emel 8500 industrial sewing machine

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Emel Industrial Single Needle Straight Sewing Model EM8500

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The Emel EM 8500 Industrial Sewing Machine is a high precision, high definition and high speed lockstitch sewing machine. Emel is a trusted brand in sewing machines. With its ingeneous design and quality components, EM8500 guarantees that you have a unique hassle-free sewing experience. Sew all kinds of clothing with ease on the Emel sewing machine.Emel Industrial Single Needle Straight Sewing Model EM8500 quantityAdd to cartSKU: PHR002 Category: Emel Tags: Emel EM8500Phreesew


This machine is used in all fabric sewing jobs including silk, denim or even some leathers. EM8500 is elegant, with a matured structure, reliable performance, high efficiency, large operation space. Can sew thin to moderately thick materials producing neat and nice stitches.

Other features include:

  • Produces about 5000 spm (stitches per minute)
  • Runs on a clutch of 250w, 220v power rating
  • Foot can be raised between 5mm to 13mm to accommodate bulky stuffs during sewing
  • A smooth reverse stitch lever for adequate stitch lock
  • Automatic lubrication system
  • Produces stitch length between 0 and 5mm
  • An engraved Emel branding at the rear of the machine indicating its authenticity

With the Emel EM8500 your important projects are ready to fly.