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As always, showcases cord lace price in Lagos, types of lace fabric in Nigeria, and last but not least lace fabric price.It can be daunting searching the internet for the latest style to sew but we’ve made life easier for you by compiling and showcasing a range of styles for you to choose from quickly and easily.

Additionally, you can also find on latest lace materials in Nigeria, sample lace material in Nigeria and Swiss lace price in Nigeria. These are updated regularly so make sure to always check back regularly and share these with friends and family looking for this type of information.

Lace is an embroidered light weight fabric with little or wide perforations.  Lace was formally produced with linen, silk, gold or silver threads but in recent times, lace is largely produced with synthetic fiber and cotton thread.

  • Cord Lace
  • NGN 30000 (5 Yards)

  • Embroidery Velvet Mesh Net
  • NGN 40000 (5 Yards)
  • NGN 40000 (5 Yards)
  • NGN 40000 (5 Yards)
  • NGN 40000 (5 Yards)

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Lace Fabric in Nigeria

Lace fabric in Nigeria is a big deal. An average Nigerian love parties and weddings and the most dominant fabrics used for occasions in Nigeria is the lace fabric. This lace trend in Nigeria has accelerated to Nigerians in diaspora where traditional and white wedding parties features lace fabrics made in different flattering styles and designs.

Onion sequins lace for sale

History of Lace Fabric in Nigeria

Lace fabrics have been around in Nigeria for over 50 years. These fabrics are manufactured in colorful designs to sooth the “asoebi” trends in Nigeria. Nigerian lace fabrics are produced in Australia and Switzerland not until lately that China became the center of lace production because of low cost of labor.

The first importer of lace fabric in a Nigeria was Prince Shafi, Mobilaji Shitu the Baba Adinni and ruling Olowu of Aiyepe, He was one of the biggest importers of Austrian lace and later founded a factory together with an Austrian partner. In the mid-1960s he had noticed that an importer in Lagos who stocked goods from Lustima was very successful.

Types of Lace Fabrics in Nigeria

Cord lace, Paper lace, sequins lace, 3D lace, net lace, feather lace, cotton lace, organza lace, embroidered lace. Perforated lace, and so on Other types of lace fabrics are; Needle lace, bobbin lace, tape lace, knotted lace, crotchet lace of which these names are not well known in Nigeria.

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Where to Buy Lace Fabrics in Nigeria

Buyandslay is a trusted online store working with trusted manufacturers to give you the best of lace fabrics in Nigeria. Our laces are measured in GSM from 120 downwards.

We have variety of laces you can choose for your upcoming asoebi. Our different packages are affordable. Delivery is fast and easy. Scroll through to see the lovely fabrics we have curated for you.

Champagne sequins lace for sale

5 Ways to Maintain your Lace Fabric

1. Hand wash is mostly recommended for washing2. Iron with a low temperature3. Storage is best in between layers of blue tissue paper4. Fold sequence, embroidered or dotted lace fabrics using the front.5. Wash with mild soap. 

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