Brake Resistor For Vfd


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A brake resistor for VFD ⁢(Variable Frequency Drive) is an essential component ⁤used in⁤ motor control systems to assist in⁢ decelerating and stopping ‍the motion of an electric motor quickly and efficiently. It is⁤ designed to dissipate the excess energy generated by the motor during deceleration or ‌braking.

The main purpose‌ of a⁣ brake resistor is to provide a safe and​ controlled method of⁢ braking the motor, preventing any⁣ damage to ⁣the motor or associated equipment. When the motor ⁣needs to decelerate ⁢or come to a complete ‌stop, the excess energy is converted into heat by the brake resistor, effectively converting the kinetic energy into thermal energy. This prevents the ​energy from damaging the motor or generating excessive voltage spikes.

Features of⁤ a‍ brake resistor for ​VFD include:

1. High Power Dissipation: The​ brake resistor is designed‍ to⁢ handle high power levels generated ⁣during braking, making it capable ‍of dissipating significant amounts of

Product Description For Brake Resistor For Vfd

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Product warranty two years, After sale service for whole life. Installation Guidance available ; This product is with good starting torque performance and Rich quantity and programmable I/O terminals, Using anti flame materials which is more safe and inbuilt with brake unit and brake resistor. All these features together make it an unique and proudful product. It can be used in all AC asynchronous Motor Driving machines(Motor without capacitor and resistor). It Energy Savings; Reduces Peak Energy Demand; Reduces power consumption; offer Steppless adjustable Speed; Control starting, stopping and acceleration; Dynamic Torque Control; Provides smooth motion; 16 steps of speeds automatically circle run or manual switch run; Maintains specific speed or 0 speed idle; Self-diagnostics and communications; Advanced overload protection; PLC-like functionality; Digital inputs/outputs; Analog inputs/outputs; Relay outputs; Motor starting current limitation; Reduction of thermal and mechanical stresses on motors and the couppled loading machine. Now place order will get a 20usd Keypad Extention cable for free. After service and online installtion guidance please add whatsapp 86 13048914752.
For 380V level Input voltage accepts AC 380V-440V three phase 50-60HZ, output voltage AC 0-440V variable, three phase, 0-630HZ variable.
V/F control, flux control, torque control are available. Automatic torque boost function is designed.
High starting torque: 150% at 0.25HZ(V/F), 150% at 0.25Hz(FLUX control); Speed control accuracy: ±0.5%(V/F), ±0.2% (FLUX control); Overload capability: 150% of rated current for 60 seconds, 180% for10 seconds, 200% for 1 second.
5 digital input terminals, one high-speed pulse HDl input, 2 analog input terminals; Output terminals: 2 digital output terminals, one high-speed pulse HDO output, 2 relay output terminals, one analog output terminal which support 0-20mA and 0-10V output. All terminals are programmable for different functions.
In-built PID function can realize close loop process control for pressure, temperature, flow etc. PT100 and PT1000 are acceptable. Constant pressure water supply also can be realized.
AC Motor acceleration and deceleration time can be set. 16 steps of speeds and running time can be set. Each speed can be switched automatically or manually.


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