Axle For Snowmobile Trailer


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The Axle For Snowmobile‌ Trailer is‌ an essential component designed to enhance the performance ‌and functionality of a snowmobile trailer. This axle is specifically engineered to withstand ‌the demanding terrain and conditions that ​snowmobilers often encounter.

One of the key features of the ⁤Axle For Snowmobile Trailer​ is its durability. It is constructed from high-quality materials, such as solid steel or aluminum, which provide superior strength and resilience. This ensures that ⁢the axle can handle the weight of multiple snowmobiles and⁤ maneuver through rough terrain without bending or breaking.

Furthermore, this axle is often equipped with torsion suspension ​technology. This advanced suspension system helps to absorb shocks and vibrations, effectively ⁣reducing the impact on both the trailer and the snowmobiles being transported. As a result, it provides a smoother and⁢ more stable ride, preventing damage‍ to the trailer and minimizing the risk ⁤of any accidents or jostling that could⁤ harm⁢ the⁢ snow

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Product Description

Trailer Axle Dexter

Trailer Axle Dexter

QJZ bearings was created with the a heavy focus on performance and quality for 25 years. Our years of experience in the design and manufacture of precision bearings enables us to handle requirements for all types of industrial applications. We offer many different types of bearings in order to be the Bearing solution for any of your products. Whether you are looking for one wheel hub or thousands of ball bearings, we strive to provide the highest satisfaction to all our customers. Your satisfaction is our priority, and we will do what we can to achieve that.

Set Includes



Tang Washer and Cotter Pin

Tang Washer and Cotter Pin

L68149 - L68111

L68149 - L68111

10-19 (171255TB) Seal

10-19 (171255TB) Seal

Outer Tapered Roller

Outer Ring Cone L44649

Outer Ring Cup L44610

Pin and T-Washer

Cotter Pin

Tang Washer

Inner Tapered Roller

Inner Cone L68149

Inner Cup L68111

Double Lip Seal

Grease Seal (171255TB / 10-19)


Inner Cone L68149:
ID: 1.378″

Inner Race L68111:
OD: 2.362”

Outer Cone L44649:
ID: 1.063”

Outer Race L44610:
OD: 1.980”

Grease Seal 17255TB (10-19)
1.719” x 2.565”

3500 lbs Trailer Axle Bearing Replacement

3500 lbs Trailer Axle Bearing Replacement

QJZ Bearings 2000

QJZ Bearings 2000

Since 1993, QJZ has manufactured durable and high quality bearings.

It is very Important for us to be precise for your safety and minimizing rolling resistance. We ensure that our bearings are quiet, smooth, and kept in position during operation.

QJZ Trailer Axle Replacement Bearings

We engineer our bearings to deliver a smooth, durable, and reliable performance.

We build our products with a focus on high quality because we know it is crucial.

✔️Grease Seal 171255TB Double Lip (10-19)  — 2 Pieces
✔️Tang Washer  —  2 Pieces
✔️Cotter Pin  — 2 Pieces
✔️Bearing Kit for 3500 LBS Trailer Axle, Spindle #84 , EZ-Lube Axle


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