Camon C9 Price In Nigeria

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Brand 8Greens
Product Benefits Immune Support
Item Form Powder
Material Feature No Artificial Flavors, Vegan
Unit Count 15.0 OunceAbout this item
FROM FARM TO FIZZ: 8Greens Daily Powder Sticks are made from 8 natural good-for-you super greens that provide immune support & boost your overall health
GET YOUR DAILY GREENS: In one Powder Stick, you’ll get your daily dose of spinach, kale, aloe vera, wheatgrass, blue green algae, barley grass, chlorella & spirulina
REFRESHING FLAVOR: Get a nutrition fuelled boost with this delicious pomegranate basil water enhancer; it makes cool & refreshing energy drink for any time of day
GRAB & GO: Getting your greens can be hard, so our Powder Sticks are easy to carry on the go; they fit in your gym bag, purse or even pre-diluted in your water bottle
POUR, STIR & SIP: Consume your super greens & vitamins in the most efficient way by enjoying one powder stick with an 8oz. glass of water (or liquid of choice) any time of the dayProduct Description

Camon C9 Price In Nigeria Product Information

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