Abaya Price In Lagos


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Abaya Price In Lagos

Abayas are worn by Muslim women, and they are typically a long-sleeved dress that covers their entire body. They come in different styles, and you can find them at any local market in Nigeria. This article is going to give you some ideas about how much an abaya costs in Lagos, Nigeria.

The price of an abaya depends on the material that it’s made out of. For example, an abaya made out of silk will cost more than one made out of cotton. It also depends on the type of stitching or embroidery on the garment. If there is no embroidery or stitching, then it will be cheaper than something that has embroidery or stitching on it because there is less work involved in making that particular item than there would be if there was embroidery or stitching involved (such as being hand-done).

Abayas can also vary depending on whether they’re ready-made or custom-made for you/your body type (if you want something specific). For example: if you wanted an abaya that fits perfectly around your waistline but doesn’t have any holes anywhere else (other than where your arms go through), then it would be custom-

Abaya Price In Lagos

Abayas are the traditional garment worn by Muslim women. The most common style is a long, loose-fitting piece of clothing that covers the entire body except for the face and hands. Abayas come in different colors, fabrics, and styles. You can find abayas made from silk, polyester, cotton, or other materials.

The price of an abaya varies depending on the type and quality of fabric used to make it. Abayas made from expensive fabrics tend to be more expensive than those made from less-expensive fabrics. Some abayas have intricate patterns embroidered on them while others are plain and simple in design. Again, this affects the price because intricate patterns require more time to complete and therefore cost more money than plain ones do.

Abayas are usually sold online through websites like Alibaba or eBay but there are also local stores that sell them in Nigeria like Sulemani Fashion House located at No 3 Tinubu Street Ikeja Lagos Nigeria where you can buy your own abaya at reasonable prices!

Abayas are a staple of Nigerian fashion, but they can be expensive. It is possible to find abayas that are affordable and stylish, however. In fact, you may be surprised by how many abayas you can find in Lagos for under 100 naira (about $0.50).

Here are some places to look for cheap abayas:

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