cars with digital dashboard 2022

The digital dashboard of a car is the most important feature on this vehicle. It tells you how fast your car is going, the temperature outside and more. The car also features a touchscreen that gives you access to different features such as changing the radio station or setting a navigation system

The digital dashboard will help you relax and focus on driving, not on the car. It’s a clean and simple digital dashboard that is easy to understand.

List of the best cars with digital dashboard 2022

The list of the best cars with digital dashboard 2022, from the most reliable and high-end brands. The list also includes medium-priced models, high-end compact cars with a digital dashboard and impressive features.

1. Audi A4

If you’re looking for a practical and luxurious car that is cost-efficient, the Audi A4 might be the one for you.

Boasting a digital speedometer and Virtual Cockpit, this sporty car is on the cheaper side, but this doesn’t mean you sacrifice quality or performance.

With an engine that can reach almost 200hp in seconds, it’s important that you can easily read speed and other information on the sleek digital display of this stunning, family-friendly car.

2. Lincoln Continental

Cheaper than others of its kind, the Lincoln Continental boasts a 6V engine, without the typical trade-off between performance and comfort.

If you’re not sold by the stunning, spacious cabin that offers optimal comfort, we’re sure the impressive digital dashboard will sway you.

The stylish, accessible speedometer allows you to easily gauge your speed at any time!

3. Mercedes Benz S-Class

Though definitely on the pricier side, you can expect unparalleled value for money with the much-loved S-Class.

Just like other Mercedes Benz models, it offers superior quality with stunning interiors and space.

This futuristic, high-performance car is praised for its innovative technology, safety features and (how could we forget) its amazing Burmester Radio System.

The advanced technology includes a digital readout and MBUX augmented reality display to put important information right where you can see it.

The huge OLED touchscreen adds to this car’s outstanding aesthetics – on the inside and out!

4. Audi A8

Including all of the best qualities of German technology, the Audi A8 offers much more than its digital dashboard!

Offering comfort and space at its heart, as a passenger in the rear you can expect to enjoy air-conditioning, audio, and even a foot massager!

The soft, valcona leather and adjustable air suspension allow occupants to relax in true comfort.

Not to mention the sound silencing too…

The electrically adjustable seats and 360° exterior camera are just some examples of this car’s impressive technology.

5. Porsche Panamera

Different from other sedans from the brand, the Porsche Panamera has four doors and even a spacious trunk.

This car offers performance with a powerful engine, but it doesn’t stop there!

With superior digital dashboards, Porsche Panameras offer 12.3-inch center-display touch-sensitive controls.

It also provides ultimate luxury and has great safety features!

6. Tesla Model 3

This electric sedan is the most inexpensive Tesla model on offer, but this does not mean that it lacks compared to others on this list!

Offering comfort and quick acceleration, it doesn’t stop there.

There is no physical dashboard in this car; instead, it provides you with the option of a digital dashboard.

The iPad-like screen not only displays speed but other important information in real-time.

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