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Battery ⁤Replacement For Samsung Cell Phone refers ​to the‍ process of replacing ‌the existing ⁢battery⁣ in a ​Samsung ‌cell⁤ phone with a new one. This service is ‌often required when the original ⁤battery no ‍longer holds a charge⁢ for a sufficient amount of ⁣time, or when ​it starts swelling or overheating.

The primary feature of a battery replacement for Samsung cell phones is the opportunity to restore​ the device’s battery life and ‌performance to its original capacity. This‌ ensures that users can use their phones for ⁤longer periods without having to constantly recharge them. By replacing the old battery with a new one, users can regain the⁣ ability to enjoy⁤ uninterrupted communication, browsing, gaming, ‍and other mobile⁣ activities.

One of the significant advantages of battery replacement for Samsung​ cell phones is‍ that it is a cost-effective solution compared to purchasing a new phone.⁢ Instead of investing in an‍ entirely new⁢ device, users​ can‍ simply replace

Product Description for Battery Replacement For Samsung Cell Phone

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Product Description

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High Capacity and More Power

6600mAh Note 9 lithium-polymer battery compatible with Samsung Galaxy Note 9 N9600 N960F BN965ABC EB-BN965ABU.The capacity of Upgraded Galaxy Note 9 battery is higher than the original battery.The size and the capacity of the battery are strictly in accordance with the original battery design, security performance and consistent original machine, more suitable for your Samsung Note 9 phone.

Upgraded Galaxy Note 9 Battery Multiple Protection

The Upgraded Galaxy Note 9 battery contains no mercury, lead, cadmium and other harmful substances. Lithium polymer batteries use colloidal electrolytes and do not generate large amounts of gas, such as liquid boiling, thereby eliminating the possibility of violent explosions.

Smart IC Chip and UL Certified

Built-in intelligent IC chip and upgrade with dual charging cable. We have improved the circuit system to prevent overloading, overheating and overcharging. CE, FCC, ROHS, UKCA, UL certified and manufactured under strict quality control, multiple protection for safer operation for users and device.

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2 x Triangle Opening Pick
1 x Set of Adhesive Strips
1 x Cross Screwdriver
1 x slotted screwdriver
1 x Spudger
1 x Suction Cup
1 x Ejection Pin
1 x Instructions

Upgraded Galaxy Note 9 Replacement Battery

Battery replacement for Samsung Galaxy Note 9 comes with a professional complete repair set with easy to follow simple instruction manual on the listing of product to help you replace your battery without any hassle.
We highly recommend you search video on YouTube to learn how to change the battery before replacement that help you quick installation.

Compatible Models: Samsung Galaxy Note 9 N9600 N960F BN965ABC EB-BN965ABU.
Battery Capacity: 6600mAh
Battery Type: Lithium polymer
Watt-hour: 25.41 Wh
Voltage: 3.85V

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FAQ after installation:

Q1. Why battery connector does not fit?

A1: Please check if you have bought and received wrong model battery, this battery is only for Samsung Galaxy Note 9. Check the model number on the back of your phone.

Q2. Why phone can’t turn on?

A2: Make sure battery connector was connected correctly and charge phone for 15 minutes with original charger and cable. The charging needs to be charged to 5% before it can be turned on normally, If battery have exhausted battery power.

Q3. Why battery won’t charge?

A3: Maybe bad connect. Reopen your phone and reconnect the battery connector to logic board socket. Make sure battery connector connects well.

4600 mAh
5800 mAh
4800 mAh
4800 mAh
1500 mAh


Galaxy S7 SM-G930F, SM-G930A, SM-G930P, SM-G930V, SM-G930T, SM-G930R, SM-G930F, SM-G930FD, SM-G930W8, SM-G930S, SM-G930L, SM-G930K, SM-G930, SM-G920V
Galaxy S9 EB-BG960ABE, EB-BG960ABA, SM-G960F, SM-G960, SM-G960F, SM-G960U, SM-G960W, SM-G9600, SM-G960U1, SM-G960N, SCV38, SM-G960X, SC-02K
Galaxy Note 8 EB-BN950ABE, SM-N950F, SM-N950U, SM-N9500, SM-N950U1, SM-N950N, SM-N950W, SC-01K, SM-N950FD, N950T N950A N950P N950V N950R4
Galaxy S8 EB-BG950ABE SM-G950FD, SM-G950W, SM-G950S, SM-G950K, SM-G950L, SM-G9500, SM-G950A, SM-G950P, SM-G950T, SM-G950U, SM-G950V, SM-G950F, SM-G950U1, SM-G950N, SC-02J, SCV36, SM-G950, G950F
Galaxy S21/S20/S10/S9,Note 20/10/9,Moto,LG,Google Pixel,Android Phones et

❤【COMPATIBLE MODELS】:This high capacity Galaxy Note 9 battery compatible for Samsung Galaxy Note 9 EB-BN965ABU SM-N960 N960U N960V N960A N960T N960P N960F/U1/A/T/P/V/R4/W/F,[Note: Not for Galaxy note 9 Plus or Galaxy S9 Plus.] is made of Top-rate A+ premium battery cell that provides a capacity of 6600mAh.
❤【HOW TO USE】:Using up all the power of battery for the first three times before charging,and then take a full charge,thus the battery can be reached the optimum effect of using.Please remember that its full performance and longevity is only achieved after 3 to 5 complete charge and discharge cycles.
❤【LONG-LASTING REPLACEMENT BATTERY】:Bring your Galaxy Note 9 battery life back to glory and save the money of an upgrade; get from 0% to 100% power in a matter of seconds by simply swapping batteries,Matches the 48 hour standby endurance of a fully functional new OEM battery.
❤【GREAT SERVICE GUARANTEE】: Your satisfaction is always our business goal. If you are not satisfied with our product, please contact our friendly customer service through the “Contact Seller” feature, we will reach out to you within 24 hours, take care of all quality-related issues with a refund or replacement. So you can purchase our products without any risk.


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