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The “Car⁢ Radio Code Honda” is a ​software ‍or service that provides‍ a ‍solution for unlocking the radio code of ​Honda vehicles. Many Honda​ models are equipped ​with an anti-theft system ⁤that requires ⁣a unique ⁣code‍ to be entered into the car’s radio before‍ it can be used after a⁤ power ​loss, such⁣ as a battery replacement ⁤or disconnection.

The main feature of ‍the “Car Radio ⁢Code Honda” is its ability to retrieve​ the ⁢original radio code for Honda ⁢cars. This ‍can be extremely useful for Honda ‌owners who have forgotten or ⁤lost their radio code and are unable to use their car radio. By using this service, owners can‌ avoid the⁢ hassle of ​contacting a dealership⁤ or paying expensive fees‌ to retrieve the code.

To⁢ use⁣ the ⁤”Car ⁢Radio ⁤Code⁤ Honda,” users ​typically need to provide‍ certain information about their​ Honda vehicle, such as the model, VIN number, and ⁢the⁤ serial ​number of

Product Description for Car Radio Code Honda

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Product Description

Car Radio

Car Radio

Plug and Play Car Stereo

Note: does not support the Rear Seat Entertainment System.

There are 3 types of harnesses available for this model, please select the correct type when ordering.

The “A: without factory amplifier” option supports the following Factory features

Support Factory USB, Factory Steering Wheel Control, Factory Reverse Camera, Factory Climate Control.

The “B: without factory amplifier” option supports the following Factory features

Support Factory USB, Factory Steering Wheel Control, Factory Reverse Camera, Factory Lanewatch Camera, Factory Climate Control.

The “C: with factory amplifier” option supports the following Factory features

Support Factory USB, Factory Steering Wheel Control, Factory Reverse Camera, Factory Lanewatch Camera, Factory Amplifier, Factory Climate Control.

Big Screen Car Stereo

Big Screen Car Stereo

Built-in 4G Module

Insert the SIM card for Internet access, but it cannot support to make phone calls or send SMS.

*Support the below types:




Honda CRV Radio

Honda CRV Radio

A Better-Than-Ever Listening Experience

Matches DSP sound effect processing chip with SI47925 amplifier output chip, and supports SPDIF digital audio output.

Our car stereo has a good sound quality output standard. You can adjust the sound effect as needed when listening to music, radio and watching movies. It brings you a feast of hearing.

* 48- band EQ, preset 20 kinds of sound effects

* The subwoofer can be amplified output and adjusted independently. Separately frequency adjustment of the ultra-bass, bass, mid-bass, mid-sound, mid-treble, treble, and super- treble.The voice is clear, the mid-tone is bright, the sibilants is slender and unharsh, and the bass is strong and powerful.

* Equipped with a DTS5.1 panoramic surround sound effects and sound field correction system to make the speaker break through physical limitations to give you an immersive surround experience.

High-precision Sound ProcessingDSP module can perform high-precision digitalprocessing of audio signals to achieve a varietyof sound effects, such as reverberation, delay,distortion,filtering, etc.

NOTE: Comes with Optical Digital & Coaxial Digital output port, you can connect the amplifier to achieve better sound quality.

Honda CRV Car Stereo

Honda CRV Car Stereo

GPS Navigation

Precise GPS engines, more accurate positioning, including GPS antennas, can better receive satellite signals, thus ensuring faster real-time navigation.

Online maps:

Google maps app is preinstalled, you can use online maps after connecting the head unit to the network.

Offline maps:

If you are in an area where downloading the data of google offline map is supported, you can save the map data of that area to the car stereo in good map and use it offline. Synchronize mobile phone map data to head unit via Carply/ Android auto

Honda CRV Head Unit

Honda CRV Head Unit

Split screen multitasking

It allow to running two apps side by side. You can use YouTube while navigating, or visit the website while listening to the radio.

Fast boot

once put in car key,it will start up at once and enter into user interface in 2 seconds.(It need about 30-40 seconds in the first time boot up)

Optical Fiber and Coaxial Digital Output

If your external amplifier has Optical Fiber or Coaxial Digital Input, it gives you a chance to achieve ultimate sound quality directly.

Single Din Car Stereo

Single Din Car Stereo

More Information

Operating System: Android 12

CPU Processor: Qualcomm Snapdragon QCM6125 (8 Kryo 260 Cores), up to 2 GHz


Resolution: 1920*1080

Screen Size: 11.6″

Bluetooth: Bluetooth 5.0, support hands-free phone call and Bluetooth music

Microphone: Built-in Microphone in the control panel also includes external Microphone

Working Voltage: 10-16V

Working Temperature: -20℃-70℃

Radio Chip: SI47925

Amplifier IC: TDA7851

Audio Power Output: 4X50W

HDD: Support external hard drive with up to 500GB storage

APP: Support most Android apps

Password for Setting: 8888

Apple Carplay Radio

Apple Carplay Radio

Boot up logo: Support to customize boot up logo

OSD Language: Support 50+ kinds of languages, including English/Spanish/French/German/Portuguese/Italian/Russian/Turkish/Hebrew/Polish, etc.

Touch Screen Type: Capacitive touch screen

Boot up Time: 1s

Brightness Adjustment: Support

AM/FM: Support

Subwoofer Output: Support

Audio out: Support

Video in: Support

GPS: Build in Google map

SWC: Support factory steering wheel control, some vehicle may need special canbus harness

Support: Coaxial Output, Optical Output

Mirror Link: Support

CarPlay: Support wired/wireless CarPlay

Android auto: Support wired/wiress Android Auto

【DTS scene mode】Preset 5 DTS scenes for users to choose. The 5.1 speakers installed in the car can adjust the surround effect. you can adjust the output of different low frequencies of the front and rear speakers. The output of different low frequencies of the subwoofer can be adjusted. you can adjust the sound pitch of the front, middle and rear speakers to enhance the sound field focus. Enter “Subwoofer” to adjust the output of the subwoofer.
【Built-in Apple Carplay】It’s designed to minimize distraction so you can stay focused on the road ahead. It allows the stereo access the phone and use the app in driving way such as setting navigation route, make calls, listen to music. CarPlay (iOS 10.1 or later) compatible using wired or wireless connection.
【Built-in Android Auto】Android Auto (Android 7.0 or later) compatible using wired and wireless connection. Note: wireless android auto is only available on Android phone supports both 5G cellular and 5G WiFi.
【Car Radio Bluetooth】Bluetooth 2.1+EDR/3.0/4.1 LE/4.2 BLE/5.0 LE increases the transmission rate and the effective working distance. Support audio streaming, automatic Phone Book transfer and hands free call. (Notice: it only supports phone and OBD dongle connection)
【2 YEARS WARRANTY】We provide the 2 years warranty for JOYING unit and the professional technical support.


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