Argan Oil for Hair and Skin from Kate Blanc Cosmetics. 100% Pure



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Argan oil for hair and skin from Kate Blanc Cosmetics is 100% pure, organic and cold-pressed. It’s also vegan and cruelty-free, so you can feel good about what you’re putting on your body.

Argan Oil for Hair and Skin from Kate Blanc Cosmetics is made with organic argan oil sourced from Morocco. This oil has long been used in Moroccan cuisine and beauty treatments because it’s an excellent moisturizer that helps to repair dry skin and hair. In addition to moisturizing dry skin and hair, Argan Oil for Hair and Skin from Kate Blanc Cosmetics also protects against environmental damage. It’s a great choice for people who want a natural alternative to other types of moisturizers.

Argan Oil for Hair and Skin from Kate Blanc Cosmetics. 100% Pure

Kate Blanc Cosmetics has been a leader in the beauty industry for over 30 years. Our products are 100% pure and made with the highest quality ingredients. Our Argan Oil for Hair and Skin is no different. It’s perfect for adding shine and softness to your hair, as well as moisturizing your skin. You can use it on its own or mix it with another product like our Argan Oil Serum to give you the benefits of both products in one!

Argan oil is one of the oldest oils in the world, and it’s also one of the most effective for your skin and hair.

We know that you’ve tried many products that claim to be argan oil, but are actually diluted with other ingredients. That’s why we offer 100% pure argan oil from Kate Blanc Cosmetics.

Our products are made from fresh Moroccan argan nuts—not just pressed for their oil, but pressed with care and attention to ensure that every last drop of goodness is extracted from the nut.

You’ll be amazed by how much better your skin and hair look when you use our product!

How to use argan oil for hair

Argan oil is a natural product that can help your hair grow and stay healthy. It’s been used for thousands of years as a way to hydrate and nourish skin, and it’s just as good for your hair.

Argan oil is rich in fatty acids and antioxidants which help your hair look healthier and shinier. It also helps protect against sun damage, which is one of the leading causes of dry, brittle hair.

Here are some tips for how to use argan oil for hair:

1. Massage the oil into your scalp for at least five minutes each night before bedtime to promote healthy hair growth.

2. Apply a small amount before washing your hair to moisturize dry ends and prevent breakage from brushing or styling tools like blowdryers or curling irons that can cause split ends over time if not handled gently enough during use (this also works well as an overnight treatment if you’re trying to grow out bangs).

3. Use it as part of a homemade mask once every two weeks or so—mix together equal parts argan oil with raw honey until smooth then apply evenly across entire head; leave on overnight then rinse off in morning with warm water followed by cool water last thing before bedtime

Product Benefits Anti-Age
Hair Type Oily, Dry, Normal
Material Type Free Paraben Free
Item Form Liquid
Product Benefits Anti-AgeAbout this item
USDA CERTIFIED ORGANIC MOROCCAN ARGAN OIL – Kate Blanc’s Virgin Cold Pressed Argan Oil of Morocco is certified by USDA and is guaranteed to be authentic, pure, natural, unrefined, and hexane free. This is the NUTTY version where the scent is nutty and is golden. For a lighter scent, select the LIGHT version. 100% Guaranteed Authentic or FULL REFUND.
HEALTHY AND SHINY HAIR – 100% Pure Argan Oil can help heal dry scalps, repair damanged hair, frizzy hair, and dead hair. Argan oil is a great elasticity treatment for hair by replenish and hydrating it with natural vitamins. The glass dropper allow drops for face treatment and for nails to keep your hair moisturized. It is non-oily, non-greasy, and has deep penetration.
STIMULATE HAIR GROWTH – Grow longer and thicker hair in a quick, natural way, while also diminishing hair loss. Organic argan oil is a natural hair treatment pack for dry brittle hair, dry scalps, and dandruff. It can help with non-greasy hair and can be used in hair growth serums, hair masks, anti-hair loss, shampoo, conditioner. Argan oil is a great hair growth infusion and cuticle oil that can protect from cold wins, pollution and smoke.
SMOOTHER SKIN – Keep your face moisturized and reduce blemishes, acne, pimples, scars, wrinkles, dark circles, eczema, psoriasis, and fine lines without leaving your skin dry. Pure argan oil is a great organic skin care and is an essential oil for nail treatment. It is an amazing natural beauty product for men and women. It can be made into natural facial lotion or body butters.
100% GUARANTEE AND ONE YEAR WARRANTY – We aim to offer the highest quality and most authentic products. We guarantee your satisfaction. If you are not satisfied with your purchase, please return it for a FULL REFUND within 365 days. Add to Cart.Product Description
Hair Treatment for Healthier, Fuller Hair
Kate Blanc’s Argan Oil helps keep your hair healthy and shiny by providing your hair follicles with natural nutrients to promote strong and healthy hair growth. This oil is especially beneficial for those who bleached a lot and need to repair brittle and dying hair and split ends.
You can add argan oil to your shampoo and conditioner to help grow healthier hair and to act as a natural anti-hair loss solution.
Argan Oil has been shown to help people with dry scalps and irritated skin. Its antioxidants and Vitamin E properties help reduce dandruff and flakes. Some customers combine argan oil with peppermint oil to help fight against thinning hair.
Great Organic Skin Care
Kate Blanc’s Moroccan Argan Oil is a wonderful natural moisturizer for your face and skin. Because our argan oil is authentic and organic, it quickly absorbs into your skin without leaving an oily residue. It won’t clog your pores either.
The compounds found in argan oil help fight against inflammation and allow your skin to retain moisture for a lasting glow. It also helps reduce wrinkles and fine lines and acts as a great anti-aging moisturizer.
You can combine argan oil with rosehip oil and/or jojoba oil to create a nighttime regime for your face to help reduce acne scars and dark spots. This oil is especially good for dry skin and can help prevent breakouts.
Nail Care
Argan Oil helps your nails grow longer and stronger. This oil can help moisturize dry cuticles, especially during the harsh winter. Many customers have seen improvement after daily use for 2-3 weeks.
Cold-Pressed & Pure
Kate’s Organic Argan Oil was imported from Morocco. It was extracted via cold-pressed so it is completely pure. The only ingredient in the bottle is argan oil.
We don’t test our products on animals.
High Quality Oil
Our facility is located in California. We comply with the highest manufacturing standards to ensure that all of our products are top quality.
Grab a bottle and delight your skin and hair today!
About Kate Blanc Cosmetics
Our facility is located in California. We comply with the highest manufacturing standards to ensure that all of our products are top quality. Kate uses natural ingredients in her products without the harmful chemicals that damage our well-being and our environment. Her motto is that if she cannot pronounce the ingredient, she won’t use it in her products.
Argan Oil Regular Argan Oil Light
Benefits Moisturizes skin, scalp and hair Moisturizes skin, scalp and hair
Key Ingredient Nutty Organic Cold-pressed Argan Oil Light Organic Cold-pressed Argan Oil
Usage Daily Daily
For Hair Growth ✓ ✓
For Face as a Moisturizer ✓ ✓
For Body Oil ✓ ✓
For Nails and Cuticles ✓ ✓
For Beard and Mustache ✓ ✓
For Eyelashes and Browse ✓ ✓
Consistency Golden & Nutty Light & Odorless

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