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Size Single Pack (8 Buttons)
Material Stainless Steel
Brand Wurkin Stiffs
Color Grey
Closure Type Button, Tie
Number of Sets 8About this item
Button closure
TAME YOUR UNRULY COLLAR – By pairing Power Buttons with the only magnetic collar stays on the market, you can tame fly-away collars, straighten the dreaded limp collar, and smooth that consistent collar curl. They come in an 8-pack for storage and travel.
THREE EASY STEPS – Fix your collar in three easy steps: 1) Insert your Power Stay metal collar stays into your collar; 2) Insert the Power Buttons (extremely strong magnets) under your shirt; 3) Move your collar to whatever position you’d like.
WORKS WITH ALL COLLARS – Our Power Buttons are powerful, round magnets that work perfectly with your Würkin Stiffs metal collar stays for men in any dress shirt, sportswear, casual, or button-down shirt that has a collar stay slot under the collar.
CRUISE THROUGH AIRPORT SECURITY – Würkin Stiffs Power Buttons replacement magnets are made from airport-safe material, letting you avoid the TSA pat-down. They’ll also help you look pulled-together when you land. You can thank us later.
AS SEEN ON SHARK TANK – Würkin Stiffs started as an idea from founder Jonathan Boos who dealt with unruly collars on shirts – as many of us have. Fast forward years later, through entrepreneurial tinkering, a successful Shark Tank appearance, a utility-patented invention, and an unstoppable obsession with crip collars, Würkin Stiffs was created. Today, we are the market-leading pioneer of magnetic collar stays and here to help you look your best.Product Description
Grey Magnetic Power Buttons White Magnetic Power Buttons Blue Magnetic Power Buttons 2.5″ Metal Stiff-N-Stays Slim Tie Bar Clip Set Wooden Handle Lint Roller
Made of Strong Magnet Strong Magnet Strong Magnet Metal Metal Premium Wood Handle & Garment Grade Adhesive Sheets
Pack of 8 8 8 6 – 2.5″ 3 – 1.65″ Long 1 Lint Roller & 3 Refills (240 total sheets)
Designed for Shirt Collars Shirt Collars Shirt Collars Shirt Collars Neckties Garments
Easy to use ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓
Makes a great gift ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓

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