circular brick stitch earrings

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This is my favorite piece for now LOL and I’d like to share a summarized steps to everyone 😀

Materials & Tools:
seed beads (4 colors or more if you like)
2 earring hoops with a bail
beading thread
scissorsAdd TipAsk QuestionCommentDownload

Step 1:

Cut an arm span to 75 inches beading thread. Tie a knot twice onto the earring hoop and slide in 2 white seed beads and wrap your thread once onto the earring hoop. Add TipAsk QuestionCommentDownload

Step 2:

After wrapping, insert the thread into the 2nd seed bead.Add TipAsk QuestionCommentDownload

Step 3:

Pull the thread and you have 2 white seed beads lying on top of the earring hoop. Slide in another bead, wrap the thread once onto the earring hoop and insert the thread into the bead you just added. Pull the thread.Add TipAsk QuestionCommentDownload

Step 4:

Repeat previous step until you fill up the earring hoop with beads and continue to create the 2nd layer. Slide in 2 white seed beads then insert the thread under the bridge or thread connecting the 2nd and 3rd seed bead from the 1st layer.Add TipAsk QuestionCommentDownload

Step 5:

Then insert the thread into the 2nd seed bead you just added and pull the thread. You’ll have the beads lying on top of the 1st layer of seed beads. Continue to slide in 1 more bead. Like what you did in Step 4, insert the thread under the thread but this time, connecting the 3rd and 4th seed bead from the 1st layer. Keep adding a seed bead and you’ll have your 2nd layer of seed beads.Add TipAsk QuestionCommentDownload

Step 6:

Repeat the previous steps to create another layer of seed beads. For the 4th layer, insert the thread back thru the seed beads and come out of the 2nd yellow bead and from here, repeat step 4 to create another round of seed beads. You can create as many layers of seed beads you like in different colors.
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Step 7:

To create the picot edge, coming of the very last bead slide in 3 seed beads and insert the thread into the next yellow bead. Repeat this step until you reach the other end. Attach your ear wires and you’re done! 

Hope you like my summarized tut and be able to follow the steps. I have a detailed, pictoral step by step available at

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