Can We Install Rear AC Vent In Car

Yes, how to add extra ac vent in car. You will need a remote control and an air duct that connects with the rear tailgate window. The other end of the air duct should be connected to the left and right sides of the car door. Once this has been done, you will be able to adjust the temperature inside your car from either side door or from the tailgate window.

Yes, you can install the rear AC vent in your Car. However, it requires a little bit of modification to fit into place. A slot or hole will need cutting into the metal or plastic panel using a hand held jigsaw tool; alternatively a car body technician could do this for you.

With the country about to enter the hot and humid season of summer, it is about time all of us got our ACs cleaned and serviced for extensive use. Air conditioning in cars becomes a necessity during these hot summer months. Not only is the sun too generous to us these days, but the glass on all sides of cars also makes the cabin a greenhouse, trapping the hot heat of the sun inside the cabin. However, especially in most entry-level cars, only the front passengers get to enjoy a blast of cold air. Rear AC vents are seldom seen in entry-level cars but this video showcases a classic jugaad which lets you add a rear AC vent to any car, irrespective of its make, model and year. Do have a look.

How To Add Rear AC Vent In Car

This simple procedure is showcased in a Maruti Suzuki WagonR, which indeed did not have a rear AC vent as an option. The process starts with the partial removal of the centre console of the car. In the case of the WagonR, this involves the removal of four screws, two in the front and two at the rear. Once they are out of the way, one has to undo some clips near the gear knob to raise the whole assembly. Then, using a drill, one has to create a hole at the rear side in which a plastic cone is fitted. This would be the outlet of the cold air on the rear. On the other side of the cone, goes a pipe, which travels all the way till the front end of the car, hidden below the centre console. The other end of the pipe goes inside the lower blower present beneath the centre console of the car.

Although this trick gets the job done, it sure has its own downsides. The transmission tunnel tends to get heated during operation of the car, making the cold air in the plastic pipe a bit hotter by the time it reaches the rear. Moreover, the plastic pipe may also knock around in the centre console, making noise while operation. Have a look at this video, showcasing this simple procedure of creating your own rear AC vent, have look.

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