nexgen 12v lithium ion battery 12v 300ah

nexgen 12v lithium ion battery 12v 300ah is an ideal replacement for the battery in your car, boat and RV. It is a high-quality, 12 volt lithium ion battery that is rechargeable up to 500 times. This high capacity unit will allow you to have more power for longer trips and withstand colder temperatures than regular batteries

NexGen’s all-in-one design offers a lightweight, expandable and integrated battery solution with six 12V quick-connect outputs. Five of the six outputs have a built-in circuit breaker while the sixth output is fused. Each individual output has overcurrent, voltage and temperature protection to ensure maximum battery performance and longevity. These units are ideal for use with standard 12V DC appliances directly off the battery or solar charge controller, in applications like motor-homes, boats, weather alerts, remote cottages and cabins

Nexgen 12v lithium ion battery

12V 300AH


Model – NG300
Group Size – 8D
Type – LiFePo4-Safe Battery
Amp Hours – 300
Voltage – 12.8V
Cold Cranking Amps – 3000
Depth of Discharge (DOD) – 100%
Memory – None
Low Voltage Cutoff – 8V
Over Voltage Cutoff – 16V
Cycle Life – 3000-5000

Battery Features And Benefits

Drop in replacement- Group size as standard lead acid battery
Maintenance Free
Easy installation
Engine start and deep cycle
10X longer life compared to SLA batteries
60% more energy
Up to 70% lighter
100% usable capacity
99% efficiency
3000-5000 cycle life
Connect in parallel or series
Faster charging times
One battery for 12V,24V36V,48V,72V
ROHS Compliant
UN 38.3
Built in battery protection system (BPS)
Extended warranty

Built in battery protection system (BPS)

Short Circuit
Thermal Shock
No Fires
No Explosions Short
Reverse Polarity Protection

Cycle Life
capacity at different cycles at 100% DOD

100 cycle – 101%
500 cycle – 96.2%
1000 cycle – 90.8%
1500 cycle – 85.4%
2000 cycle – 80.1%

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