Candles For Gifting

Candles can be a great gift option. They take up little space, they’re well-packaged, and they come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Plus, they provide a lot of value to your recipients. With just one candle, you can make their day more special and add beauty to their home. If you’re looking for gift ideas for the upcoming holiday season, here are some great suggestions for candles.

Our candles make the perfect gift for any occasion. Whether you’re shopping for someone special, or looking to treat yourself to something luxurious, we have a wide range of fragrant candle styles for you to choose from.

What are the Different Types of Candles That Can be Gifted

There are many different types of candles that can be gifted- from soy waxes and diffusers for personal use to soy or beeswax candles for wedding cake or other special occasion celebrations. When it comes to candles, there is always something new and exciting waiting for you! Try out some new ideas this year and give some unique flowers ornaments instead of simply normalcandles!

How to Give Safe, Sacred and Engaging Candles.

Many people enjoy giving candles as a gift. Whether you want to give some for yourself or give them away as a special treat, here are five tips on how to do it safely and with a sense of respect.

Choose the Type of Gifting You Would Like to Do

One way to give candles as a gift is to choose something that celebrates the art of candle-making. This can be anything from creating a cake with candles to gifting custom-made soy or beeswax candles. If you’re looking for an intimate gift, consider having your friend make some personalized candles for you. Or, if you’re feeling bolder, why not try giving out 100% soy or beeswax candles?both of which are considered safe and respectful gifts.

Choose the Type of Candles That You Would like to Give

Another great way to show your appreciation for candlemaking is by choosing to give out single or customized candles instead of buying pre-packaged candles in bulk. This can be an intimate gesture that shows your love for the craft, or it could be a more public way of expressing your appreciation for the product. What type of candle would you like your recipient to receive? Try either soy or beeswax candles this time! both which are considered safe and respectful gifts.

Choose the Date of the Gifting

If you’d like your gift to have an emotional impact, select a date that falls on a special day in someone’s life such as Valentine’s Day or Mothers Day (or any other celebrated holiday). This will help suggest an appropriate time and place for gifting individual candleholders too! both which are considered safe and respectful gifts.

Tips for Safe, Sacred and Engaging Gifting.

When giving candles, it’s important to be careful not to overspend. Giving too much can result in you losing the item or having it damaged in transit. In addition, make sure the type of candle you are giving is safe and not harmful. Check out online reviews to get an idea of what others have thought about the product.

Be Careful with the Type of Candle You Give

Be careful with which candles you give – many are toxic if mishandled. Make sure to use caution when selecting a candle for your gift, and read the packaging carefully to be sure it is safe for your recipient to touch and handle.

Use Proper Gifting Procedures

When gifting candles, be sure to follow proper gifting procedures like avoiding direct sunlight on the flame, using a heat resistant container (like a glass jar), and placing the candle on a dry surface before giving it away. Additionally, make sure you include a note explaining why your gift was chosen and how it relates to the recipient’s personal spiritual beliefs or practices.



Here’s a gift that will really satisfy your loved one’s burning desires: Vellabox is a monthly subscription service that’ll deliver high-quality, artisan-crafted candles straight to your friend or family member’s doorstep—along with a surprise gift, like a bath soak or a chocolate bar—ensuring they’ll stay well stocked all year long. (Note: Boxes start at $13 per month and can be upgraded to include larger 8 oz. candles.)

Anniversary Map Candle


This special gift is personalized with names, a date of your choosing, and a map of a special city. That’s not all, though: A scent reminiscent of Champagne adds an extra-special touch.



Chances are, your favorite candle connoisseur has a graveyard of glass jars and metal tins that they don’t know what to do with—and that’s exactly why this DIY kit will light up their life. It comes with everything they need to turn their own candle into a new one, including 10 oz. of coconut blend wax (scented with one of four equally intoxicating fragrances), a lead-free cotton wick, a wooden wick holder, and a matchbox.

The 125 Collection

Believe In Your Inner Beyoncé


As if the cheeky message wasn’t enough to draw you in, this bold candle also comes in five alluring scents: metallic rose, lavender and sage, spicy blood orange, tobacco flower and vanilla, and sparkling birch.

Birthdate Candles

Your loved one is practically guaranteed to get all fired up—thanks to this candle, which is crafted specifically for the day they were born. Using insights gleaned from astrology, numerology, and tarot, each of the Birthdate Candles’ soy and coconut wax blends include a customized scent that matches the inner spirit of those born on that day, along with a personality reading containing details about their strengths, weaknesses, and more.


Scorpio Zodiac Gift Natural Soy Candle – Tarot birthday, holiday present for Best Friends, Sister, Niece, Women,


Your zodiac lover’s perfect present is written in the stars—thanks to this soy wax candle. Not only does it feature a cool illustration inspired by their zodiac sign, but it also comes in one of three scents, including magnolia, forest, and invigorating. (Psst: You can easily find the candle that corresponds with other zodiac signs here.)

Literature Candle


Pair these hand-poured jar candles with one of the best new books for a great gift for any reading buff. Each one has a scent inspired by locations in one of seven literary classics: Peter PanAlice’s Adventures in Wonderland, Jane Eyre, Pride & Prejudice, Little Women, The Great Gatsby, and War and Peace.

Terrarium Candle



These intricate candles release one of seven heavenly scents—from pine and vanilla (Mountain Walk) to grapefruit and bergamot (Havana)—when burned, but they’re so pretty you’ll be tempted to display them indefinitely.

Paddywax Candles



If your friend or family member lights a candle the second they walk in the door, they’re probably aware that their cozy habit can really start to add up. Which is exactly why they’ll appreciate a candle wick trimmer, like this stylish brass one. It’ll not only prevent candle jars from turning black, but more importantly, it’ll make candles last much longer since they’ll burn properly

Candle Care Kit



Better yet, you could get them a fancy-schmancy candle care set that contains a wick trimmer, as well as a wick dipper and bell snuffer—both of which are ideal for extinguishing your flame. The candle snuffer quickly snuffs out the flame, keeping smoke from filling the room and wax being blown astray. The wick dipper, on the other hand, pushes the candle wick into the melted wax, which helps to douse the flame without any smoke, and prevent soot from coating the inside of your candle vessel. Not to mention that covering the wick in wax will help make it easier to relight.

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