Imposter perfumes

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Imposter perfumes

Imposter fragrances are recognized for their duplication of much more costly scents. They’re sold at a fraction of the price of high-end scents and are usually marketed as exact replicas of those coveted designer perfumes. Despite their great popularity, imposter beauty products are often the subjects of controversy.

You’re in love with the hottest new Dior fragrance, but can’t exactly afford to spring for an expensive bottle of perfume right now. If it’s not Dior, it’s Chanel, Fendi, Marc Jacobs, Michael Kors or another major designer whose foray into beauty has obviously been a major success. That success is evident in the popularity of even the most expensive fragrances. For some individuals, though, it’s just not practical or possible to spend the big bucks on the big names.

That’s where imposter fragrances come in. They’re fairly blatant in advertising the scents they’re duplicating, which can make them quite appealing to consumers who are interested in specific fragrances. Imposters are usually available in everything from the most time-honored, classic fragrances to new scents that are only just beginning to earn a permanent spot on the shelves.

Pros and Cons

When it comes to imposter scents, there are many pros and cons. Some individuals would argue that there are more cons than pros, but it’s also safe to say that there’s a large contingent of fans that collect imposters in the same way that others collect designer scents.

The Positives

The most obvious positive about imposter scents is the price. The differences are striking. For example, a 1.7 ounce bottle of Jennifer Lopez’s introductory fragrance, Glow, is sold for $47 at Macy’s and $38.99 at Target. On the other hand, a 1 ounce bottle of Sensuale, the Glow scent created by Parfums de Coeur’s Designer Imposters collection, is sold for $9.49. Obviously, even with the difference in size the contrast is remarkable.

Another pro is commitment – or lack thereof. Imposter scents can come in very handy for individuals who are fickle fragrance fans and whose tastes tend to change quickly. Going through an entire bottle of expensive perfume suddenly becomes a chore if you tire of it after the first few sprays. There’s less guilt involved (and obviously less burden on your wallet!) when you opt for a cheaper scent that claims to smell the same as the more expensive scent.

The Negatives

On the flip side, imposter scents are considered by some to be the designer handbag knockoffs of the beauty industry. One of the biggest drawbacks is longevity. Knockoff scents have a tendency to fade very quickly, whereas most authentic perfumes will last for longer periods. This difference can be attributed to the ingredients used; authentic scents are crafted with high-quality oils and other components, while imposter fragrances usually contain a very high water content.Additionally, imposters may not be as true to the authentic scent as they could be. At first sniff, the scents may smell just like their expensive counterparts, but few imposters can accurately meet the balance of top, middle and base notes that the originals do. In an authentic perfume, the top note is immediately discernable before it dissipates to reveal the middle note, which fades to reveal the base note. Some imposter fragrances can only manage to develop the top note before fading completely. Obviously, this won’t be an accurate representation of the fragrance it’s meant to be duplicating.

Of course, fragrance is a very personal thing, and what smells awful and fades quickly on one person may smell great and last a while on another. If you’re interested in a particular imposter scent, test its longevity in the store if testers are available. You’ll know then if it’s worth the money or not.

What to Look For

You’ll find imposter scents at most drugstores and mass retailers, like Target, Walmart and CVS. Among the brands to look for are:

  • Parfums de Coeur: This line’s Designer Imposters collection is what started it all in the 1980s with the introduction of Primo, a replica of Giorgio. The line includes a wide range of scents for both men and women.
  • instyle Fragrances: A more recent addition to the imposter world, instyle touts itself as creating “impressions of the world’s most popular fragrances.” You’ll find scents for men and women.

Designer Imposters Primo! Body Spray 75ML

If you like Giorgio®

You’ll love PRIMO!®

Formulated with essential oils used only in the most expensive perfumes.

A soft all-over body fragrance.

Leaves a clean fresh feeling all day.

Some of the imposters can make a good replica of an existing perfume. I know this because many, many years ago I found one for

  Estée Lauder Pleasures

I still have the bottle with about 1/4 inch of liquid remaining in it, but there is nothing printed on the bottle to indicate a brand name. I only know what it is because it smells nearly identical to Pleasures.

Have any of you also found good replica fragrances/brands? This is not the same as the replacements thread, these are scents made to imitate a specific brandname fragrance and this is stated somewhere in the advertising for the imposter. Our version of “Blank” is usually how it is worded.

This is also not the same as Long Lost Fragrances because those carry the name of the original, same with Irma Shorell.

Also, I am not looking for perfume oil imitations, only perfumes, please? They are usually marked EDP even if the original was only EDT.

Designer Imposters Game Changer by Parfums De Coeur Cologne. Casual and welcoming, Designer Imposters Game Changer elevates your everyday style. Created by Parfums de Coeur, this warm fragrance creates the feeling of an invigorating hike in a moss-covered forest. Top notes of lavender set an unassuming and approachable tone, which is reinforced by notes of Douglas fir. Warm juniper berry notes complete the woodsy feeling, and bergamot notes add just the right touch of brightness. During dry-down, ginseng base notes lend the scent a vaguely exotic feeling.

Designer Imposters U You by Parfums De Coeur Perfume. Feel confident and energized throughout the day when you embrace Designer Imposters U You for women by Parfums De Coeur. This fragrance balances the earthy scent of woods with crisp, fresh citrus. A lovely bouquet of jasmine, lily of the valley and rose brings a romantic and feminine air that leaves you ready for any adventure. Spray it on in the morning for a lovely start to your day, and add a touch to continue your enchanting evening.

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