morning garden.

12. Chloé Chloe L’Eau

If you’re looking for a classic floral scent, look no further than Chloé L’Eau.

The perfume combines citrus, rose water and magnolia for a breezy summer fragrance that is classic and unmistakable.

13. Yves Saint Laurent Mon Paris Eau de Parfum

This fruity and floral perfume from Yves Saint Laurent is inspired by the world’s most romantic city.

The fragrance features sweet red berries, datura flower and white musk for a bright yet alluring scent.

14. Gucci Bloom Gocce di Fiori Eau de Toilette

Gucci has unveiled a new perfume as part of the Bloom fragrance line, Gocce di Fiori. The delicate scent is very floral with notes of all different types of spring and summer flowers.

15. Diptyque Orphéon Eau de Parfum

Diptyque Orphéon is inspired by a bar in Paris’ Saint-Germain quarter where people would go to dance and laugh in the summertime.

The perfume brings together earthy tobacco, burnished wood, tonic bean, cedar and juniper berries for a sultry scent that will leave you and others wondering if you’re strolling in France — even if you’re walking down the block in your hometown.

16. Gucci The Alchemist’s Garden 1921 Eau De Parfum

Yes, this Gucci perfume is worth the splurge.

The green bottle and gold filigree of The Alchemist’s Garden lures you in to smell the wonders that are within.

The genderless scent has notes of floral neroli flower, crisp limone cedrato fruit and woodsy oakmoss.

When you get ready for vacation, the first thing most of us do is take an inventory of our wardrobe and make a list of what we need.

Depending on where you are going, you may need a new swimsuit, or new ski pants, or comfortable shoes for walking around the city.

Don’t forget to inventory your perfume wardrobe and add the right fragrances to it depending on your destination.

Our sense of smell plays an important role in creating and triggering memories. It can bring back the feelings you had on vacation just as strongly as any photographs you’ve taken.

This is why fragrance is something very personal.

Whether you are traveling to the tropics or the mountains, or anywhere in between, here’re some tips on picking the perfect perfumes to pack for your vacation.

Light and Breezy Scents for a Beach Vacation

A floral fragrance combined with subtle notes of sea salt will keep you feeling fresh and breezy in the salty air of the beach.

These scents bring to mind seashells, the sand between your toes, and sipping a drink on a balcony at sunset. Bring your favorite fragrance with floral notes, or try one of these.

Acqua di Gio for Women by Giorgo Armani

Acqua di Gio features notes of lilac, bergamot, and peony blend with freesia, jasmine, and oakmoss to create a beachy floral fragrance perfect for casual and daily use on your tropical vacation.

Miami Glow by J. Lo

For hot sultry, vacation nights, you can’t beat this sexy blend of passion fruit, coconut, orange flower, vanilla, and musk.

Shimmering floral notes, sultry amber, and musk make this scent, and you, as hot as its namesake and as cool as the Miami vibe.

Romantic Fragrances for a Countryside Vacation

The countryside instantly brings to mind the beauty and scents of nature, so your fragrance will want to follow suit.

Fresh spring florals, cotton accords, and sage all mix together for a scent as fresh as a country breeze.

If you’re ready to try a new, romantic fragrance for your trip to the countryside, try one of these.

Dolce Rosa Excelsa by Dolce & Gabbana

Nothing is as fresh as a country rose, except maybe Dolce Rosa Excelsa.

This fragrance truly captures rose petals in bloom and it’s the perfect scent for warm, vibrant days spent in the countryside.

Eternity for Women by Calvin Klein

Notes of freesia, sage, mandarin, muguet, patchouli, sandalwood, and white lily make this classic, floral fragrance perfect for romantic dinners and long walks at twilight in the countryside.

Sophisticated Fragrances for a City Vacation

Bright lights, big city, brings to mind fragrances that are lively, sexy, and mysterious. Perfumes with notes of neroli (bitter orange), musk, and amber are perfect for your city vacation, whether strolling through Central Park or hitting the nightlife.

Try one of these sophisticated scents the next time you embark on a city vacation.

DNKY Be Delicious by Donna Karan

This unconventional light perfume captures the city vibe, celebrating the city that never sleeps.

With its elegant mixture of green apple, cucumber, grapefruit, sandalwood, and white amber, this perfume makes you feel sophisticated and one-of-a-kind, perfect for a day of sight-seeing.

Black Orchid by Tom Ford

Black Orchid’s dark and sensuous scent features notes of black truffle, amber, dark chocolate, and balsam perfect for an evening out in the big city. It is the ultimate cosmopolitan fragrance.

Light and Easy Fragrances for a Tropical Vacation

We are more sensitive to perfume in warm, humid weather, so bring a lighter fragrance on your tropical vacation. Look for one with notes of fig and coconut for a scent that reflects the heart of the tropics.

Try one of these on your next trip to the tropics.

St. Kitts for Women by Tommy Bahama

Captivating and stunning, this perfume is a tropical cocktail of mouth-watering mango, juicy Pear, and tart Starfruit combined with a sweet bouquet of Plumeria, Frangipani, and Freesia adding breezy floralcy.

Dry, creamy musk, salty driftwood, and vanilla notes a gentle warmth like the beach just before sundown.

Island Kiss for Women by Escada

Inspired by Caribbean beaches, fragrant coasts, salty air, and lush blooms, this fragrance is a blend of orange, passion flower, magnolia, mango, and hibiscus as well as red fruits and musky notes.

It’s a casual — like the tropics — fragrance perfect for warm days and casual, tropical nights.

Warm, Woodsy Fragrances for a Summer Mountain Vacation

Summer in the mountains is filled with crisp, deep, woodsy aromas and so should your fragrance. Choose one with warm amber to round out the fragrance.

Silver Mountain Water by Creed

This fresh fragrance blends bergamot, Mandarin, green tea, black currant, musk, and sandalwood into a woodsy scent as fresh as the mountain air.

It captures the scope and majesty of white-capped peaks, clear mountain streams, and vast green fields.

Burberry Body for Women

Floral and clean, this fragrance for women blends absinthe, freesia, peach, rose, iris, cashmere, vanilla, sandalwood, amber, and musk for a surprisingly fresh, woodsy scent.

Bright, Invigorating Fragrances for a Winter Vacation

Not all vacations take place in the summer or involve warm climates.

If you are embarking on a winter adventure, look for bright, invigorating scents that stimulate the olfactory senses, since they tend to be less active in cold weather.

Pure Dior Poison for Women

This is a mysterious and seductive fragrance infused with fresh amber and white flower bouquet.

It’s a modern, sensual fragrance with top notes of sweet orange, Calabrian bergamot, and Sicilian mandarin, perfect for warming up winter evenings.

212 VIP Rose by Carolina Herrera

Rose notes blend with beach blossom, champagne, and white musk for a deep and intriguing fragrance. It revitalizes the senses and its woodsy notes will last all day and into the evening.

Fragrances add to the experience by creating a scent memory associated with the vacation.

When this happens, not only do you enjoy the fragrance in the moment, but the associated memory brings back the feelings you had while wearing it on vacation.

It allows you to be there in your mind long after the vacation has ended.

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