Nexgen12v Lithium Ion Battery 12v 80AH

The nexGen12v lithium ion battery is a powerful battery with 80Ah that can be used for all electric car models, featuring a continuous discharge rate of greater than 60A (80A peak) and 1 minute pulse rate greater than 100A.

The Nexgen12v Lithium Ion Battery 12v 80AH is a high energy density battery. These batteries are a perfect replacement for lead acid batteries, and far more convenient to charge. This battery provides more power than lead acid batteries and allows you to run cooler because they don’t contain any toxic lead. The NexGen battery is over twice as powerful as its lead-acid counterpart, making it an ideal choice for heavy duty applications where performance is crucial such as boats, RVs, golf carts and more.

What is a Lithium Ion Battery.

Lithium ion batteries offer many benefits over traditional lead acid batteries. For starters, lithium ion batteries are more environmentally friendly. Lithium ion batteries use less energy to function, which means they can last longer and be used in more devices. Additionally, lithium ion batteries have a lower melting point than lead acid batteries, so they don’t corrode or break down as quickly.

What are the Requirements for Lithium Ion Batteries

Like most rechargeable electronics, lithium ion batteries must meet certain requirements before they can be used. These requirements include being able to charge via USB or an AC adapter (wall wart or cigarette lighter outlet), having a compatible cellspan(s), and meeting safety outlined in the battery’s datasheet (usually found online).

What are the Types of Lithium Ion Batteries

There are three main types of lithium ion battery: panel-based, nickel-cadmium, and nickel-metal-hydride. Panel-based lithium ion batteries typically use lead acid cells while nickel-cadmium and nickel-metal-hydride use nickel metal hydride cells. Each type of battery has its own benefits and drawbacks that will affect your travel needs:

Panel-based lithium ion batteries tend to be cheaper than other types but may not work in all devices; they’re not as durable as nickel-cadmium or nickel-metal-hydride cells; and they have a shorter lifespan thanNickel-cadmium or nickel-metal-hydride cells.”

Section 2: Using Lithium Ion Batteries for RV Traveling Needs

In order to take advantage of the many benefits that lithium ion battery have over lead acid batteries, it is important to understand how to charge them effectively and store them safely in case you need them again in the future. When charging a lithiumion battery using an electrical outlet (wall wart or cigarette lighter outlet), it is important to connect the battery fully before selecting an available cell span[s]. Be sure not to exceed 10% of its rated voltage – this will damage the battery and cause it to stop charging correctly. When storing a lithiumion battery, it is best practice to place it in a cool place with low humidity levels so that it doesn’t expire prematurely – this will help prevent corrosion and ensure longevity of your device.

What to Look for When Buying a Lithium Ion Battery.

The best lithium ion battery for your RV travel needs is one that can be recharged. A rechargeable battery will last longer and be more easily replaced in the event of a technical issue.

Look for a Long-Lasting Battery

Make sure to look for a long-lasting battery when shopping for a lithium ion battery. Lithium ion batteries have an average life expectancy of 10,000 charge/discharge cycles, which makes them ideal for use in larger boats, RVs, and other large vehicles.

Look for a Good price on a Lithium Ion Battery

Before making the purchase of your lithium ion battery, make sure to find a good price on it online or in store. You want to buy the product that will meet your specific needs and budget without breaking the bank.

How to Use a Lithium Ion Battery.

Charge the battery in the car by plugging it into an outlet and then plugging it into the car.

Use the battery to power your RV when you’re driving or camping.

Discharge the battery by using a charger or by putting it in an oven or microwave.

Rechargeable Portable 12V Lithium ion batteries 80AH BMS built in waterproof case for trolling motor Marine boat +10A charger

NGN 119,994.76


Item Name: 12V 80Ah Li ion battery 

Capacity : 80Ah 
 Voltage : 12V

Charge voltage : 12.6V

Charge current : Standard 10A

(If you need high power and discharge current,please contact us)


Weight: About 5.6kg

Working temperature Charge Temperature:  0~45°C

Discharge Temperature:  -20~65°C

Retention of charge (store in one month) : ≥95

Discharge cut-off voltage: 10v


  • Brand Name: GTK
  • Certification: CE,RoHS
  • Origin: Mainland China
  • Weight: About 3KG
  • Size: 106*272*355(mm)
  • Model Number: 12V 80Ah Li ion
  • Nominal Capacity: 80Ah
  • Application: Inverter Trolling motor Boat
  • Type: Li-Ion
  • Voltage: 12V
  • charge voltage: 12.6V
  • Standard Discharge cut-off Voltage: 10V
  • Charge Current: 10A
  • Continuous discharge current: 80A,can be customized
  • Service life: More than 2000 time,DOD at 80%
  • Case type: Waterproof ABS case

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