Best 110 Volt Tankless Water Heater With Battery


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The Best ‌110 Volt Tankless Water Heater with Battery is a cutting-edge and highly ⁣efficient water heating solution that offers supreme‌ convenience‍ and energy savings. This tankless water ⁢heater is⁣ specially designed to⁣ operate on a 110-volt power supply, making it ideal for residential use or areas where a standard 220-volt‌ power supply may not be readily​ available.

One⁢ key feature of this ‌water heater is its built-in battery system, allowing it to function even during power outages.‌ This is particularly ‌useful ⁣in regions prone to blackouts or for those who want a reliable source of hot water in emergency situations. The ⁢battery ensures ​that the​ water heater‌ continues to provide hot water, ensuring​ comfort ‌and convenience even during power interruptions.

Another ⁣notable feature of the Best‍ 110 Volt Tankless Water Heater with Battery is its compact and space

Product Description for Best 110 Volt Tankless Water Heater With Battery

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Product Description

tankless water heater

tankless water heater

Enjoy Endless Hot Water

endless hot water heater

24H Instant Hot Water

With an on-demand design, Camplux tankless water heater heats water as needed, and no need to store it. Constant hot water will be provided for 24 hours

tankless electric water heater

Fast Heating

High-efficiency heating rod with good performance in fast heating, high scale resistance, and leak-proof. This electric tankless water heater will save 60% on maintenance costs for you

on demand water heater

Hot Water in 3 Seconds

Camplux TEW Series water heater for shower. Save 50% more time than the traditional water tank

electric hot water heater

Durable Heating Elements

Heating efficiency of up to 99.8% with Self-modulating technology, heats the water only when needed

instant water heater

Compact Design

The point-of-use water heater is a wall-mounted design that frees up floor space for more storage

1 Save Time 2 Save Energy 3 Save Space

whole house tankless water heater

whole house tankless water heater

Quick Wiring Guide for Camplux TEW Series Water Heaters

step 1

Step 1

Turn off the Power

To avoid a short circuit and damage to the circuit board, ensure all strands are secured inside the terminal block. Before installing the water heater, make sure to turn off all power to the product directly at the fuse or breaker box before installing, repairing, or disassembling this water heater.

on demand hot water heater

Step 2

2 x Double-pole 40AMP Breakers & 3 x Double-pole 40AMP Breakers

TEW18 needs two circuit breakers.

TEW27 needs three circuit breakers.

Confirm that your breaker panel can meet the required specifications for your unit. Connect each group of power wires to a circuit breaker in pairs (shown on the left).

Make sure that each circuit breaker is connected to a black wire and a red wire, two different colored wires make up the L1, L2 set of wiring. And also need A separate ground conductor is required.

step 3

Step 3

Double-check the Electrical Connections

Finally, always double-check that the electrical connections to make sure they are correct and that all wire connections are tight and secure before proceeding with product operation.

Can this water heater be use for the whole house shower?

Yes, it is expected to meet 2 points of use throughout the whole house.

What are my considerations when installing it?

Use the supplied drilling sample to determine the location of the mounting holes. When drilling holes in the wall, be sure to avoid buried electrical wires, water pipes, or gas pipes in the wall.

What amp breakers are required for 18kW and 27kW Electric tankless water heater?

The units of 18kW requires a 2x 40 AMP breaker and 2 x 8 AWG gauge wire. And about 27kW requires a 3x 40 AMP breaker and 3 x 8 AWG gauge wire.

How do I maintain my equipment and keep it clean?

If you have a lot of sediment in your water, it is recommended that the unit be flushed and descaled at least once a year at a minimum, removing the heating elements and cleaning them prior to flushing.

What should I do if the water leakage at the inlet and outlet connector?

We usually suggest you can check whether the connector is not installed in place or not, and then tighten the connector. And another problem is you need to replace the seal.



1.3-4.0 Gallons
6.0 Gallons
1.3-6.5 Gallons

Color Optoins


Temp. Rise Range

80°F – 140°F
80°F – 140°F
85°F – 131°F
86°F – 131°F

Water connections

3/4″ NPT
3/4″ NPT
1/2″ NPT
1/2″ NPT
1/2″ NPT
3/4″ NPT
1/2″ NPT

Electrical Requirements

76A / 240V
114A / 240V
29.2A / 120V
25A / 240V
12A / 120V
12A / 120V
12A / 120V


17.12″ x 13.12″ x 3.12″
17.12″ x 13.12″ x 3.12″
10.95” x 7.4” x2.52”


25.4 lb
26.5 lb

Wire Type


Fast Heating & Low Consumption- High-efficiency heating rod require 2 x Double-pole 40AMP Breakers to Achieve 240V. Tankless hot water heaters can realize a multi-point water supply in the whole house. Efficiency up to 99.8% and save 60% water heating costs for your home
Safety Protection- The home tankless hot water heater has a good temperature system to provide stable water temperature output with overheating protection, anti-dry heating protection, and water-electricity separation. Protect the safety of you and your family by following the ETL certified standards
Easy Installation & Save Space – The whole house instant water heater without a tank, can be installed on the wall in a central home location. Storage more space in your home. 360° rotation without reset of the knob to regulate the temperature for convenient operation
Important Tips- Ensure the minimum water flow for activation just need 0.66 GPM; Output water temperature is between 80℉& 140℉; Wire gauge 2 x 8AWG; Unit size 17.12″ x 13.12″ x 3.12″; Water connection 3/4″ NPT
Tech Support- Camplux offers 2-year parts, 3-year leak-free warranty, and 3-year tech support


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