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The BMW 550i Engine For Sale is a powerful⁤ and high-performance engine option that ​is designed for BMW 5 Series‌ vehicles. It offers a range‌ of features that make it a desirable choice​ for car enthusiasts or anyone ⁣looking to upgrade their current ⁢engine.

One of ‌the key features ⁢of‌ the BMW⁢ 550i Engine is its impressive power output. ‌It is equipped with a V8 ‌engine that produces a ⁢considerable ⁢amount ​of horsepower and torque. This ensures a thrilling and ⁣dynamic‍ driving experience, as the engine delivers instant and responsive acceleration.

Additionally, the BMW 550i ‌Engine is known for its smooth ‍and‌ refined operation. It has been engineered⁣ with advanced technologies to reduce noise and vibrations, resulting in a quiet and comfortable ride. The ⁢engine also incorporates⁣ efficient fuel injection and management systems, helping to⁢ optimize fuel consumption and improve ‍overall efficiency.

Furthermore, ‌the

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YEEDAKY Engine Timing Chain Kit With Crankshaft Gear & Sprocket for BMW 550i 735i 740i 745i 750i X5 N62B 4.8L Timing Chain Set Automotive Aftermarket Parts

Complete kit: Timing kits usually include components such as timing belts, tensioners, and guide pulleys, providing a complete solution. This means that consumers do not need to purchase different parts separately, but can get all the accessories they need in one go and ensure compatibility between them.

Fits For 2005-2010 BMW 540i(E60) ,Engine Code:N62B40A
Fits For 2003-2010 BMW 545i(E60) ,Engine Code:N62B44A
Fits For 2005-2010 BMW 550i(E60) ,Engine Code:N62B48A/B
Fits For 2004- BMW 545i(E61) ,Engine Code:N62B44A
Fits For 2004- BMW 550i(E61) ,Engine Code:N62B48A/B
Fits For 2004- BMW 645Ci(E63),Engine Code:N62B44A
Fits For 2005- BMW 650i (E63),Engine Code:N62B48B
Fits For 2005- BMW 650Ci(E63),Engine Code:N62B48B
Fits For 2005- BMW 645Ci(E64),Engine Code:N62B44A
Fits For 2001- BMW 735i/Li(E65,E66,E67),Engine Code:N62B36A
Fits For 2005- BMW 740i/Li(E65,E66,E67),Engine Code:N62B40A
Fits For 2001- BMW 745i/Li(E65,E66,E67),Engine Code:N62B44A
Fits For 2005- BMW 750i/Li(E65,E66,E67),Engine Code:N62B48B
Fits For 2003-2006 BMW X5 4.4i(E53),Engine Code:N62B44A
Fits For 2004-2006 BMW X5 4.8is(E53),Engine Code:N62B48A
Fits For 2007-2013 BMW X5 4.8 i xDrive(E70),Engine Code:N62B48B

Package Included:
1 Timing Chain Rail (Upper)
1 Timing Chain Rail (Upper, Lower)
1 Timing Chain Side Rail (Right)
1 Timing Chain Side Rail (Left)
1 Timing Chain Rail (Lower, Upper)
1 Timing Chain Rail (Lower)
2 Timing Chain
2 Timing Chain Tensioner
1 Crankshaft Gear

Made of high-quality metal and plastic, very durable and stable
Designed to improve vehicle performance and efficiency
Durable auto parts can provide a longer service life and avoid the hassle of frequent replacement and repairs.
Provide efficient and reliable after-sales service to make consumers feel at ease and ensure that products can function normally or repairs can be effectively solved.
Easy-to-install accessories provide a more convenient installation experience, saving you a lot of time and cost

yeedaky Service: Please make sure the compatible car model, and the product in the picture are the same as your own product. If you are unsure or don’t know, check the Accessory Number Part Number Adaptation Chart. To avoid placing the wrong order and wasting your precious time. If the project does not work properly, please do not rush to return the project.
【Engine Timing Chain Kit Compatibility】:For BMW 550i 735i 740i 745i 750i X5 N62B 4.8L Timing Chain Set. You can check our compatibility table or our description to buy the product that suits you and avoid wasting your precious time.
【 High-Quality Material Improves Reliability And Safety】:The premium timing kit is manufactured using highly durable materials, this durability ensures that the timing belt system remains stable and reliable in long-term use, helping to ensure that the engine timing system stability and accuracy. By promptly replacing your timing kit, you can prevent serious mechanical failure caused by a broken or damaged timing belt.
【 Economical and Easy to Install】:Purchasing a complete timing kit is usually more economical than purchasing individual parts separately, and it also saves you a lot of time and energy. Timely replacement of the timing kit can prevent further damage caused by the timing belt breakage or damage. damage, thereby reducing overall repair costs, the time gauge kit provides all the necessary components to make the installation process easier and more efficient.
【 Satisfactory Professional Service】:We provide comprehensive customer support, including pre-sales consultation, in-sales logistics timeliness tracking issues, and after-sales technical support guarantees. We are equipped with experienced professional and technical personnel who have the ability to solve various problems and faults quickly. Respond to customers’ questions and needs, shorten processing time as much as possible, and provide consumers with an efficient after-sales service experience.


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