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This lightning mcQueen inspirational lightning quotes is an inspiration to kids, but we wanted to make him even more inspirational. Lightning McQueen’s inspirational quotes are perfect for the young sports fan, or any fan of Lightning McQueen. Share them with your little one!

Lightning Mcqueen inspirational quotes on life, friendship, success and the pursuit of dreams.

Positive inspirational lightning mcqueen quotes

All of your friends would love to see these inspirational lightning mcqueen quotes found here. You can find them featured on merchandise and posters, which are great gifts for the die-hard fans of all ages. This is the perfect way to show them how much you care and support their love for racing.


There are a few quotes from Cars 3 that I’m leaving off the list until after the movie comes out because I don’t want to spoil any of the storylines. There are still lots of great memorable lines from Cars 3 that you can enjoy know, without spoiling anything.


Lightning McQueen is back on the big screen, but he’s not a rookie anymore. Blindsided by a new generation of blazing-fast racers, the legendary Piston-Cup champion finds himself suddenly pushed out of the sport he loves.

  • I decide when I’m done.
  • The racing is the reward. Not the stuff.
  • I can’t go out on the track and do the same old thing, it won’t work.
  • This is my last chance Cruz, my last chance. If I lose I never get to do this again.
  • I’m coming for you, Storm.
  • Race cars don’t have phones, Cruz.


Tasked with getting Lightning McQueen back on track after a devastating setback, Cruz isn’t shy. Her training style is high-tech, enthusiastic and steadfast—she’s not afraid to apply a little tough love. But there’s more to Cruz than meets the eye

  • These young guys are great and all but I like a challenge. In fact, I call you my Senior Project.
  • Don’t fear failure, fear not having the chance. You have the chance.
  • The beach ate me.
  • I used to watch you on TV, flying through the air. You seemed so fearless. I wish I knew what that felt like.
  • My electronic personal assistant. You know, like on your phone. You have a phone, don’t you?
  • It’s all about motivation, Mr. McQueen. You can use anything negative as fuel to push through to the positive!

Best Jackson Storm Cars 3 Quotes

Fast, sleek and ready to win. Jackson Storm is a front-runner in the next generation of racers. Storm’s quiet confidence and cocky demeanor are off-putting, but his unmatched speed threatens to redefine the sport.

  • Don’t you worry, pal. You had a good run.
  • You have no idea what a pleasure it is for me to finally beat you.
  • I think I touched a nerve.
  • You know what, get a ton of pictures, because champ here has been a role model of mine for years now. And I mean a lot of years. Right? I love this guy.

CARS 3 (Pictured) – Jackson Storm (voice of Armie Hammer) and Lightning McQueen (voice of Owen Wilson). ©2017 Disney•Pixar. All Rights Reserved.


Ultimately, McQueen turns to his coach’s coach, Smokey, who was there during Doc’s heyday, for guidance and inspiration.

  • You will never be the racer you once were. Accept it. You can’t turn back the clock, kid. But you can wind it up again.
  • You’ll never be as fast as Storm, but you can be smarter than him.


Sterling is a brilliant “businesscar” who runs Rust-eze Racing Center, one of the most successful elite training facilities in the country that is built after McQueen’s crash. Despite his dapper appearance and obvious wealth, Sterling comes across as unassuming and laid-back. But business is business, and Sterling is driven to ensure all of his investments pay off.

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