Ceiling Mounted Camera For Classroom

Most of the work is done before you even start if you choose the right video gear. You’ll find cameras that are better for a talking head video and others that may be more suitable when you want to include visuals such as writing on a whiteboard or demonstrating an experiment or art project during the

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Ceiling Mounted Camera For Classroom

Best Cameras For Recording Classroom Lectures 📹 – Take Your Pick ☝

A good video recorder gives a high-quality product. Poor resolution and low-quality visuals are not going to benefit anyone. In this blog post, I’m suggesting some of the best cameras for recording lectures in and outside the classroom to help you get started with lecture capture.

1. CANON VIXIA HF R800EDITOR’S CHOICEVery FunctionalTouch Panel8 Hrs. RuntimeFree Extra BatteryFull AccessoriesCHECK CURRENT PRICE
2. PANASONIC HC-V770BEST VALUEWi-Fi ConnectivityGreat W/ Low LightSmartphone CompatibleRemote Viewing20X Optical ZoomCHECK CURRENT PRICE
3. LOGITECH C930E 1080P HD VIDEO WEBCAMBEST COMPATIBILITYSupports PC & Mac90° Extended ViewUSB ConnectivityPan, Tilt & ZoomCHECK CURRENT PRICE
4. SONY HXR-NX100 FULL HD NXCAM CAMCORDERPro VideocamHigh SensitivityHigh ResolutionQuick & Slo-Mo FunctionsCHECK CURRENT PRICE
5. MICROSOFT LIFECAM CINEMAAutofocusFlexible StandAluminum BodyHigh Precision LensCHECK CURRENT PRICE

Best Cameras For Classroom Lectures Reviewed

Below, you’ll find my top picks for the best cameras to use for classroom lectures, online classes, and educational videos.

  1. Microsoft LifeCam Cinema 720p
  2. Canon VIXIA HF R800 Camcorder
  3. Sony HXR-NX100 Full HD NXCAM Camcorder
  4. Panasonic HC-V770
  5. Logitech С930e USB
  6. Jaronx Full HD Webcam
  7. Unzano Full HD Webcam
  8. Canon XA30 Professional Camcorder
  9. GoPro HERO 7 Black

If you’re looking to record a lecture that students can later playback, the cameras in this section are some of the best options. Every device in this category has a long battery life, meaning that you can record a long lecture without worrying that the video recorder will die in the middle of your lesson.

Ceiling Mounted Camera For Classroom

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mong the video capture hardware that we support for lecture recording and event streaming, Sony’s line of PTZ cameras stands out from the crowd. Specifically, the company’s SRG series of cameras, including the SRG-120DH, SRG-300H, and the just-announced SRG-120DU are among the highest-quality cameras that we’ve tested and certified with our video platform.

Left-to-right: Sony’s newly-announced SRG-120DU, the SRG-300H, and the SRG-120DH

What Sets These Cameras Apart When It Comes To Recording Lectures And Events?

It begins with incredible optics. All three cameras can capture and live stream video at up to 1080p resolution, 60 frames per second (60fps). This pairs perfectly with Panopto’s media pipeline, which is the first in our industry to support 60fps on-demand and live streaming. As we’ve discussed in previous blog posts, 60fps sets a new standard for online video delivery. It provides the most lifelike images, it reduces blurring and visual artifacts, and gives the viewer the sense that they’re actually in the room with the presenter.

The optical quality of the SRG series can be attributed to Sony’s high-speed EXMOR CMOS sensor and View-DR technology. In combination, these technologies provide an extremely wide dynamic range. For businesses and universities, this means that the cameras work well in low-light conditions (as is sometimes the case with small to mid-sized conference rooms), and in high-contrast conditions (for example, when a presenter is standing next to a projected image).

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2. High Zoom Capability That’s Ideal For Most Classrooms

In addition to high-quality imaging, Sony has equipped these cameras with optical zoom capability of either 12x (for the SRG-120DH and DU) and 30x (for the SRG-300H). This makes the SRG-120DH and DU perfect for conference rooms, boardrooms, and small to midsize classrooms. For larger lecture halls and auditoriums, the SRG-300H enables AV teams to capture wide views of the entire room or get in close to the presenter. In all cases, the use of optical zoom enables the cameras to maintain full 1080p/60 quality throughout the zoom range

An overview of the SRG-300H and SRG-120DH

3. HDMI Or USB3 Connectivity For Simple Setup

When connecting the cameras to a Panopto laptop or desktop, the SRG-120DH and 300H provide HDMI output. If you’re using a desktop as your capture machine, video cards like those from Data path provide a direct HDMI connection with high-performance data transfer. If you’re using a laptop to capture video, a portable HDMI-to-USB3 dongle like the XI100D from Magewell provides a high-speed, high-quality connection. In either case, as soon as you plug in the camera, Panopto will automatically recognize it as a video capture source and, by default, will configure the camera for the highest quality recording and streaming.

We’re particularly excited about Sony’s announcement this morning that the SRG-120DU connects directly via USB3. This means that organizations can use this professional-quality camera with the same ease as a webcam. Simply plug the camera into a USB port on your laptop or desktop and you’re ready to record or live stream using Panopto. Because the camera uses the USB Video Class (UVC) driver, you don’t even need to install any additional drivers. The camera provides true plug-and-play with broadcast-quality video.

4. Remote Control Makes Recording Easy

Controlling the cameras is very straightforward using either the included infrared remote, or Sony’s RM-IP10 remote controller. The beauty of the RM-IP10 is that it enables control of the camera over your IP network. This is particularly useful for events and lectures that make use of Panopto’s remote recording software. From a control room in another part of the building or across campus, the combination of our remote recording app and the RM-IP10 enable AV teams to see an image of what’s being captured as they pan, tilt, and zoom the cameras. All PTZ functions are silent, and the cameras can be mounted on a desktop or ceiling, making them unobtrusive in smaller classrooms and conference rooms.

5. Multi-Camera Recording For Events & Demonstrations

Finally, Sony’s SRG cameras work beautifully with Panopto’s multi-camera and distributed video capture support. For universities and businesses recording events with multiple camera angles, this means that you can either plug multiple SRG cameras into a single Panopto capture PC, or into different PCs depending on your logistical setup. Either way, Panopto will automatically synchronize the videos feeds, and with our web-based video editor, camera switching in post-production is a snap.

Full HD 1080p Ceiling Mounted Document Camera

The Lumens CL510 Document Camera. This quality made document camera by Lumens, is a simple to use/install ceiling mounted camera with superior image quality. Boasting a professional grade 25x optical zoom lens users will be amazed by the pristine image quality, shape, and color, even at maximum magnification. Real-time imaging technology gives the camera a super smooth image display at up to 30 frames per second, to easily capture motion during demonstrations, while at the same time, delivery blur-free image quality.

By choosing a ceiling mounted camera over a standard desktop based camera, lecturers and presenters can keep their desktops or lecterns neat and clean, and give hands on presentations without adding more clutter to your work station. This camera offers VGA, DVI and USB 2.0 outputs, with and Ethernet (RJ-45) output for video streaming and remote control, as well as network support for unicast and multicast real time streaming.

Whether you just need a straight forward lecture camera for document sharing in your classroom or boardroom, or your a technical teacher with a need for showing complex assembly and disassembly techniques, this is the ideal, ceiling mounted document camera solution.

Key Features

  • Full HD 1080p Video Quality
  • Professional Grade 25x Optical Zoom
  • PoE capable 
  • Easy to use Control Interface via Internet
  • Network Support for unicast and multicast real time streaming
  • Time Stamp and Built-in memory
  • Synchronized Image Transmission
  • Image Capture Technology for single or continuous capturing (time lapse photography)
  • Auto Tune function at the touch of a button
  • Plug and Play, no need to install USB driver

Applications Of Use

  • Classrooms for knowledge based sharing
  • Lecture Halls
  • Courtrooms for screening legal documents
  • Technical Teaching to share highly complex operations and techniques

PTZ Camera

image 14
image 13

Figure 1. PTZ Camera in the back of Bayou 1104

Figure 2. Crestron Touchscreen Panel  

What Does It Do?

The PTZ cameras enable instructors to record or live stream class meetings and lectures with Zoom or Echo360.

Zoom. When recording or live streaming a class with Zoom, whatever the PTZ camera shows is what remote participants will see as your Zoom video feed. If you also share your computer screen in Zoom, remote participants can toggle between the PTZ camera view and the shared screen content view.

In the following image from a Zoom participant’s iPhone, the PowerPoint being shared by the instructor is in full-screen view. However, the student can click or pin the classroom image (from the PTZ camera) in the upper right corner as the full-screen image on their device.

image 15

Figure 3. Zoom session – iPhone

Echo360. Using Echo360, configured to display both the PTZ camera signal and the computer desktop, remote learners will see a side-by-side configuration. However, students can also hide one to focus on the other and then toggle between the two views.

Zoom v. Echo360 – Which to Use? Two issues should guide your choice. First, consider whether you are most comfortable with Zoom or Echo360. The second is whether you want remote learners to participate in the class meeting via audio and video. If so, Zoom is the only option. Echo360 enables distant learners to ask questions via a chat/discussion, mark when confused, and tag specific points during class for later review. However, it does not have remote participant audio or video capabilities.

image 16

Figure 4. Echo360 Student View

How Do I Adjust The PTZ Settings?

  1. Locate the touchscreen panel and touch it to activate the system controls.
image 17
  • Press the Projector On button on the panel to power the classroom projector and PTZ camera and automatically lower the screen. NOTE: If you aren’t using the screen during the class, you can raise the screen using the screen switch next to the touchscreen panel.
image 18
  • Click the button under Camera Control on the touchscreen to access the camera’s PTZ controls.

image 19

  • Use the pan, tilt, and zoom controls on the panel to adjust the camera view to your liking. You can also touch Preset 1 to focus the camera on the instructor computer area automatically and Preset 2 to focus on a wide view of the classroom’s front wall.
image 20
  • You can use the touchpanel controls to adjust the camera direction throughout your class, as needed.

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