Fogg Body Spray Price In Nigeria

Fogg is a top of the range, international brand that uses only natural ingredients to create its high quality products. In this body spray fogg price, we will look at the product’s ingredients and its price in Nigeria.

Fogg is a body spray that can help keep you refreshed, energized, and uplifted. It contains a blend of extracts that have been known to relax your mind and body, while at the same time providing a lasting fragrant effect.

Product Description

Due to the fluctuating foreign exchange prices prevailing in Nigeria, we decided to suspend check-out. To place orders, get most accurate prices and check product availability, Please send us a direct message on Instagram @mamategacosmeticsandspa or click on the whats app button below.

Fogg Master Fragrance Body Spray Agar

Regular price₦1,500.00

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