Creative Xp Digital Night Vision Binoculars

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Creative Xp Digital Night Vision Binoculars


We don’t know about you, but we like looking at wildlife during nighttime hunts, aside from keeping tabs on our targets, of course. Whether you’re hunting for coyotes or watching out for unwelcome guests, capturing images in pitch black is one thing to consider seriously. In this Creative XP Digital Night Vision Binocular review, let’s see if it can be a worthy investment.


The CreativeXP Digital Night Vision Binocular is a binocular that comes with a 2X digital zoom and a 4-inch screen, making it possible to see an object at 1300 feet. It features multi-coated 31mm objective lenses and a protective case for safeguarding the device when not in use.

This digital binocular quickly became a best seller due to its versatile design with comfortable pricing. Its magnification and optical zooming capability allow shooters to observe at a staggering 1300 ft away.

Furthermore, this binocular has a waterproof standard of IPX4 level, making it more useful even in the rainforests’ rainy or foggy atmospheres. It also features an 850nm wavelength of the no-glow infrared illuminator, creating smooth images even in complete and total darkness.


  • 4” LCD Display
  • Manual Focus System
  • Larger Viewing Range
  • IPX4 Water-proof Rating
  • Lifetime Warranty and money-back guarantee


  • Batteries Not Included


  1. First, you need to adjust its pivot or central hinge until it matches the distance between your eyes and you only see a single image. 
  2. Choose an object to focus on.  
  3. Cover the right lens and turn the focus dial until the image is sharp.  
  4. Cover the left lens and turn the diopter until the image is sharp, too. 
  5. Look through the binoculars with both eyes. The image should be perfectly sharp. If it isn’t as sharp as you wanted it to be, all you have to do is to adjust the central focus wheel to get a sharper image at different distances.


Dependable Design

The Creative XP GlassOwl night vision binocular is completely waterproof, making it an ideal partner in hunting, even during rainy or foggy days. It also comes with a rubber coating on its casing, ensuring an easy and tight grip—with or without gloves on. And for further protection, it also comes with a neck strap that would protect it from accidentally falling, making it break.

Viewing Screen

The Creative XP Binocular features a 4-inch TFT viewing screen, making it easy to view photos instantly, even with glasses. Its 2X digital zoom or 3.5-7X optical zoom also adds another advantage as it allows shooters to see even up to 1300 feet away. Its 31 mm objective lens is also fully multi-coated for crystal-clear viewing.

Infrared Illuminator

Based on our Creative XP Digital Night Vision Binocular review, this binocular comes with a built-in 850nm IR illuminator, promising a 1300 ft or 433 yards of detection range, even during night time.  It also has a No Glow IR Illuminator that lets you see more while remaining hidden with no external light needed.

The clear advantages of IR illuminators are that they allow night vision to function with no visible light on the scene and are a relatively inexpensive way to drastically improve the sensitivity of a device. For many use-cases, IR illuminators are an integral tool to include when heading out for the night. [1]


While binoculars are good to go as long as it already has a neck strap anti-slip handles, using tripods is still an excellent choice. Tripods offer superb stability as well as the ability to be used hands-free. Thankfully, the Creative XP Night Vision Binocular is compatible with Bushnell or Sightmark tripods. So, mounting it on a tripod shouldn’t be a problem.


Some binoculars that offer the same price range provide lower zooming capabilities than the Creative XP Binocular. Having the same features as other binoculars with a less expensive price tag, our team thinks its price is reasonable.


The benefits of the Creative XP Binocular are its 7x optical zooming and 2x digital magnification capabilities, allowing users to observe at a staggering 1300 ft away. It is also durable, having a waterproof standard of IPX4 level best for rainy atmospheres.

It also comes with a built-in 850nm wavelength of the no-glow infrared illuminator that creates smooth images even in complete darkness. And lastly, this product comes with a lifetime warranty and money-back guarantee.


After carefully testing this product, our team unanimously agreed that not being able to power the Creative XP binocular externally is quite a hassle. Also, its black controls are difficult to read during low light conditions. And lastly, this unit doesn’t come with 8 AA batteries.


Here are some customer reviews from real buyers of this night vision binocular that may pique your interest more.

“The night vision was so clear and crisp. I could see a hundred yards away as easily as I can see the house next door. I played with them for about 4 hours. The next night I played with them for about 2.5 hours, and the battery life was still going strong.”

“I have never liked binoculars that much because they are not easy to see through for someone who wears glasses. These are made so that glasses are not a hindrance. I love the design of these binoculars, and they appear to be very high quality.”

“I am a United States Army veteran. I served in the Vietnam war as a recon scout. We had a starlight binoculars night vision that cost several thousand dollars, it was hard to look through and focus, and it ruined your night vision in one eye. I wish I would’ve had this Creative XP night vision binocular in Vietnam.”


As per our Creative XP Digital Night Vision Binocular review, our team all agreed that this NV binocular is reasonably worthy of its best-seller tag because it has a built-in 850nm wavelength of the no-glow infrared illuminator. This illuminator creates clear images, even in complete darkness. 

We were also impressed with its 7x optical zooming and 2x digital magnification capabilities. Indeed, we were able to see up to 1300 ft away. Aside from being extremely durable, we also liked how Creative XP offered a lifetime warranty and money-back guarantee to all its users.

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