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The Best Tyre For Rim 15 is a high-quality and reliable tire specifically designed to fit a rim size of 15 inches. This tire is engineered with advanced technology and superior materials⁢ to provide an exceptional driving experience and optimal performance.

One of the‌ notable ⁢features of the Best Tyre For ​Rim 15 is ⁤its exceptional grip on the road. With ​its specialized tread pattern and innovative rubber compounds, this tire offers excellent traction​ on both dry and wet surfaces. This ⁣feature ensures a safe and secure⁢ driving experience, even in challenging weather ⁢conditions.

Furthermore, the Best ​Tyre For Rim 15 boasts impressive durability and longevity. It is constructed ⁢with sturdy and⁣ wear-resistant materials that enable⁢ it to withstand regular wear ​and‌ tear, and prolong its lifespan. This feature ‍ensures ⁣that drivers can rely on this tire for an extended period of time without worrying ⁤about frequent replacement⁣ or poor

Product Description for Best Tyre For Rim 15

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Product Description

atv hero shot

atv hero shot

RockTrix Wheels

We have in-depth knowledge of all of the products that we manufacture and carry. Over the years, we have developed a diverse line of products. We manufacture and sell a wide range of wheels, spacers & adapters, as well as suspension components.



rocktrix banner

rocktrix banner

RT102 Wheel Specifications

Size: 15×7
Offset: 4+3
Bolt Pattern: 4×137
Centerbore: 110mm
Lug Seat: Cone / Taper / Acorn

RockTrix RT102 15″ ATV Wheels Rims 15×7 Matte Black | 4×137 Bolt Pattern | 4+3 offset

Step Up the Style of Your ATV

Don’t let your ATV be run of the mill! Ride with style with some RockTrix RT102 ATV wheels. Designed and tested with versatility and durability in mind, these wheels are a fantastic addition to any ATV or UTV. Coming in a wide variety of bolt patterns, sizes, and offsets, there’s sure to be one suited for your vehicle. Specifications are listed to the right. See application guide below to see if these are the ones for you!

Requires Acorn / Conical / Cone Seat lug nuts.
Fits various Bombardier, Can-Am and Kawasaki ATV / UTV.
Lug Nut/Socket Diameter must be less than 22mm in order to fit in the wheel hole
Buyers Need To Verify Year & Model Below.

side shot

side shot

Compatibility Information – Can Fit The Following ATVs


Outlander 650 and 800 | 2004-2006 Outlander Max 400 | Outlander Max 650 | Outlander Max 800


2011-2018 Commander 800 and 1000 | 2011-2015 Commander 800R | 2014-2017 Commander Max 1000 | 2015-2020 Commander Max 800R | 2013-2018 Maverick 1000R and Maverick Max 1000R | 2012-2018 Outlander 1000 | 2016-2021 Outlander 1000R | 2007-2014 Outlander 400 | 2017-2021 Outlander 450 | 2007-2015 Outlander 500 | 2016-2021 Outlander 570 | 2007-2015 Outlander 650 | 2007-2008 Outlander 800 | 2009-2015 Outlander 800R | 2016-2019 Outlander 850 | 2013-2015 Outlander Max 1000 | 2012-2015 Renegade 1000 | 2016-2019 Renegade 1000R | 2008-2015 Renegade 500 | 2016-2019 Renegade 570 | 2009-2015 Renegade 800R


2016-2021 Kawasaki Mule PRODX | 2016-2021 Kawasaki Mule PRODXT
Does not fit Teryx

Can Fit Other ATVs: Buyers must verify bolt pattern, hub size, and offset.

Product Features



ATV wheel rims, Rocktrix, 14 inch wheel rims

ATV wheel rims, Rocktrix, 14 inch wheel rims

lug nuts

lug nuts

Kit Contents

Four (4) RT102 ATV Wheels.
Four (4) Center Caps.
Valve stems NOT included.


One piece cast aluminum construction.
CNC machined to exact specifications.
Matte Black finish with tough clear coat to endure the toughest of weather conditions.


8 spoke design with sporty styling.
Designed with rigidity and durability in mind.
Looks superb on a wide range of different vehicles.

Important Information

Valve stems NOT included.
Lug Nuts NOT included.
Acorn / Conical / Cone Seat lug nuts are needed for proper installation.
Your Lug Nut & Socket Diameter must be less than 22mm (7/8″) in order to fit in the wheel lug hole.
Lug Nuts must be torqued to manufacturer/factory specifications using a torque wrench.
Do Not Use Air or Impact Tools
Installation must be performed by a competent installer.

Compatible with Can Am Canam UTV & SxS. Compatible with Commander, Commander Max, Defender, Defender Max, Defender Pro, Maverick, Maverick Max, Maverick Sport, Maverick Trail, Maverick X3. Please check the year and model in the description. Can fit many others, verify using the listed specifications.
This listing is for a set of Four (4) Wheels RockTrix Rims – 15″ Diameter, 4+3 Offset, 15×7 Size, 4×137 Bolt Pattern, 110 mm Bore. Four (4) RockTrix Center Caps. Valve Stems Not Included. All parts arrive packaged in one box.
Upgrade to these RockTrix aluminum single piece rims – light years ahead of factory steel rims. Precise, CNC Machined, solid 1-piece cast, lightweight aluminum wheels with a matte black powder finish. Topped with a high quality clear coat that is scratch, rust, and corrosion resistant to ensure your wheels never look cheap. These 15in tire rims are perfect for motorsports, offroad, or daily travel.
We recommend professional installation as instructions are not provided. For your safety retorque all nut hardware after 25-50 miles. We recommend removing the center caps before entering trails with deep mud or thick bush. Replacement wheels are offered if they are lost or damaged but not after installation. Spare centercaps and lug nuts can be found on our storefront online for RockTrix or StanceMagic.


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