low vision glasses for watching tv

These low vision glasses for watching TV are especially designed for people who have problems seeing clearly when watching TV, movies, or playing video games. They provide a clear magnification just like a computer monitor and work to help you see better.

The Low Vision Glasses for watching TV is designed to help digital seniors, low-vision and elderly people with their vision problems. These glasses not only improve close-vision difficulties but also increase the contrast, saturation of colors and enlarge words on text on digital devices

List of the Best Low Vision Magnifying Reading Glasses

Low vision magnifying reading glasses are a great way to bring back the joy of reading in those who have lost their vision. These magnifying glasses can be used to read many types of print including newspapers and books. They have a large lens that brings a small amount of type into focus, resulting in increased reading speed, comprehension, and comfort. These products are perfect for senior citizens, or anyone with vision loss that needs additional magnification.

Low vision magnifying reading glasses are also recommended for macular degeneration patient to help enhance their vision for reading print. The glasses will magnify the fonts and make it easier for the patient to read.

Prismatic Eyeglasses

Prismatic Eyeglasses are excellent examples of low vision magnifying reading glasses. Prismatic eyeglasses are extra strong reading glasses. They provide space for a natural, comfortable focal point. Prismatic eyeglasses feature optical quality spherical lenses which magnify and converge the image concurrently. They are useful for reading aids.

E-Scoop Glasses

E-Scoop glasses are custom designed optics which combine five unique optical characteristics to improve the vision of the patient suffering from macular degeneration. These five optical features increase image size, improve contrast, allow more light into the eye, while allowing the user to wear them constantly.

Special Binoculars Or Telescopes

Special prescription binoculars or telescopes that are mounted on the glasses are useful for various activities such as watching the grandchildren play sports, enjoying the theater, watching television, taking in a baseball or football game, recognizing faces, appreciating the scenery, exploring a museum, reading a McDonalds menu and lots more.

Personalized Optical Systems That Use Microscopic And Telescopic Lenses

Our low vision doctor, Low Vision Doctor Name, can also recommend customized, prescription optical systems for macular degeneration patients. These optical systems feature microscopic, telescopic, prismatic, and filter lenses to maximize images and objects.

Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) Magnifiers

CCTV magnifier is a combination of a camera and TV screen used to provide low vision aid for macular degeneration patients. The camera is pointed at an object while a magnified image will appear on the screen. The patient will be able to see the magnified image that appears on the screen and use it to work in real time.

Hand-Held And Desk-Top Magnifiers

There are also hand-held and desktop video magnifiers. These low-vision magnifiers come in a variety of strengths, light, color contrast, and magnification capabilities. While some are handheld, others can be connected to the computer.


OrCam is another device that is changing how people with macular degeneration and other low vision issues can perceive the world. The OrCam features a camera, speaker and a cable connected to a larger device. This tiny device is attached to the patient’s eyeglasses. OrCam uses AI technology to help people with visual impairment read texts, recognize faces, identify products, and more.


IrisVision is a wearable device that comes with advanced virtual reality technology. With this, patients with macular degeneration can carry out their daily activities easily. IrisVision offer about 70-degree field of view. With this, patients can see the world clearly and fully. One disadvantage of iris vision is the inability to walk around while wearing the device.

Above all, this low vision device features multiple view modes depending on the activity you intend to do. Whether you intend to watch television, read texts, or have a general view, you can switch between TV Mode, reading modes, or scene modes respectively. IrisVision provides a cost-effective and efficient way for you to live a quality life when you have macular degeneration.

Our low vision doctor, Low Vision Doctor Name, will examine the situation of your eye and the severity of the condition. With this, we can recommend the ideal low vision aids or glasses for you.

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