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The “2007 Tahoe Engine For Sale” ⁢is ‌a ​powerful and reliable engine designed specifically for the ⁣2007 Chevrolet Tahoe SUV model. This engine is ​ideal for individuals looking to‍ replace their existing engine or engage ‍in a restoration project.

The 2007 Tahoe engine offers an impressive range of features that contribute to its overall performance and durability. It is equipped with a Vortec V8 engine, ensuring ​exceptional power and torque. With a⁣ displacement of 5.3 ‌liters, it provides sufficient capacity to handle various driving conditions, whether on highways or off-road terrains. The engine’s design incorporates advanced technologies, such as sequential fuel injection and variable valve timing, promoting efficiency and optimal fuel consumption.

One notable feature of the ⁤2007 Tahoe⁣ engine is its exceptional towing capacity, making it suitable for individuals who require heavy-duty capabilities for towing ‌trailers,

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Product Description

Oxygen Sensor O2 Sensor

Oxygen Sensor O2 Sensor

Oxygen Sensor O2 Sensor

Oxygen Sensor O2 Sensor

Suitable for the following models

Compatible with Cadillac:

2002 Cadillac Escalade 5.3L / 1999-2000 Cadillac Escalade 5.7L

Compatible with Chevy:

1996-1997 Chevy Astro 4.3L / 2002 Chevy Avalanche 1500 5.3L

1996-1999 Chevy Suburban C1500 5.7L / 2000-2002 Chevy Suburban 1500 5.3L

1996-1998 Chevy C1500 Truck 4.3L / 1996-1999 Chevy C1500 Truck 5.0L 5.7L

1996-1998 Chevy C2500 Truck 5.0L 5.7L / 1996-2002 Chevy Express 1500 4.3L 5.0L 5.7L

1996-2002 Chevy Express 2500 4.3L 5.0L 5.7L / 1996-2002 Chevy Express 3500 5.7L

1996 Chevy G30 Van 5.7L / 1996-1999 Chevy K1500 Suburban 5.7L

1999 Chevy K2500 Suburban 5.7L / 1996-1998 Chevy K1500 Truck 4.3L

1996-1999 Chevy K1500 Truck 5.0L 5.7L / 1997-1998 Chevy K2500 Truck 5.0L

1996-1998 Chevy K2500 Truck 5.7L / 1999-2002 Chevy Silverado 1500 4.3L 4.8L 5.3L

1999-2000 Chevy Silverado 2500 5.3L / 2000-2002 Chevy Tahoe 4.8L 5.3L

1996-2000 Chevy Tahoe 5.7L

Compatible with GMC:

1996-1998 GMC C1500 Truck 4.3L / 1996-1998 GMC C1500 Truck 5.0L 5.7L

1996-1998 GMC C2500 Truck 5.0L 5.7L / 1996-1999 GMC Suburban C1500 5.7L

1996-1999 GMC Suburban K1500 5.7L / 1996 GMC Suburban K2500 5.7L

1996 GMC Suburban C1500 5.7L / 1996 GMC G3500 Van 5.7L

1996-1998 GMC K1500 Truck 4.3L / 1996-1999 GMC K1500 Truck 5.0L 5.7L

1998 GMC K2500 Truck 5.0L / 1996-1998 GMC K2500 Truck 5.7L

1996-1997 GMC Safari 4.3L / 1996-2002 GMC Savana 1500 4.3L 5.0L 5.7L

1996-2002 GMC Savana 2500 4.3L 5.0L 5.7L / 1996-2002 GMC Savana 3500 5.7L

1999-2002 GMC Sierra 1500 4.3L 4.8L 5.3L / 1999-2000 GMC Sierra 2500 5.3L

2000-2002 GMC Yukon 4.8L 5.3L / 1996-2000 GMC Yukon 5.7L

2000-2002 GMC Yukon XL 1500 5.3L





Product Parameters:

Wire Quantit: 4 wire
Sensor Type: Heated
Total Length:19.53-19.57 inch
position:Upstream Downstream

KERWINN 234-4012,234-4018 Oxygen Sensor

REPLACE OE PART NUMBER:234-4012, 234-4018, 9617178, SG454, SG236, 13474, 2344018, 2344012, 234 4018, 19178116.

Double check that the connector configuration and sensor length are the same as the old oxygen sensor you are replacing!

Step 1: Determine the Cause of the Faulty Sensor
Step 2: Disconnect the wires from the oxygen sensor.
Step 3: Compare old and new sensors for consistency, otherwise not applicable
Step 4: Tighten the new sensor in place to ensure it is threaded correctly and smoothly and reconnect the wires.
Step 5: Use a test tool to check operation and clear fault codes, start and check vehicle

Oxygen Sensor O2 Sensor

Oxygen Sensor O2 Sensor

Oxygen Sensor O2 Sensor

Oxygen Sensor O2 Sensor

Oxygen Sensor O2 Sensor

Oxygen Sensor O2 Sensor

Excellent performance and stable quality

310S stainless steel surface, platinum electrode head can quickly sense the air mixing situation, rapid feedback to the driving computer to maintain driving stability.

In-situ interface installation

Processed according to the original size of the car, wide applicability, no need to change and debugging, the original car specifications, in-situ installation

Insulated wire harness design

Silicone varnish casing rubber layer, soft high toughness material, soft and convenient

Oxygen Sensor O2 Sensor

Oxygen Sensor O2 Sensor

Oxygen Sensor O2 Sensor

Oxygen Sensor O2 Sensor

Oxygen Sensor O2 Sensor

Oxygen Sensor O2 Sensor

When to replace the oxygen sensor

The small yellow light on the instrument panel is on
Ternary catalyst failure
Clogged oil burner
Heads are contaminated

Why does the malfunction light come on

Oxygen sensor is defective
Problem with three-way catalyzer

What to look out for

To replace the oxygen sensor, check the oxygen sensor and the three-way catalyzer.
If the problem is with the three-way catalyzer, replacing the oxygen sensor will not solve the problem of the malfunction light coming on

Package Dimensions ‏ : ‎ 0.02 x 0.02 x 0.02 inches; 0.32 Ounces
Date First Available ‏ : ‎ May 19, 2023
Manufacturer ‏ : ‎ kerwinn
Country of Origin ‏ : ‎ China

Applicable models:Compatible for 2002 Cadillac Escalade 5.3L /1999-2000 Cadillac Escalade 5.7L/1996-1997 Chevy Astro 4.3L/ 2002 Chevy Avalanche 1500 5.3L/1996-2002 Chevy Express 2500 4.3L 5.0L 5.7L 1500 4.3L 5.0L 5.7L /1996-1998 GMC C1500 Truck 4.3L /1996-1998 GMC C1500 Truck 5.0L 5.7L /1996-1998 GMC C2500 Truck 5.0L 5.7L and more.
PREMIUM QUALITY MATERIAL: Oxygen sensor is made of high quality material, meets OEM standards, double protection cover, impeccable quality
Oxygen sensors improve engine response and performance, designed to improve fuel economy while reducing harmful emissions
kerwinn has a quality after-sales service team to help you solve your problems, any questions, feel free to contact us!


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