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The 502 Marine Engine​ For ​Sale is‍ a powerful and reliable‍ engine specifically ⁢designed for marine applications. This engine is ideal for boating⁤ enthusiasts who require a high-performance engine that can withstand the demanding conditions of ​marine use.

One of the standout features of the 502 Marine Engine is its impressive horsepower and​ torque output. With a​ strong‍ displacement of⁢ 8.2 liters,⁤ this engine ⁤is capable ‌of generating up ⁤to ‍502 horsepower, ensuring exceptional acceleration and speed on the water. The high torque output of the engine also guarantees excellent pulling power, allowing ⁢for​ easy towing and cruising⁢ through rough‌ waters.

Durability and ‌longevity ​are crucial in marine‍ engines,⁣ and the⁤ 502 Marine Engine excels in this aspect. Built with ​robust construction ⁢and high-quality materials, this engine⁣ is designed to withstand ‌the corrosive ​effects of saltwater and the harsh⁣ marine environment. Its rugged design ensures ‌optimal

Product Description for 502 Marine Engine For Sale

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Product Description



Are you having trouble venturing into deep long-distance water? Do you want an outboard motor that can handle multiple complex water areas? Then you must check out our two-stroke 18hp outboard motor! Powered by a gasoline motor, it has strong horsepower.


Fuel Tank Capacity:


Gear Ratio:




Net Weight:

Transom Plate Height:

Product Size:

Package Size:



How to Use

Firstly, fill the gear oil (open the gearbox lid and fill the gear oil).

Secondly, fill NO. 92 petrol in the motor and press the oil pump lightly 6-10 times.

Thirdly, fill engine oil and don’t exceed the head of the pattern.

Fourthly, turn the throttle to the start-up and turn the accelerator gets up to 50%.

Then, you should pull the starter line quickly.

After the motor starts, please turn the throttle to a running state.

Then, you can operate the motor now.



Please Pay a Attention

1. Do not start-up the motor on the shore.

2. Do not use the motor when it stop syling water.

3. If you want test the motor, it should be done in the river.

2-Stroke Machine Considerations

1. After in the seawater or turbid water cruising, please use fresh water to clean the outboard motor and cool off the water channel with fresh water.

2. The two-stroke outboard engine should use a mixture of two-stroke engine oil and gasoline. And make sure the gasoline and oil are well mixed, otherwise it will damage the machine.

3. The new machine has a break-in running period of 10 hours, during which the fuel ratio is gasoline 30L(7.93gal):1L(0.26gal) oil. 10 hours, the ratio is gasoline 50L(13.21gal):1L(0.26gal) oil.

4. Before completely running out of cooling water, don’t put the outboard motor outside. Otherwise, the water can pass the exhaust port to the air cylinder, which will cause the engine to break down.

5. The engine should deposit in places with aridity and good ventilation. You should avoid exposing it directly to the sunshine.

6. Before long-term storage, you should clean out the gasoline in the fuel tank completely.

7. When there is no water coming out from the motor, please stop using it immediately. You should check the impeller of the water pump and see if the water outlet is blocked.

8. Start the motor in the water.

9. Use the motor when it stops cycling water.

10. Please allow the slight color difference caused by the shooting light and 1-3 cm error due to manual measurement, and make sure you do not mind before ordering.

Key Features









Easy to Use

The package comes with an oil pipe, you can add oil with the pipe. And there is a handle on the cover of the motor, you can carry the motor or open it easily with this handle.

Large Fuel Tank

The internal fuel tank of this motor can load 6.34gal of gasoline. This motor is able to handle harsh waters and travel a long distance.

Powerful Motor

The maximum output of this motor is 18hp, the motor is able to handle harsh waters and give you a safe drive. This motor is ideal if you want to venture into harsh waters.

Independent Fin Streamline

When it collides with an object underwater, the design can protect the propeller that is running at high speed.

【HIGH EFFICIENCY】Using high-quality propellers, stable operation; this outboard engine has sufficient horsepower and strong explosive power, which can generate greater driving force with less fuel, and achieve high-efficiency combustion to achieve excellent economy.
【COOLING SYSTEM】Superior engine cooling system to improve engine performance. Through the pillar exhaust outlet, noise and pollutants are reduced.
【WIDE APPLICAITON】Suitable for sea surfing, recreational fishing, tourism and vacation, flood fighting and rescue, deep sea rescue, etc.
【MAIN PARAMETER】Short Shaft:40cm; Overall length:92cm; Overall widteh:36.5cm; Overall height:22cm; Transom height:42cm; Full throttle perating range:4000-5000r/min; Maximum output:2.5kw(3.5HP); Maximum speed: 10 km / h; Propeller mark:7-1/45-A(inch);Gear ratio: 27/13


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