blue light glasses for migraines

Blue light glasses reduce the intensity of blue light that strikes the retina, which is thought to be one potential trigger of headache pain. These glasses work by filtering out a portion of the blue rays emitted by computer screens, smartphones, and other devices so that users have a more comfortable viewing experience without the risk of eye strain or blurred vision.

Blue light glasses block the blue-violet end of the visible spectrum. By blocking this part of the light spectrum, which can trigger headaches and migraines, these glasses help to alleviate symptoms of these painful disorders.

Function Normally In Bright Lights

Migraine is the 3rd most common disease in the world and 2nd leading cause of global disability, but many still struggle to find fast and lasting relief, especially when light is the trigger. By proactively wearing BluTech lenses, migraine sufferers can experience reduced attacks, relief from headaches and visual eye strain associated with triggering light, while going about their day-to-day lives without the stress of not having a defense against an impending episode. Don’t just take our word for it, listen to some of our biggest fans. If you suffer from migraine and light sensitivity get BluTech for soothing relief, or share this with a someone you know who suffers from migraine.

Jim Brickman

migraine sufferer + Grammy nominated and best-selling solo pianist of our time

“I’ve got to say, ‘oh my gosh am I excited about these BluTech Lenses!’ It has changed my life. Because everyday when I get on my computer or on my phone, I don’t get my headaches I used to get. Not to mention the fact that I get compliments from fans whenever I wear my BluTech’s ‘those are so cool! Where did you get those? What about that color? That’s cool!’ …its changed my life, no more headaches and a lot of compliments!”

When to Wear Your Lenses

For Daily Use: Ultra or Classic Lenses

Up to 45% of Blue Light blocked
at peak LED emission (455 nm)*

Use Ultra or Classic Lenses:

  • Day or night
  • Soothing comfort from blue light
  • While spending time at home, grocery stores, schools, offices, restaurants, and any other places with bright lights
  • While using technology with screens: computers, phones, tablets, TV, etc.

For Maximum Protection: Max Lenses

59% of blue light blocked at peak
emission (455 nm)

Use Max Lenses:

  • Day or night
  • For maximum protection while experiencing a migraine attack, visual aura and/or headaches.
  • Less intense lights while spending time at home
  • Being outside or anywhere indoors with large windows.
  • While using technology with screens: computers, phones, tablets, TV, etc.

Options: Non-Rx only

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