Vintage-style engagement rings, inspired by the Art Deco and Victorian eras. Crafted in 18ct gold with diamonds and other precious stones.

Vintage engagement rings that are inspired by Victorian style and Edwardian era with a touch of sparkle.

I love vintage engagement rings. They are such a beautiful way to honor the past while updating your style and making a bold statement. The classic design and antique feel of the 1920s makes this vintage engagement rings set so classic, elegant and timeless, which will be sure to wow anyone who sees it!

Victorian style engagement rings

There is a real Art Deco feel about this ring, with its geometric design and the vintage geometric cut diamond. The beautiful and elegant design of this Vintage engagement rings 1920s ring makes it an ideal choice for dainty hands and delicate fingers. The Victorian style engagement rings are one among the most popular engagement ring designs in the world today.

Vintage-inspired engagement rings handcrafted in solid 14K gold. Each ring is set with a brilliant cut diamond and finished with a polished shine, giving it the look of a vintage piece. In the late 1800s and early 1900s, many women would travel to Europe by boat or train to choose their engagement ring from one of the world’s finest jewelry stores. These styles have been re-created for you here today!

Brilliant Earth® vintage engagement rings are made from recycled materials and reworked metals from the earth, making them the perfect way to stand out from the crowd. Our vintage style rings fit in seamlessly with any wedding look, giving you a hand-crafted heirloom that will last for years to come.

Brilliant earth vintage rings

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Brilliant Earth is pleased to offer one-of-a-kind vintage, estate, and newly produced jewelry. Each piece
in our curated jewelry collection has been hand-selected. Browse our collection of engagement rings.
Each one is unique and distinct for a look that is all your own!

Vintage, Estate, and One-of-a-Kind Jewelry Policies

Brilliant Earth is pleased to offer one-of-a-kind vintage, estate, and newly produced jewelry. Each piece in our curated jewelry collection has been hand-selected by our jewelry experts taking into account beauty, craftsmanship, gemstone quality, and originality. These pieces are designed or restored to maximize beauty without compromising the piece itself. Our quality assurance department thoroughly inspects each piece before shipment, ensuring all gems are secure.

If for any reason you are not completely satisfied with your item, it is eligible for our 30 day return or exchange policy as long as your item is in its original, unworn condition. Exceptions to this eligibility include: items that have been custom engraved, items that have been resized per the below, or items that have been previously exchanged. Please note that items that have been exchanged are eligible for a second exchange, but are not eligible for a complimentary return or resize. Items are not eligible for more than two exchanges.

Brilliant Earth offers one complimentary resizing for our one-of-a-kind rings, within the sizing tolerance listed online for each ring. If you resize your ring at the time of your purchase, any subsequent resizes will be subject to fees. Depending on their style, not all rings may be resizable to the desired size. In order to maintain structural integrity, certain rings in this collection are final sale if they are resized. If you do not wish to resize at the time of purchase, for US, Canadian, Australian, and UK customers, we are happy to ship the original, non-resized ring to you for approval, and can offer pre-paid return shipping for a complimentary resize within 30 days.

All pieces are sold as is. Our manufacturing warranty excludes coverage for one-of-a-kind jewelry. However, please contact us if you have any repair issues, and we can provide assistance.

Sourcing Policy

Our one-of-a-kind collection includes mostly vintage pieces from a variety of eras, with a minority being newly made pieces or reproductions. Our sourcing policy for this collection is distinct from our other sourcing policies, and is specified below. We source from suppliers that are required to confirm their ownership, legal acquisition of the piece, accuracy of gem identification and other characteristics of the piece, and their compliance with local licensing requirements and anti-money laundering policies.

Antique, Vintage, and Modern Estate: Brilliant Earth offers estate pieces from multiple design eras, from vintage to modern. Please note: antique rings are rings that were made over 100 years ago, while vintage and estate rings are rings that have been previously owned. Antique and vintage rings are a naturally responsible choice because they were previously purchased and are now being made available again.

Most of our vintage pieces are set with their original gemstones, and many feature antique diamonds that are rare today. Vintage and estate pieces may also be set with modern gemstones, or a combination of modern and antique gemstones. The combination of gemstone types may be due to a number of reasons. For example, because cutting techniques have evolved and gemstones may be lost or damaged over time, the original gemstones may have been replaced. Brilliant Earth may also decide to enhance a piece by replacing or adding new gemstones. Replacement stones are sourced to match the color, quality, and style of the entire piece.

Newly Produced One-of-a-Kind Jewelry and Reproductions: Newly made pieces or reproductions are clearly designated on the product page as Modern Reproductions or simply Reproductions. Modern Reproductions are newly made pieces that have not been previously owned, and have been selected for their unique design and beauty. In some cases, pieces were previously offered in the Brilliant Earth standard collection but are no longer available. Brilliant Earth also offers vintage-inspired reproductions which showcase common styles from design eras such as Art Deco, Edwardian, or Retro. Vintage-inspired Reproductions often incorporate antique cut diamonds, but have newly made settings.

Product Information Provided

The product page for these pieces indicate relevant product information including design era, ring information, and gemstone details. Where possible, we accompany all mounted gems with certification to notate cut, quality, and clarity characteristics. However, in the absence of an independent grading report, information regarding the specifications of all mounted gems is estimated by our staff and should be considered to be approximate. Design era represents the style of the piece, not necessarily the cut of the diamonds or the date the piece was estimated to have been created.

Gem identification including size, type, quality characteristics, and treatment status are not guaranteed by Brilliant Earth. Additionally, all statements as to the age, quality, authenticity, metallurgical composition, and style of a given piece are based on our staff expertise and any accompanying documentation made available by suppliers. Since gemstones can be challenging to grade when they are already set, evaluations of gemstone carat weight and quality are best approximations. While we believe that our techniques of dating and valuation are consistent with the industry’s standards, it is often impossible to assign a precise date to a piece, as many traits of any given historical and artistic period may have marked similarities to periods both before and after.


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