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Finding the best video camera under $1,000 can be tough considering how many other factors should be taken into account prior to making your decision. In our case today, we focus on video cameras that fall within a particular price-point. However, now that we’ve gotten through half the battle, we’re met with some other questions, such as: What type of video camera? What features or specs are you looking for? For exactly how much money? Today we help you how to figure this out, as well as provide our picks for the best video cameras under $1,000 in the market today.

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Picking the Best video camera under $1,000

  • Your budget – Although we’ve been able to narrow down our search to under $1,000, that still leaves us with a bit of a range when it comes to exact price. Our best video camera buying guide definitely helped cover every price range in the world; however, you’re here for a reason. We covered all bases down below to give you options. Keep in mind any additional gear you’ll need to buy as well (tripods, cases, lenses if you grab an interchangeable camera, etc.) when totaling up your entire purchase. Even the best video cameras under $500 may be of interest to you — it’s all dependent on what you want. Note: DSLR and Mirrorless only offer 30 minutes of video recording at a time. You’ll just have to press ‘record’ again; however, it’s something to keep in mind in case the use you intend have with your video camera under $1,000 won’t allow you to be near the camera frequently.
  • Video camera type – There are quite a few different types of video cameras in the world today. We’ve eliminated them into a few types to make it easy. After your budge is chosen, let’s get down to what types of video cameras you may want:
    • DSLR camera: These are by far one of the most popular digital cameras as well as video cameras nowadays, with the main reasons being they offer interchangeable lenses and great quality for the price. We highly recommend a DSLR camera if you’re looking for something versatile (also if you’re in need of a digital camera — this is your best bet). They’re a bit more bulkier than others so if size is something you’re concerned about, you may need to steer away here. We have quite a few of these listed below for a reason.
    • Mirrorless camera: Becoming more popular as technology continues to grow, these are a bit of a different build than DSLR’s. They are interchangeable as well, so that’s a huge pro for many since grabbing separate lenses can help customize the picture of your videos. They’re also a lot better for autofocus (their AF systems are more advanced than DSLRs, albeit for a bit higher price).
    • Action camera: These are the point-of-view cameras many have come to love, especially when it comes to filming extreme sports or more action-based uses. We list our favorite below, otherwise if you want some more options be sure to read our guide we linked to.
    • Camcorders: Up until about a decade ago, these were the most popular types of video cameras for quite a while. They’re the image many associate with “video camera” in general and are a bit more convenient when it comes to use as well as travel (they typically have a strap for your hand and are less weight than DSLRs to carry).
    • Point-and-Shoot camera: Last but not least, although a bit more rare the others mentioned above, are amazing if you were looking for something compact in size. They’re great for travel and most can even fit in your pocket. Not many come with video capability, but we found a few that did to give you options.
  • Intended use – Will you be filming sports? Something by the water? Skits or vlogs for YouTube videos? Everyday home and family use? Music videos? Check out those posts we have in regards to specific uses, otherwise you’ll want to keep what you plan on filming in mind when you’re selecting the best video camera under $1,000. For example, those in darker-lit environments want to make sure they’re video has great low-light sensitivity, or those filming sports a decent autofocus system (mirrorless recommended).
  • Additive features – Do you want some high-quality, 4K video resolution? How about a waterproof camera (we don’t have any in here, so check that guide if it’s what you need)? The combination of type of camera and intended use will dictate what features will really stand out for you. Some other popular extra features include

The best video cameras for under $1,000

Sony Alpha a6000

To begin our list, we are looking at one of our favorite video cameras in the world right now — the Alpha a6000 by Sony, which is in our opinion one of the best video cameras for an under $1,000 budget. Aside from the dominance this camera has over many in the mirrorless camera category, you’re getting near semi-pro quality when it comes to the video quality. In regards to features, this camera offers four different dimensions of auto focus (4D Focus) to make sure that each image and movement is captured with high precision and focus. This includes a wide focus that accounts for height and width, a depth focus that zeros in on speed, and a tracking focus that predicts movements before they occur.

The larger sensor included in the video camera, coupled with a high quality processing system helps create sharper images and reduces any blurry images you may normally get with movement (which even for those of us with little skill in videography, gives us confidence in the shots we are taking). With a portable and decent size that makes it great for travel as well, the Sony Alpha a6000 video camera has great qualities for a reasonable price. We list it first for a reason.

Canon EOS Rebel T6i

While the Canon EOS Rebel T6i is on the higher end of the budget, it is an ideal video camera for those looking for high quality videos with little work involved. This video camera under $1k comes with a great amount of features, which may appear overwhelming, but are designed to be user friendly and provide multiple options for everyone. A 24.2 Megapixel sensor gives images that have a natural appearance due to the enhanced light detection included in the camera. Also, unflattering light situations and movements that are difficult to capture become clear with a scene analysis systems that adjusts to the subject of the image or video based on what they are doing. However, with everyone’s desire for instant results and constant communication, it is the feature of built-in Wi-Fi that really makes the selling point on this camera.

As long as you have a compatible device, you can automatically upload photos and videos directly from your camera. As someone who personally hates any extra clutter, saying goodbye to extra cords for the ease of wireless uploading makes the Canon EOS Rebel T6i one of the best video cameras under $1,000 available.


We’re all aware of those GoPro videos everywhere. Although their popularity is declining as competitors become more technologically equal, their newest GoPro is simply awesome. Waterproof? Voice activated? One button for use? The highly rated GoPro HERO is designed for those who want high-tech features that are simple to use. For the daredevils out there, the GoPro is a video camera that can be mounted and held by hand during different activities and has video stabilization that allows you to capture your exciting moments while they are happening. The video camera is small in size and has a two-inch touch screen that allows you to edit your photos directly on your video camera before sending them off to your device via the WiFi capability.

Also, as mentioned earlier, the camera can be used in up to 33 feet of water and has the ability to be voice activated, allowing you to find the perfect angle for your selfie without having to contort your arm to reach the button. With simple use and a portable design, the GoPro HERO is a high quality video camera under $1,000 for a reasonable price. You also have many, many models to choose from depending on your exact budget.

Panasonic HC-WXF991K

While the look of this video camera is that of an old-school video camcorder, the HC-WXF991K comes with all the upgraded features needed in a modern-day camera. With a 4K Ultra display and HD recording, this camera has a built in twin camera setting that allows you to record a shot from different angles, giving a more professional feel to all recordings. Cropping, stabilization, zoom, and slow/quick motion features are all included directly in the camera, which allows for automatic editing without having to work from another device.

It even comes with a function known as level-shot, that adjusts the image of the camera automatically so that there is not tilting or external shaking from the user while recording. Finally, the High Dynamic Range (HDR) feature adjusts the lighting and exposures to make sure that each image or shot is captured as a clear and visible image. While this camera is higher on the price point, the included features make the Panasonic HC-WXF991K a dynamic device and still one of the best video cameras under one thousand dollars.


For the amateur videographers who dreamed of being the next Steven Speilberg as a child, the VIXIA HF G20 will fulfill all of your pro-video making dreams (aside from having the look). While the body of the camera is small, the 35 mm lens of the camera offers a wider view of images that cannot be found with regular video cameras. The image sensor is also top-of-the-line quality, working well at farther ranges, close ups, and producing clear images in low-light settings — all features that justify the price on this bad boy. The touch panel allows you to review your images and modify them directly on the camera to edit features such as the exposure or clarity of your photos or recordings.

However, one of the features that makes this one of the best video cameras under a thousand bucks are the nine different cinema-filters that are included. The camera allows you to preview all of the filters before choosing one, and then adjusts the lighting and background exposure to match your chosen selection. While it comes in at the top of the budget of a thousand dollars or less, the Canon VIXIA HF G20 HD is a worthwhile investment to videographers looking for professional recordings.

Nikon D5500

One of best DSLR video cameras under $1,000 designed for the creative artist in mind, the D5500 is meant for those who want to capture the world in a unique way. With seven different Picture Controls to adjust lighting and background, and sixteen Scene Modes to add your own personal touch, this video camera allows for a personalized videography experience. The Scene Recognition system uses a sensor that automatically adjusts your camera settings (such as focus, brightness, and flash) to make sure that your photo or video is perfectly balanced and clear in its imagery.

Plus, with nine different cross-type sensors and shutter speeds that move between 4 to 30 seconds, you can get every movement you want to capture on film with high clarity. Included with WiFi compatibility for easy uploading to most devices, the Nikon D5500 is a portable and well-priced video camera ideal for any user.

Blackmagic Micro Cinema

While this video camera is smaller in size, the Blackmagic Micro Cinema is high in quality thanks largely in part to the 13 versions of dynamic range powered by the 16mm sensor. Although they’re above our price-point here, their entire line of Blackmagic Cinema Cameras are insane when it comes to quality. While the Micro Cinema is on the high-end of the budget and barely making our under $1,000 mark, this video camera is designed for the adventure seekers and can be mounted on all different types of equipment for achieving ultimate action shots. It even comes with remote control capability so that you can use your camera without being in the direct vicinity.

The mechanical design for the audio is omni-directional, which allows for the cancellation of background noise and instead focuses in on the audio you need to make the most of your recordings. For ease in use, all buttons are located on the front of the camera, making it accessible in any position you may be in while trying to get that perfect shot. Overall, the Blackmagic Micro Cinema is another very high quality video camera for under a thousand bucks.

Canon PowerShot G7 X Mark II

Looking at another option from Canon, the PowerShot G7 stands out from the others due to the innovation of the processor it possesses being the size of a compact point-and-shoot. The DIGIC 7 image processor works over time to focus in on everything essential in your videos. This includes concentrating on fast-paced subjects, face tracking recognition for the focus of your shot, reducing outside noise, and stabilizing the image from any external body movements that may occur while capturing your moments.

For the selfie lovers out there, the camera can tilt itself upward at 180 degrees and down at 45 degrees, meaning less arm contortion for the perfect picture angle. Finally, looking to take hours of footage and decrease to seconds? The time lapse function gives you that option, keeping up with your fast paced life without having you miss a beat, which is why we had to add the Canon PowerShot G7 X Mark II to our list of the best video beasts for under$1,000.

Nikon D7000

The highly rated Nikon D7000 continues to prove itself while Nikon is a trusted brand and leader in high-quality video cameras, more specifically DSLRs. This is definitely one of the best video cameras for under $1,000 if you wanted something in the lower-end of our category here. The 16.2 megapixels included in this video camera allows for light to process at a higher sensor, giving you richer quality in your images. The EXPEED 2 processing system allows the video camera to capture movements at higher speeds of up to 6 frames per second.

In addition, the 1080p HD enhances the quality of the video, with the added bonus of a built-in and external microphone that produces decent-resolution audio when playing back your videos (for pro quality, we still recommend an external shotgun mic). Similar to the other Nikon’s on this list, the 2,016 pixel sensor enhances the lighting, giving for optimal exposure of all images in both shadows and light. Finally, for those of us that tend to be a little hard on our equipment, the D7000 was put to the manufacturing test to ensure that the Nikon D7000 is durable in most rugged environments, giving peace of mind to the user in all recording situations.

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Are you looking for Canon DSLR Cameras Under 750?  This article will help you with your search for a good entry-level Canon DSLR for a reasonable price. Let’s find you the Canon DSLR to buy.

 The three entry-level cameras below are the updated suggestions for JC.  He already has 4 lenses to use on his new Canon and these recommendations and prices (at the time of this writing) are for Canon DSLR camera bodies.

Here are the snapshots, with more detailed summaries about the 3 cameras that made my list.


Here is the rebuilt list of Canon cameras under $750, updated for 2022.


The Rebel t7 is a few years old now, but still has relevant technology. comes with its advanced sensor and processor.

The Canon t7i is a little out of our desired price range, but is worth considering if you go a little over budget. It’s more robust than the Rebel t7.

Less Than $500

2. REBEL T8i

This a really advanced camera and is priced under $750, if you don’t include a lens. The Canon t8i is likely the last model in this line of Canon Rebels

Choose this Canon DSLR only if you are already equipped with a lens. Rebel t7 kits sells for less than $600.


3. EOS SL3

This is right at the top of your spending threshold, but an interesting choice because it is a full-featured DSLR in a really small package.

Less Than $700 


Another way to stay below your $750 equipment budget is to consider going with a pre-owned camera in excellent condition. This gives you leftover money to invest in an extra lens or two.

I’ve purchased a variety of used camera equipment over the last 40 years. That includes attending trade shows, eBay, camera retailers, and dealers that specialize in selling used camera gear like KEH.

I’ve experienced the best condition of the used gear with KEH, so much so, that I decided to join their affiliate program. Click the link to check out their prices. 

I’ve also sold my used gear to KEH. It’s a way to get rid of older cameras and have money for new ones and is a lot less of a hassle than listing it on eBay or Craigslist.

Check out these other cheaper DSLR options:This post contains affiliate links and the publisher may be compensated if you make a purchase after clicking on my links, at no cost to you.

“I’ve found that the condition of the used equipment from KEH is excellent and a whole lot cheaper than buying new” – Bruce, the Canon Camera Geek


The Rebel 5ti is so much better than the standard t5. It is a bigger investment, but well worth it because of the differences in features.Canon DSLR For Much less than $750
but without the most advanced technology.

I did not include the Canon t5 in this article.  The LCD is not a touch screen and does not rotate. It does not have an external jack for sound recording, only shoots at 3 frames-per-second, and only has 1 cross-type of focusing point.


  1. 18 megapixel sensor, Digic 5 processor, 3.0 inch articulating LCD screen
  2. 9-point all cross-type autofocus. 5 frames-per-second
  3. 12,800 ISO setting, 1080 HD video, continuous focus tracking for moving objects.

The Canon Rebel t5i is older technology
and sells for a lot less than 750 Dollars.


Conspirators will tell you that Canon and other manufacturers purposely hold back a few features from their entry-level DSLRs so that they don’t cut into the sales of their pro DSLR cameras that cost thousands and thousands of dollars.
Selling New at Less Than $600

It should be hard to argue that point if you take a close look at the Canon t6 cameras. Both the t6i and t6s have the CMOS auto-focus III, which is almost as good as the dual-pixel technology found on the Canon  EOS 70D and the 7D Mark II.Canon 6ts-Top LCD

The 6ts, in particular performs and has a feature like it’s expensive big brothers, the LCD information panel on top.  The specs are very impressive on both of these versions:

  1. 24 megapixel CMOS APS-C sensor with Digic 6 processor
  2. Super high ISO capabilities of 12,800. 
  3. 19-point cross-type focus points
  4. HD video in MP4 format
  5. 3-inch vari-angle touch screen LCD

When it was released pre-order a new Canon t6i for about $750 Dollars. Now, is the time to get one if you want to save money by going with a pre-owned Rebel.

You get really sophisticated DSLRs with both the Canon 6ti and 6ts cameras.  Here is a video from dpreview that illustrates the differences between these two entry-level DSLRs. the t6i-t6s video to start or stop it.


Canon SL3

At the time of its release in March of 2013, the SL1 was the world’s smallest digital SLR camera on the market. It is significantly smaller and lighter than the Canon t5i. Now the SL3, released in 2019, has the advantage of having 6 years of additional technology. 

The Canon SL1 won a “GOLD” award from one of the granddaddies of all camera review sites,, and the SL3 has several major improvements over the SL1:

  • Triple the battery life
  • A better, more advanced sensor
  • An articulating LCD screen
  • Much better video

A new Canon Rebel SL3, along with
an 18-55mm kit lens now sells for for under $700.

The SL3 uses the 2nd version of the Hybrid AF focusing system and covers a large majority of the frame. It has continuous auto-focusing and subject tracking in movie mode. That means sharper, quicker focusing for you.

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