Best winter wedding perfume

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Best winter wedding perfume

Whether you’re getting married in the winter or just looking for a new, seasonal fragrance for your engagement party or bridal shower, now is the time to start testing warm, cozy scents. If you love light, floral fragrances, choosing a winter-appropriate fragrance doesn’t mean you have to veer far from the type of perfume you usually wear.

Say you typically opt for a jasmine scent in the summer, now would be the time to give a heavier flower, like rose, a try—you’ll still feel comforted by a classic floral note, but the overall scent is more appropriate for the winter months. If you gravitate towards gourmand scents, choose something that’s mixed with spice or a little musk. And, if you love musk and woody scents to begin with, then you probably already know that winter is your season when it comes to fragrance.

No matter what you generally love the wear, there’s a winter-appropriate scent that you’ll enjoy just as much as your warm-weather go-to. Even better, we found incredible perfumes available at a variety of different price points, starting as low as $28. So, whether you’re looking to try out wintry scents for the first time or feel ready to splurge on something exciting, you’ll find just what you’re looking for. Here, 12 of our favorite winter fragrances—both new and old—that you’ll love to wear.

2 of 13 Tom Ford

Not only is the bottle super chic—clear, graphic, with a pale peach liquid—but it has a woody, sensual smell that’s not overbearing. It starts out heavier with a touch of spice, but gets lighter as the day goes on, and lingers forever.


3 of 13 Glossier

If you don’t love strong, musky fragrances, try Glossier’s new fragrance: It melds with everyone’s skin, giving each wearer a unique vibe. It contains notes like pink pepper, iris root, and ambrette, but you can’t completely pick out each specific note—it all blends together so nicely to create a warm, gentle fragrance.


4 of 13 KAYALI

Rich, decadent scents are perfect for winter, which is why you should give KAYALI’s Vanilla eau de parfum this season. The notes of jasmine, vanilla, and tonka are perfectly balanced with musk, amber, and brown sugar to create a slightly woody scent.


5 of 13 Hermés

This cult classic fragrance reminds us of something our grandmother would wear, but in a slightly modern, updated way. It’s warm, enveloping, powdery, and perfect for those having a classic winter wedding.


6 of 13 Chloé

Here’s an easy way to update your favorite floral fragrance: Go for Chloé’s new, richer version of their classic eau de parfum, which now pairs patchouli and vanilla with two different types of rose. The gold metallic ribbon on the bottle is just an added plus.


7 of 13 Diptyque

Both musky and fresh at the same time, those who love clean scents in the summer will love this deeper version for the winter, which mixes florals with vetiver.


8 of 13 Elizabeth and James

Rose is one flower that works so well in the winter—especially when layered with seductive notes. Elizabeth and James’ fragrance starts out smelling like rose, then shifts throughout the day into a muskier scent.


9 of 13 YSL Black Opium Eau de Parfum

With notes of black coffee, white blooms, and vanilla, there’s nothing more comforting for the winter than this addictive scent.


10 of 13 Jo Malone

If you love to wear men’s cologne, then this unisex option is the one for you. It’s woody, it’s musky, but the redcurrent gives it an unexpected hint of sweetness, which makes it even more interesting.


11 of 13 Juliette Has A Gun

Like the name implies, this one is for everyone who does not like perfume, but wants to smell fresh and clean. It has one warm note—cetalox, usually used as a base note—that’s hypoallergenic, too, so you won’t get red, itchy eyes from wearing it.


12 of 13 D.S. & Durga

With sandalwood, musk, cream, peach, and cedar, this is a fragrance that would be warm and cozy to wear in the winter and sexy and sultry to wear in the summer heat. Plus, it’s actually one that your groom might want to steal from you—we have inside intel that it’s popular among the guys, too.


13 of 13 Aerin Tuberose Le Soir

This fragrance was inspired by the tuberose flower, as it changes scent and becomes richer in the evening than in the morning. (They also have the lighter scent, Tuberose Le Jour, for daytime.) But we love Le Soir for winter—day and night—thanks to it’s warm, enveloping scent of tuberose with mandarin orange, bergamot, ylang-ylang, vanilla, sandalwood, and amber.

There’s something quite unusually nice and atmospheric about tying the knot in the colder months (you’re not pinning your hopes on sunshine for one thing!).

But of course you have to do things differently. You probably wouldn’t choose to wear a sheer, strapless gown or have a garden marquee – and the same mindset can be extended to fragrance. In contrast to the typical delicate floral scents that characterise summer weddings, in the winter you may want something with slightly more punch that will cut through the cold.

Here are five that hold their own when temperatures reach sub-zero. Spritz now, or forever hold your peace!


As much as the world of perfumery likes to experiment with weird and wonderful ingredients, few things say romance like a classic rose scent. But this doesn’t mean you’re stuck with a summery accord – this flower lends itself particularly well to smokier wintery notes such as incense and patchouli.

All three star in Floris’s latest beguiling concoction, and as an extra bonus, you can complete the title with your own name (in case anyone had forgotten whose special day it was). Truly ‘A Rose For… YOU. Anyone who’s read The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe will remember the classic scene where The White Witch first appears through the snow in her reindeer-drawn sleigh.

Donning a fur coat and crown, she offers Edmund a box of Turkish delight which he is too mesmerised to resist. If you wish to exude such formidable glamour on your big day, then this is the winter bridal scent for you. Tsarina wastes no time in announcing itself, with an enveloping bouquet that pays tribute to the no-holds-barred bling of 19th Century Russia, with ornate notes of vanilla, leather, musk and cassis.


Perfumer Nathalie Lorson pays tribute to one of the most seductive ingredients in perfumery, namely jasmine, in this special creation for Lalique. This bewitching brew contains a triple shot of Indian, Egyptian and Grasse varieties, which together with vanilla and musks is enough to compensate for the most dreary wedding weather.

What’s more, the bottle is hand painted in 23-carat gold making it the perfect bridal keepsake (we wouldn’t expect any less from a company whose founder pretty much invented the perfume bottle).


A must for anyone with a sweet tooth, this bouquet is a result of L’Occitane’s recent collaboration with macaron maestro Pierre Hermé. There’s something about fig-based scents that are so addictive and moreish in wintertime and this one is no different, underscored with a rich base of cedar and pretty notes of rose and geranium adding a final ceremonial flourish.


Precision & Grace is another scent with a Russian link, this time its muse Muscovite ballet dancer Polina Semionova, whose talent caught the attention of perfumer Geza Schoen (his Beautiful Mind series was created to celebrate bright and brilliant women).

The notes of pear and plum – reminiscent of Seminova’s childhood – make for a rather icy and suitably wintery accord. And while this is a scent that can withstand the chill, it still remains as delicate as tulle fabric. Ideal for those who aren’t fans of anything too rich or cloying.

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