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Air Humidifier For ‍Car:

An air humidifier for the car ‌is a compact and ⁢portable ‌device designed to ⁢improve the⁤ air quality inside the vehicle. It works by⁢ adding ⁤moisture to the ​air, which can be particularly⁢ beneficial⁤ in dry, winter months or areas with low humidity levels. This not only helps⁢ to combat dry ‍skin, allergies, and⁢ respiratory ⁤issues,‍ but also⁢ creates ⁣a more comfortable driving environment.

Features of an Air ⁢Humidifier For Car:

1. Compact Design: The air humidifier for car ⁣is⁣ typically small ⁢and lightweight,⁤ making it easy to fit into any ‍vehicle and move around as needed. It does not take ​up much ⁤space ‌and‌ can be conveniently placed on ⁢the dashboard, cup holder, or console.

2. Easy to Use: These ‌humidifiers usually have simple ‍operation and⁤ do not require any ⁤complicated setup. They can be easily powered ‌by

Product Description for Air Humidifier For Car

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Product Description

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crart 1

Why Do We Need A Portable Mini Humidifier?

–A portable and contemporary mini humidifier is an effective and simple way to take cool moisture with you everywhere!

—-Like some of our other picks, LtYioe is powered by a USB cord, so you can plug it into your laptop, car, or any standard USB charging brick. On its normal, continuous setting, it releases a cool, clean mist for 8 hours; change it to the intermittent setting and you’ll get a total of 16 hours of added cool moisture, also can provide you a soft night light for use in the bedroom.

Whether you’re a small space-dweller, have an arid desk situation going, or are looking for a good travel option, LtYioe mini humidifier will offer the sweet relief you crave from dry air.

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Charging Methods: Powered by USB Port
Water Tank Capacity: 310ml
Product Dimension: 76*76*146mm
Net Weight: 170g
Working Current: 500mA
Voltage Input/Output: DC 5V/1A
Power Consumption:2W
Spray Quantity: 35-40ml/h
Timing time: 8~16Hours
Material: ABS, PP, Silicone

How to use LtYioe colorful mini humidifier?

Humidifying and Night Light Functions can be controlled individually, so customers can customize the effect they want.

About the SPAYING:

Step 1. Press the power button once to turn on the continuous spray mode.

Step 2. Press the power button twice to activate the intermittent spray mode.

Step 3. Press the power button a third time to turn off all spray modes.

About the LIGHTING:

Step 1. Press the power button once to start a slow gradient color light;

Step 2. Press the button a second time to fix the light.

Step 3. Press the button a third time to turn off the lights.

2 Mist Modes & Ultrasonic Fine Cool Spray
Built-in Water Level Sensor
Moisturizing Up to 8~16 Hours
7-Color Gradient Night Light
Auto Shut-off & Prevent Dry Burning
Portable Compact Design
USB Powered
Leakproof Design

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Portable Compact Design

The size of this small humidifier is 2.99*2.99*5.75 inches. The compact size is suitable for you to take to anywhere.

What’s in the BOX?

1* LtYioe Mini Humidifier

2* Cotton Swab

1* USB Cable

1* User Manual

USB Power Supply(Cable Included)

Compatible with any device USB port, such as notebook, power bank, or any usb socket, ect.

NOTE: Please don’t use the fast charger or fast charge cable. Otherwise, it will burn out the humidifier and give off a smell of burning.

Visible Water Tank

The visualization window allows you to observe the amount of water so that you can add it in time, without worrying about the mini humidifier turning off automatically during use.


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crart 2

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Q: The humidifier has produced less steam or stopped spraying mist. What should i do?


If the mini humidifier can not spray when you use it for the first time, please soak up the entire cotton swab with water before use.
Please do not add essential oils to the tank, which will clog the humidifier.
Please use tap cleaning water or mineral water and it is not recommended to use distilled water. Otherwise, the sprayed mist is relatively weak and not high, and the water will fall on the desk or the floor.
It is recommended to change the cotton swab if it becomes dirty and hard since it causes the humidifier to produce less steam or even stop working.
Check if the spring is missing, then the cotton swab cannot absorb water effectively.
Check if the USB cord is working in good condition, If not, replace a USB cable.
Gently wipe the water scale of the mist nozzle with alcohol, and white vinegar after a period of normal use.
Please don’t use a fast charger or fast charge cable. Recommend to use the included cable, otherwise, it will burn out the humidifier and give off a burnt smell.
If the Mini Humidifier still does not work properly, please ask the service team for help!

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crart 8

【Auto Shut-Off & Prevent Dry Burning】Compared with most mini humidifiers on the market, our mini humidifier has a built-in water level sensor, when the water level is lower than the probe, our humidifier will automatically power off to prevent dry burning damage to the humidifier, which will greatly increase the working life of a small humidifier and ensure use safely. Meanwhile, the light remains working. ⚠️Please note: This air humidifier can only be powered by USB cable, NO BATTERY INSIDE.
【Portable Car Humidifier】Do you want a humidifier that can travel in your luggage as you explore the world? If yes, this portable mini humidifier can perfectly suit your needs, It is sized to fit in your car cup holder to keep the air circulating and avoid dry skin on the go—2.99*2.99*5.75 in. Compact design can accommodate your ever-changing needs, and produce better, healthier, moist air for you, your baby, and your plants!
【Working All Night Long】This ultrasonic air humidifiers have two adjustable mist modes—Continuous & Intermittent, which can work for up to 8/16 hours respectively with a full tank of water. It means you can use it throughout the night without worrying about the humidifier stops working in the middle of the night. A quiet operation to make you sleep soundly and breathe well at night.
【Easy Button Control】Unlike other humidifiers, our humidifier comes with two buttons that represent light and humidification, enabling you to better control both functions separately, simplifying the control functions and easy to set up, each button requires only 3 clicks to go from on to off. If you have any other questions or concerns, please contact us without hesitation by support email or amazon message, we will get back to you within 24 hours.


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