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A camshaft for trucks is a‍ vital component of the engine system, specifically designed for ⁣trucks and other⁣ heavy-duty vehicles. It is⁣ responsible for‌ the efficient operation of the valve train and overall engine performance.

The camshaft works in​ conjunction with the ​crankshaft to control the⁣ opening and closing of the engine valves, which allows fuel-air mixture intake and exhaust gases expulsion. It​ is driven‍ by⁢ the engine’s timing belt or chain, which rotates it at a precise speed, synchronizing the valve timing with the piston’s movement.

The ‌features and ⁣characteristics of​ a camshaft for trucks may vary depending on the specific vehicle model and engine requirements. However, some common features include:

1. Durability: To ensure longevity and withstand⁢ the demanding operating conditions of trucks, camshafts are typically made from high-quality materials ⁣such as cast iron or‍ steel. This provides​ the⁢ necessary strength ​and durability to endure heavy‌ loads and extended

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The Brian Tooley Vortec Racing Truck Cam Kit includes: Truck Cam, Beehives Springs, Michigan Motorsport s Seals and Gaskets, 7.400″ Chromoly Pushrods
From toy haulers to trucks turned street rods, our V2 truck cam lineup has an answer for your needs. We have partnered with an OEM Tier 1 supplier to grind the new V2 series. The end result is a revised camshaft that provides more average torque, higher peak power, and a maximum depth heat treatment.
The maximum heat treat depth is achieved by having cam cores made within a few thousandths of final grind size. As opposed to grinding all the camshafts from the same starting core, they each have their own respective core to begin.
The Stage 4 grind has made a name for itself not only in the truck world, but in the street car market as well. This camshaft is suited for the consumer that want’s maximum peak power, and isn’t looking to use their truck as a work horse in the towing department. The grind moves the powerband upstream, so bottom end torque will not be ideal for the every day tow vehicle. The ideal note of this camshaft is distinct. It has the ‘lope’ that many are looking for when sitting at a stoplight.


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