Namyaa Intimate Lightening Serum for Sensitive Skin Underarms Bikini Area

This namyaa intimate lightening cream is a unique blend of botanical and herbal extracts that effectively remove unwanted dark patches from underarms and groin area. This complex serum is formulated with a blend of five powerful ingredients that help in regulating melanin system, visibly fading the appearance of dark spots, blemishes and unevenness.

Namyaa Intimate Lightening Serum provides a safe, effective and convenient solution for underarms/bikini/sensitve areas. Its non-greasy lightweight formula provides an invisible protective, moisturizing barrier that protects against harmful elements and prevents irritations. With its hypoallergenic formula and a gentle fragrance, it is ideal for women who want to lighten the area.

Namyaa Intimate Skin Lightening Serum for Sensitive Skin of Underarm and Bikini



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Qraa namyaa intimate lightening serum is this revolutionary product that helps lighten your intimate parts in an exceptional manner. Goodbye scars, spots and blemishes: be it scars, spots, marks, blemishes or be it pigmentations or be it cellulite, this lightening serum for the intimate area works as the all in one solution for skin whitening purposes. It helps tighten the skin of the intimate area and keeps the skin soft, supple and smooth. No dangerous chemicals: the major advantage of this qraa namaya intimate lightening serum is the fact that it is free from any kind of dangerous chemicals, harsh metals, hydroquinone, pesticides, fertilizers and any kind of synthetic or other additives for the matter. This exceptional product has been formulated with only plant based ingredients like certified herbs, plant and flower extracts or essential oils that are known to work absolute wonders in terms of skin care. This organic intimate area lightening serum helps get you radiant and glowing skin while tightening it in the endeavor. No side effects: qraa namaya intimate lightening serum makes for this completely safe skin whitening lotion that is completely safe for application on the intimate areas and is free from any kind of side effects to be precise. It can be safely used as this has no damaging effects and its beneficial excellence renders it to be safe for application on all skin kinds, including that of sensitive skin kinds. qraa namaya intimate lightening serum can be used by both men and women and its super gentle formulation is sure to impress. Directions for use: gently clean the area that you seek to lighten with water. Pat dry the area with a towel or a clean cloth in a gentle manner. Take substantial amount of the qraa namaya intimate lightening serum and apply it gently on the said area. Repeat this process twice a day. Continue to use this exceptional intimate lightening serum for a span of six weeks till you have achieved the desired results.


Intimate lightening serum that contains no harmful chemicals, no harsh metals, no hydroquinone
Helps lighten and tighten the intimate areas in an effective manner
Makes for a completely organic product that is especially formulated with plant-based ingredients
Certified to be completely safe for the intimate parts; recommended for both men and women
Completely safe intimate lightening serum that is free from any kind of side effects; package contents: 1 serum
Country of Origin: India

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