Boxers that don’t ride up

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More than 80% of men wear boxers. Despite their popularity, there are a number of common complaints about boxer briefs. One notorious issue that many men experience is boxers that ride up during the day, causing bunching and even skin irritation. Sound familiar? Here are the most common causes and some convenient solutions.

Why do boxers briefs ride up?

A number of factors can cause boxer briefs to ride up. If you wear boxers with loose fitting legs that don’t fit your thighs properly, this can cause the boxers to inch their way up. The wrong choice of size leads to a poor fit, which can also cause your boxers to ride up. Finally, the wrong style of boxers for your body shape can cause irritating bunching under your clothes.

Which boxers don’t ride up?

Boxers with a slim fit are designed to close seamlessly around your legs and leave no space for the fabric to bunch are ideal. They provide a snug fit and maximum comfort. Additionally, selecting the right size of boxers works wonders. An overly spacious or tight size will limit the right level of support and comfort they can provide. You’ll often choose the right size of boxers based on our size chart. To prevent your boxers from riding up, it is also important that you choose the right style for your body shape.

What are your ideal boxers?

Go for a style of boxers that suits your physique. If you have broad thighs, you should opt for boxers with longer legs. These will stay in place better as the added length reaches farther down your leg. With a tapered bottom, the fabric cannot easily pass over the thicker part of your leg Boxers with shorter legs are the best option if you have narrower thighs.

What’s important when purchasing boxers?

Don’t just select boxers based on brand. Take the materials used, the build quality and the fit into account as well. With boxers perfectly suited to you with a great fit, excellent quality and plenty of support, you can enjoy the highest level of comfort.

Bamboo boxers absorb up to 70% more moisture than cotton boxers, wicking it away from your skin and keeping you feeling fresh. Additionally, bamboo offers sublime softness and frees you from the irritation of rough, scratchy fabrics and uncomfortable seams. The high quality and perfect finish ensure that, even after frequent washing, your boxers maintain their original shape. Of course, the style and colour of your boxers is a matter of personal preference. Bamigo’s extensive range of bamboo boxers offers a variety of styles and colours to suit every wardrobe. Which of our boxers are calling your name?

How to Stop Boxer Briefs from Riding Up

Brand and Material

There are few reasons why your boxer briefs are riding up, and unfortunately, you’re going to notice the issue more if you aren’t looking at the material and the brand. In most cases, more affordable boxer briefs don’t have the same quality of material and don’t last as long as name brands.

Studies and polls have shown that name brand boxer briefs tend to provide more comfort than those made specifically to be wallet-friendly. Then again, that’s not to say that there are no affordable boxer brief options that won’t ride up your thighs throughout the day.

All body types are different and are going to react differently to the kind of material that you wear. If you notice that your boxer briefs are consistently riding up, it’s suggested that you look into a different brand that offers a different material.


Undoubtedly, the most significant issue with a boxer brief riding up is sizing. When being blunt, many men enjoy wearing underwear that is going to show-off what they have in the front.

Regardless of the reason why, if you are one of these men, it’s likely that you have chosen a size too small for you. If you decide to wear a boxer brief that’s too small, you are automatically asking for the material to ride up.

Many underwear guides are going to tell you just how vital sizing is. If you are noticing bunching in the thighs, or even in the crotch area depending on the type, you need to adjust the size of the boxer brief.

As an example, if you are wearing a size medium and notice your boxer briefs are riding up, the first step in preventing it is moving up to a large.


There are two primary types of boxer briefs: mid-rise and low-thigh. Depending on the type that you’re wearing, you might see a difference in the location of the chafing or ride up.

Mid-rise boxer briefs can ride up to the crotch area, which can be severely uncomfortable. On the other hand, low-thigh boxer briefs can ride up your thighs.

As a general rule of thumb, if you are having issues with your boxer briefs riding up to your crotch, try switching to the low-thigh type to see how they work for you. If you find that the chafing and ride up issue is still there after you change types, it’s time to adjust your size so that you don’t spend the day adjusting yourself.


You might not think that the style of pants that you wear plays a part in how your underwear performs, but it does. The reason that boxer briefs have become popular is that modern fashion suggests that men wear tighter pants—and who doesn’t want to be in style, right?

The great thing about boxer briefs is that if you are wearing tighter trousers or jeans, you aren’t going to see any underwear lines. However, as you and your pants move throughout the day, it’s very easy for your boxer briefs to move with them.

If you want to know how to stop boxer briefs from riding up throughout the day when you’re wearing tight-fitted pants, you can follow a simple trick.

It’s been known that putting your boxer briefs inside of your trousers or jeans can work wonders. How can this be done, you ask? Simply put them inside and then pull your underwear and pants up together.

If you still experience issues with riding up, adjust your size or look into a different brand.


Wearing boxer briefs can benefit you in a lot of ways, and as soon as you find the right fit, material, and size, you’re unlikely to go back to any other type of underwear.

When you purchase your first pair of boxer briefs, you might notice they are a bit uncomfortable, especially if you are used to wearing boxers. All you need to do is take the time to get used to them and find the right ones for you.

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