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If you love rings, then you’re going to love this platinum edwardian diamond ring for sale. This unique vintage ring consists of a platinum band beautifully set with round brilliant diamonds. This can be an incredibly beautiful piece of jewelry that could make you shine like the sun and look great on your engagement day.

Platinum edwardian diamond ring

For someone looking for a platinum edwardian diamond ring , the ideal style is one that combines both romance and craftsmanship. Platinum has value similar to gold and diamonds so it makes the perfect material when trying to have your own custom designed platinum edwardian wedding ring.

For those who love vintage jewelry, you might love an Edwardian ring that’s been remade with modern materials. It’s not just about old diamonds, though it can be. It’s a whole style of vintage jewelry that blends different styles and times that have fallen out of favor and have been remade for the modern time.

Edwardian rings continue to be very much in demand because they are one of the most beautiful vintage jewelry eras. These were the most popular engagement rings in the Edwardiana period and were known for their intricate antique design, floral motifs and outstanding craftsmanship. Gents would ask to wear edwardian engagement rings as a sign of true love, not just given their charm and beauty but also their hard work behind making these. However, with time, many of these antique style diamond rings have become damaged or lost its luster. With this concern in mind, they are now being recreated into new versions of infinity edwardian ring designs that are stunningly different from their former era .

Edwardian Diamond Ring

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10K 14K Victorian Filigree Ring Moissanite Diamonds Art Deco Antique Edwardian Lace Vintage Style Promise Anniversary Engagement Wedding Band
Price : $275.00
Features :

  • moissanite
  • hypoallergenic; made without lead, nickel and cadmium
  • comes gift-ready in a beautiful jewelry box

Additional Info :

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