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The⁣ “Best Stereo For Subs” is an exceptional audio system that is specifically designed to enhance the performance of subwoofers and deliver an‍ unmatched listening experience. This premium​ stereo offers a range of features that sets⁢ it apart from other⁤ audio systems in ⁤the market.

One of the key features of the “Best Stereo For Subs” is its powerful amplifier. It boasts a high wattage output that efficiently drives the subwoofers, providing deep, rich, and impactful bass. ‌This amplifier ensures that the low frequencies produced by the subwoofers are reproduced accurately and with minimal distortion, resulting in ​a more immersive and thrilling audio experience.

Furthermore, the “Best Stereo For Subs” comes with ⁢advanced equalization options. It allows ⁤users to fine-tune the settings according to their preferences and optimize the ⁤audio output specifically for subwoofer performance

Product Description for Best Stereo For Subs

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Product Description

Harmony Audio Alloy Amp

Harmony Audio Alloy Amp

Power, Performance and Easy Installation

Harmony Audio introduces our Alloy series amplifiers available in Class D including (3) Mono Block, (1) Four Channel and (1) Five Channel models to choose from. The Alloy series amplifiers feature some technology and features that you will not find anywhere else including options right out of the box to connect to a factory or aftermarket radio source. The included HA-EASY adapter allows you to easily splice into factory wiring to acquire the audio input signal.

Another common problem with using a factory stereo is finding a switched 12 volt wire to turn the amplifier on and off. Our Alloy Amplifiers feature a solution where the amplifier can be controlled via DC voltage offset or the traditional 12 volt switched remote turn on lead.

Our Alloy amplifiers are also designed for maximum power output! All of the mono block class D amps are 1 Ohm Stable and feature similar power output at a 2 Ohms. This gives you tons of flexibility for woofer options and wiring configurations. The Class D circuitry also keeps the amp running cool with maximum power efficiency. All single and 5 channel models also include a bass remote to allow you to dial in the bass from the comfort of the driver’s seat!



Included HA-EASY Adapter = Easy Install

All Harmony Alloy amplifiers include HA-EASY adapter(s). If installing an aftermarket radio source that has RCA output then the HA-EASY is not going to be needed for your installation. If you are connecting to a factory audio source this adapter is going to make for a much easier installation.

The adapter has two purposes:

When used with a factory stereo it allows you to splice into the vehicle factory speaker wires to acquire the audio signal
It will also turn the amplifier on and off without a traditional 12 volt switched remote wire in most applications.

It’s possible to generally find your factory speaker wires in a kick panel, in a wire pack under threshold trim or even at the speaker location itself. The factory radio does not need to be removed saving a ton of installation time and saving money on costly adapters.

Bass Remote

Bass Remote

Included Bass Remote Controller

The included Bass Remote allows you to easily manage the power output of your amplifier from the comfort of the drivers seat. The remote bass knob is designed to mount near the driver for quick and easy fine tuning based on music type or for passengers who might not share your love of loud, kicking bass! This is especially handy if you listen to a wide variety of music as bass frequencies can widely vary from musical styles.

The remote bass controller features a 0 to 12 dB boost range. When we say 0 we mean ZERO. The remote can completely cut out all output on the amplifier which is handy for system setup or also maybe if grandma borrows your car for bingo night (unless she is down with bass then by all means leave it up!) The remote also features a blue LED status light so you can easily tell if your amplifier is on. The remote bass knob also includes all necessary mounting hardware to install it.

Power Input

Power Input

Daisy Chaining a 2nd Amplifier or Accessory

Next up is a feature you will not find on any other brand or model of amplifiers and we are very proud of this! So let’s say you have a factory radio and you are running one of the Harmony amps using the included HA-EASY adapter but you also have a 2nd Harmony amp you also want to install or maybe even an amp of a different brand.

When the Harmony amp is being controlled by the DC offset to turn it on and off the empty remote terminal now becomes a 12 volt switched output! This can be used to turn on and off the 2nd amplifier or any other 12 volt switched accessory! This output is only designed to turn the device on and off via a low amperage trigger and rated at 1 amp maximum. The sky is the limit of what this could be used for and can be anything you want to be turned on or off with your music.


Alloy Series Mono – 1 Channel Class D Amplifier
14.4V @ 1 Ohm: 400 Watts RMS x 1 – 800 Watts PEAK x 1
14.4V @ 2 Ohm: 300 Watts RMS x 1 – 600 Watts PEAK x 1
Frequency Response: 10Hz-180Hz
Signal to Noise Ratio: 95dB, A-weighted
RCAs: Input and Full Pass Through Audio Output
Turn On: DC Offset or 12V Remote
Recommended Wiring Power Gauge: 4 Gauge
Dimensions: 9-3/16″ Width x 6-1/8″ Width x 2″ Height

User Adjustable Settings:

Input Type: High or Low Level Signal (Selectable Switch)
High Level Input Sensitivity: 2.5V – 40V
Low Level Input Sensitivity: 90mV – 10V
Gain: (Knob Variable)
Low Pass Filter: 40Hz – 180Hz (Knob Variable)
Subsonic Filter: 0Hz – 50Hz (Knob Variable)
Frequency: 30Hz – 80Hz (Knob Variable)
Bass Boost: 0dB – 12dB @ 50Hz (Knob Variable)

Product Dimensions ‏ : ‎ 13.23 x 8.11 x 4.43 inches; 5 Pounds
Item model number ‏ : ‎ HA-A400.1
Date First Available ‏ : ‎ July 7, 2020
Manufacturer ‏ : ‎ Harmony Audio

Amp is Stable down to a 1 Ohm Load!
Includes Remote Mount Bass Control Knob!
Includes Speaker Wire to RCA Adapter to Connect to an OEM Factory Radio


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