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Nazar or the blue eye bead, is an ancient type of beads worn by many, who considers it as the hand of God and destiny changer due to its presumed supernatural capabilities to ward off evil and solve human problems, when fortified with special prayers. Although, it is said to have originated from Greece and remains popular in the Middle East and parts of North Africa, the Blue Eye bead has become increasingly sought-after ornament in parts of Nigeria in recent time, due to its perceived diabolical powers for self-enrichment and enjoyment of luxurious lifestyle.

Expectedly, the social media and online shopping malls have provided suitable platform for promotion of the sales of the beads, ranging from waist beads, bracelets, amulets, bangles and necklace, and even earrings in Nigeria.

Checks by the Orient Feminine Corner indicates that sales of the mysterious beads through the various social media platforms and online shops has been gaining grounds in recent months as increasing number of women rush to procure the magic wand, which promises to empower them to get rich men as boyfriend, sugar daddy or husband as well as other desires like securing dream jobs.

However, there are variations in claims on what the functions of the beads as well as prices. For instance, a fortified Blue Eye waist bead is sold as high as N100,000 at Jaruma Empire Products Store or other popular online vendors in Nigeria. Same beads can equally be purchased as low as N5,000 online, depending on one’s bargaining power and the amount of power it’s believed to possess. According to feelers, Jaaruma Empire which is the highest selling vendor in the country claim it uses special charm from Turkey to fortify its brand of Blue Eye Waist Bead which makes it more powerful, hence the high price. More than 1000 pieces of Blue Eye waist bead were reportedly being sold every week by Jaaruma Empire.

A source, who claimed to have used the product before disclosed: “Blue Eye waist bead is widely used by runs girls, Slay Queens and married women, who wants to keep their husband, and the bead come with no side effect. Its effect on a man can last as long as you need it.

Joy Mathew, an Utako, Abuja based promoter of the product, who advertised ‘attraction waist bead with Blue Eyes’ on, explained that her special Blue Eye waist beads were specially designed for attraction, seduction and making a man cling to their wives. Blue Eyes beads, she added “makes you sexy, your husband can’t get enough of you; you have an edge, upper hand over every other women. He sees only you in every woman.”

Another promoter @sucre_empire also claimed: “Series of our highly fortified blue eye collections works for favour, success, goodluck, relationship, marriage, promotion, business, protection from evil eye, prevention of bad luck etc. It is a must have!!! DM/CALL/WHATSAPP: 08083779632 to place your order. Limited stocks available.”

Angela Nwosu, another top promoter of the product, however, claimed that her own brand of blue eye was different and more powerful that other blue eye beads on sold in the country. She wrote: Mine is for both men and women, while others are for women alone. Mine is fortified with the user’s name, for protection against evil eyes and for goodluck, I don’t know about others.  Mine will prevent the men from being charmed or manipulated diabolically by women. It’s not juju, men buy it as much as women, while others are to charm men, that’s why they sell to only the women. Because I call it positive otumokpo, our negative promoters says I use mine to collect people’s destiny, while they said others are for charming men”.

And the promoters were unrelenting in their promotional campaigns as many people, who claim to have used the special packages testify on the social media. 

A lady, who simply identified herself as Sofia, wrote: “Show me a person who isn’t ashamed to wear blue eye and I will show you how successful they are. Blue eye isn’t something to be shy of. How could you be shy of success? How could you be shy of money; how could you be shy of wealth, blessing, goodluck, attraction, favor? Let your life turn around for good and stop doubting! Get your blue eye bracelet today and thank me later! I don’t want to hear they said it’s voodoo in this 2020. People telling you not to buy are the main people that use them. Stop sleeping! This is 2020!”

Another anonymous lady also testified: “I got my blue eyes early last month. After I go it, I started a business just to keep me busy as my main business has been affected with the lockdown. I started with a bang, which was like American wonder! People kept ordering and ordering. Referrals kept coming from people I didn’t know. I’m happy to tell you that from May till now, I have started selling in bags and it always gets sold out; even people that buy from me in bits have started selling in bags and refuse to buy elsewhere as they make sales beyond their imagination. I’m not broke anymore, because, it’s like a portal of favour opened for me.

“My sister that has given up on me paying for visa travels to UK for me called me last week and said she was willing to pay for me to try again and would foot the bills. My mother is saving up to buy blue eyes as she’s shocked with what’s going on around me. I’m going to order for five in 1 scrub in a bit as I must glow positivity without any hindrance.”

Another user, Chy, wrote: “Your scrub and blue eyes have been doing wonders in my life. I insisted that I must buy your products because, there was negative energy around me. Since I started using your scrub and blue eyes, my life has become so beautiful. Everything is working perfectly for me. My name has turn to favour. Friends are now gossiping about me, saying that I’m using juju. Please, I’m coming back for 5-in-1 scrub.

However, an anonymous commentator had described the beads as “an evil tool used by married women and unmarried ladies to make men do what they don’t want to do. I call it “EVIL TOOL” because, it works like magic.”

Ada Bekee also dismissed the claims being made about Blue Eye beads as false and urged those patronising the products to have a rethink. She argued: “How do you think you will enjoy money you didn’t work for? So, you just wear one blue bead laidat and vooooooom, rich men will start summiting their pay check to you. So, you think it is that easy and straight forward and everybody in Nigeria never become millionaire by now?

“Check out the husbands of all the Mamalawos you know on Facebook and Instagram, if any of them are progressing. They couldn’t fortify their husbands with their potent blue eye magical bead to get rich, but they want to fortify you to get rich. Their husbands are like errand boys in appearance and no known legitimate source of income, yet, they want to help other people’s husbands and wives to get rich quick. Your ancestors are ashamed of you”.

Noel Ifeanyi also opined that the blue eye beads have no such mystical powers as being peddled by the promoters. Hear him: “They rather feed and live large from the payment they receive from clients. If they are powerful, they should make themselves super rich so that they won’t charge a dime for consultations or blue eye rubbish. They don’t know that the real blessings come from God and parents. May God help us never to fall victim to these hungry fraudsters. As job no dey, they have gainfully employed themselves Mamalawoprenuers”.

NebukaDiNeze added: “Funny enough, lots of them believing the nonsense blue eyes, are graduates but never believed themselves. Shame on them for being stupider!”

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