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The​ “Car Radio With⁣ Bluetooth Price” is ⁤a car audio ​system that offers the convenience ‍of Bluetooth connectivity ⁣along with​ a reasonable price tag.⁣ This car radio is ⁣designed to enhance the driving experience by providing seamless wireless‍ connectivity, allowing users to connect ‌their smartphones or other Bluetooth-enabled devices‍ to the car’s audio⁣ system.

One of the key features of this car radio is its‌ Bluetooth functionality. It​ enables users to stream music wirelessly from ⁤their mobile devices, making long ‍drives more enjoyable by ‍providing ‌access to their favorite ⁣songs, podcasts, or audio ‌books directly from their smartphones. This hands-free audio streaming capability adds convenience and safety, as‍ drivers can keep their focus⁣ on the road while still enjoying their favorite tunes.

Moreover, the ⁤car radio with Bluetooth⁣ also enables users ​to⁤ make and receive phone calls ‍hands-free. This feature ensures⁢ that drivers can answer important ‍calls‌ without being distracted by their smartphones

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Price: $39.99
(as of Nov 11,2023 15:54:14 UTC – Details)

Product Description

CarPlay Wireless Adapter for iPhone

CarPlay Wireless Adapter for iPhone

Aconaci Magic Box Wireless CarPlay Adapter – Faster, Stable Signal Transmission, Compact Design

Faster Speed and Stable Signal: The Aconaci Magic Box features a dual-core 5G chip, providing 5 times faster speed and more stable signal transmission. No more delays or lags in navigation, calls, music, and other apps, even in busy or remote areas.
Dual-channel Digital Signal Transmission: Our upgraded 5.8+2.4GHz digital signal transmission eliminates interference between Bluetooth and radio signals, ensuring uninterrupted connectivity.
Easy Plug & Play: With zero wires and a compact design, the thumb-sized adapter seamlessly blends into your car. It comes with USB and USB-C
Neat and Minimal Design: The Aconaci Magic Box is designed to keep your car clutter-free. Its compact size ensures it goes unnoticed while providing powerful wireless CarPlay connectivity.
Enhanced User Experience: Enjoy the benefits of wireless CarPlay, such as hands-free calls, seamless app integration, and convenient access to navigation, all without the hassle of cables.

apple carplay

apple carplay

Wireless CarPlay Adapter – your ultimate solution for a reliable and efficient wireless CarPlay experience in your car! Say goodbye to tangled wires and hello to a fabulous journey

Upgrade your car with the Aconaci Magic Box Wireless CarPlay Adapter. This innovative adapter offers faster speed and more stable signal transmission, thanks to its dual-core 5G chip. Whether you’re driving in a busy city or a remote area, you’ll experience uninterrupted navigation, calls, music, and more. The dual-channel digital signal transmission eliminates interference, ensuring a seamless wireless CarPlay experience. With its compact design, the thumb-sized adapter blends seamlessly into your car, keeping it neat and organized. The Aconaci Magic Box is easy to use and comes with USB and USB-C converter cables. It’s the perfect solution for enhancing your car’s functionality with wireless CarPlay.

Functional and Reliable:

With our CarPlay dongle, you can effortlessly control various functions in your car such as accessing Siri, navigation, playback music volume control, skipping tracks, and so much more. It’s all about convenience and making your journey more relaxing and carefree.

Easy Installation:

Adding our wireless CarPlay adapter to your cart is as simple as clicking a button. Get rid of the hassle of wires and upgrade your car’s technology today.

Wireless CarPlay Adapter,Newest Wireless Apple Carplay Adapter Dongle for iPhone

Wireless CarPlay Adapter,Newest Wireless Apple Carplay Adapter Dongle for iPhone

 Carplay Wireless Adapter for Apple iOS 10+, Wireless Carplay Adapter

 Carplay Wireless Adapter for Apple iOS 10+, Wireless Carplay Adapter

Wireless Apple Carplay Adapter Dongle for iPhone

Wireless Apple Carplay Adapter Dongle for iPhone

So, why wait? Experience the convenience and joy of wireless CarPlay with ACONACI Wireless CarPlay Adapter. Your car deserves it!

Please note that our wireless adapter requires wired CarPlay on all listed models. Additionally, some models may have different trims with various types of Infotainments, so please verify before purchasing. Our adapter is compatible with iPhone 6 and above models, running iOS 10 and above. To ensure compatibility, check out the extensive list of over 600 compatible vehicles on our website. We understand that compatibility issues can sometimes be a concern, but worry not! Our dedicated team is always here to assist you should you encounter any hurdles.

【Plug & Play Convenience】Our CarPlay Adapter is designed for ease of use. Simply plug it into your car and start using it right away. No manual connection required, as our adapter supports auto-connection. Just turn on your car, and the adapter will automatically connect to your phone or device. Say goodbye to hassle and hello to a seamless driving experience.
【Fast Stable Connection】Experience a faster and more stable connection with our Wireless CarPlay Dongle. Designed with a 5GHz connection, you can bid farewell to losing connection or experiencing lag during your drive. Stream music, make calls, or use Siri to navigate with confidence, knowing that our 5GHz connection ensures everything runs smoothly. Upgrade your driving experience with our fast and reliable wireless connection.
【Support for Original Apps】Our CarPlay Wireless Adapter allows you to enjoy the full functionality of original apps, including Maps, Music, Podcasts, and more. Whether you need turn-by-turn directions, want to stream your favorite songs, or catch up on the latest podcasts, our adapter ensures that everything you need is right at your fingertips. Take the wheel and experience the convenience and fun of CarPlay with our top-of-the-line CarPlay Wireless Adapter.
【Universal Compatibility】Our CarPlay wireless adapter is designed to work with over 600 car models, making it a versatile solution for many iPhone users. It is compatible with iPhone 6 and above, as well as iOS version 10 and above. To ensure seamless compatibility, please make sure your car is equipped with a factory wired CarPlay system.


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