Noise Cancelling Ear Muffs for Studying

If excessive noise is preventing you from studying, you’ll want to check out some of the best noise cancelling ear muffs for studying available today. They’re designed to dampen sharp and sudden noises to protect what’s most important — your hearing. With some of the latest models, you can listen to your iPod or other personal audio devices as well!

Some people choose ear muffs for noise reduction because they enjoy listening to music without the interruption of honking horns and loud crowds. Others select them because they live close to an airport or train station, or work in factories or other noisy environments.

Best Noise Cancelling Ear Muffs for Studying

Finding the best noise cancelling ear muffs is hard work. There are so many different types available on the market that it’s hard to know which one is right for you. Solaroidenergy have tested all kinds of ear muffs for noise reduction over the years, and decided to compile my list of recommendations based on performance, comfort, price and other important factors.

8. Vanderfields Hearing Protection for Shooting

These are the best noise-canceling ear muffs for studying

Noise reduction: up to 125dB, SNR of 26. The SNR means it is according to EU standards. The design is simple but solid – you have nine colors to choose from black, violet, brown, green, pink, red, iron gray, marine blue, and turquoise.

An obvious downside is that it is not super flexible. Probably due to having to provide a certain level of hearing protection in a laboratory setting. This means it most likely follows industry standards and actually is effective.


7. 3M PELTOR X5A Over-the-Head Ear Muffs

You can choose among five models. Each is colored differently and with a different level of noise reduction. The black ones almost reach the max theoretical noise reduction possible for an ear muff.

Some adjustability, but not a lot. Unlike the cheaper 3M model, these come with replacement parts and a cleaning kit.



6. Ear Defenders Adult 

Ear Defenders Adult is an eloquent design coupled with serious hearing protection. This Ear Defenders model comes in five dark colors: green, black, blue, brown, and gray. Quickly adjust the headband to achieve that blissful silence that only arrives with a comfortable perfect fit.

Noise reduction rating: 32dB SNR, which reduces up to 125dB.


5. G & F Earmuffs

This company is an example of why you cannot trust the rating system. They use false advertising to seem better than they are. Take for instance “NRR Sound Technology.” This only makes sense if you don’t know what a noise reduction rating actually is. It seems like whoever wrote the product description barely understands English. Furthermore, the black minimalist design seems like it’s made of cheap material.

Ecommerce sites need to do a better job vetting companies they allow on their platform because this is amateurish.


4. 3M Worktunes

This design is more industrial but at least with 3M, we know what kind of hearing protection we get. Unlike most highly rated ear muffs there is no false advertising and whoever does the marketing for this company actually speaks English.

Noise reduction: 24 dB NRR


3. AmazonBasics Earmuffs

Identical to some models on Amazon. This means they are using white label products to market as their own but at least we can trust the NRR rating. Color choices are black and red or black and purple. However, these can be rough on the ears if you are sensitive.

This very simple design is sturdy and affordable with an NRR of 26.

2. Walker’s Hearing Protection

Plenty of color choices: black, black/orange, black/teal, brown, gray, mossy oak camouflage, pink, pink mossy camouflage, purple accent, and yellow. However, it is the same white label base model as AmazonBasics or Vanderfields just a slight difference in the headband.

Noise reduction: NRR is 22, not 31 as advertised. Only worth getting over the other options if you really want the difference in the headband


1. Peltor Sport Tactical 300

The Peltor Sport Tactical 300 is expensive – AAA batteries must be included at such a price point, but they are not. Great for shooting or construction work. Amplifying voice, but not gunshots or other noise. Unlike other ear muffs on this list, it is a work of love. Highly adjustable, comfy, and reliable.

Noise reduction: 24 dB NRR as advertised 

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