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The car washing machine ‌for home use is an innovative and convenient device that allows homeowners to easily and efficiently wash their ‍vehicles ‌at their own​ convenience, without the need ⁤for manual scrubbing or visiting a⁢ professional car wash. This machine is specifically designed to cater to the needs of‌ household car owners, providing a hassle-free car washing experience right in the comfort of one’s own⁣ driveway.

One notable feature of the car washing machine for home use is its compact and sleek design, making it easy to store and move around ‌as needed. ⁢It does not take up much⁤ space and can be conveniently tucked away in a⁣ garage or​ shed when not in use. This ensures that​ homeowners can enjoy a clean ⁢and tidy exterior for their vehicles without sacrificing valuable⁣ storage space.

Another key feature of the car washing machine⁢ is its user-friendly interface,⁤ which allows even novice ⁤users to operate it

Product Description for Car Washing Machine For Home Use

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Product Description



BLUBERY-For a Quality Life-

We focus on developing easy-to-operate outdoor tool products,And continue to pursue product innovation. Your needs are our tireless motivation,Let extraordinary hearts enjoy higher quality products.



High Pressure Washer, cleaning capacity increased by 100%.

Four-stroke engine, power up to 7HP, high pressure 3500PSI, water flow 2.6GPM, easy to clean stubborn dirt. The pump adopts a horizontal shaft. Compared with ordinary pumps, the service life and cleaning ability are increased by 100%, and it is efficient and stable. Comes with a 50Ft hose to expand your working range and make your work more convenient.



It adopts push structure design, which is convenient for you to move around flexibly.

The comfortable height design meets everyone’s needs. The large wheels and trolley-style mobile design allow you to move faster and more steadily in the garden to achieve efficient work. Comfortable work will bring you a happy mood.

Prepare in advance


● Do not use gasoline with an alcohol content of more than 10% .

●The volume of the fuel tank is 1 gallon .

●Check the gasoline tank before use to make sure there is enough time to work .


●Please use SAE 10W-30 for pump oil.

●The volume of the fuel tank is 0.2 gallon .

●Please add enough oil to make the pump run more efficiently.



5 interchangeable nozzles meet all your requirements, specifications are 0°, 15°, 25°, 40° and soap.

● 0° nozzle (red)-ultra high pressure: effectively clean dead corners and stubborn dirt on walls

● 15° nozzle (yellow)-high pressure nozzle: effectively clean the dirt on trucks, ground and houses

● 25° nozzle (GREEN)-medium pressure nozzle: cleaning dirt on cars, wooden boards, tables and chairs

● 40°nozzle (white)-low pressure sprinkler: clean glass walls, pets, garden watering, etc. without worrying about safety issues.

● Soap nozzle (black)-cleaning fluid nozzle: produces rich foam to help clean.

Operation guide

To do a warm-up before the machine starts, just pull the puller a few times.

Stp 1: Open the oil valve to ensure that the oil path is unblocked.

Stp 2:When the cold engine is started, the damper is adjusted to the far left (OFF position), and the gasoline engine is started. After the gasoline engine is started, the damper is adjusted to the far right (ON position), and the air intake continues, and the gasoline engine can continue to run.

Stp 3:When the heat engine starts, the damper remains at the middle position between ON and OFF. After starting the gasoline engine, the air valve is adjusted to the rightmost (ON) position, and the air intake continues, and the gasoline engine continues to run.



Efficient cleaning ability reaches industrial grade

Excellent performance is very suitable for siding, driveway, house, car, RV, paint preparation, etc. This is an ideal choice for homeowners. Choose the right nozzle based on your actual needs. It is very convenient to replace the nozzle. This is an interesting thing.

Normal maintenance

●After each use, please turn off the fire faucet and drain the water from the machine.

●The unique low -oil protection switch design can protect your machine. Please check whether the oil is sufficient each time. It requires 0.2 gallons.

●If the machine does not use it for 1 week, it needs to be cleaned Carburetor. It can run like a stable alarm clock.



Each of our machines has been rigorously tested, it will bring you a pleasant experience.

●All high-pressure cleaners have been 100% functionally tested in the factory and may contain the least fuel/oil or fuel odor.

●We have a fast-handling after-sales service team, we will deal with your information quickly.

●Hope our products can bring you a happier mood and become your little helper in life.

✨【 Heavy-duty gasoline washer】Heavy Duty Gas Powered 212cc 4-Stroke BLUBERY OHV Horizontal Shaft Engine with Recoil Start – Long Lasting, Maintenance-Free Axial Cam Pump For Durable and Convenient Use.
✨[Clever design] 13-inch big tires, fast and stable when walking in the garden. The 50-feet high-pressure water pipe expands your scope of use and makes your work more convenient and faster. There are two rubber pads on the front of the machine as supporting points, which can effectively balance and prevent collision and vibration during high-pressure work.
✨【Accomplish Jobs】5 Quick connect nozzle tips: 0°, 15°, 25°, 40° and soap. It is great for cleaning decks, patios, house siding, outdoor furniture, and prepping home exteriors for painting and a foam cannon for cleaning windows and car wash, perfect size for the home projects. Dirt and filth gets lifted off any surface in seconds. one man can easily load/unload this machine into a pickup truck. Free of mold, moss, mildew, chalking and debris.
✨【TIP FOR YOU】🔆M22 pressure hose, SAE 10W-30 oil, fuel less than 10% ethanol .🔆All pressure washers are 100% functionally tested at the factory and may contain minimal residual fuel/oil or fuel odor. 🔆Please check that there is enough oil (0.2 gallon) each time you use it to ensure the washing machine runs efficiently. 🔆This item is non-returnable, if the item arrives damaged or defective, please contact the after-sales address, you can ask for a partial refund or replacement parts.


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