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Chainsaw Battery ⁤Price refers to the cost associated with purchasing a battery for a chainsaw.

A chainsaw battery is a‍ crucial component‌ of a cordless‍ chainsaw as it provides power to the tool. Chainsaw batteries are typically⁣ rechargeable and can vary in terms of voltage and capacity. The price of a chainsaw battery is determined by various factors including the brand, quality, voltage, and runtime.

Some key features to consider when evaluating chainsaw battery prices are:

1. Voltage: Chainsaw batteries usually come in different voltage options ⁣such​ as 18V, 20V, or 40V. Higher voltage batteries typically offer more power and longer runtime but ​tend to be more expensive.

2. Capacity: The capacity⁤ of a chainsaw battery is measured in ampere-hours (Ah) and indicates how long the battery can provide power before needing to

Product Description for Chainsaw Battery Price

Price: $59.99 - $39.99
(as of Nov 11,2023 19:59:05 UTC – Details)

Product Description

ezzdoo chainsaw chain sharpener

ezzdoo chainsaw chain sharpener


110~120 V

150 W

Speed (No loading)
10000~35000 (RPM)

4 Wheels(Bits) Sizes
1 x 5/32″(4.0mm), 1 x 3/16″ (4.8mm) and 2 x 7/32″ (5.5mm)

Sharpening Attachment Angles
25°, 30° and 35°

chain saw sharpener bits

Why Titanium-plated?

The titanium-plated diamond wheels last 20%

longer than those non-titanium-plated. Made by EzzDoo.

chainsaw sharpening

Electricity Made Fast

The sharpening process should be fast. You can get your task down with electricity in a few minutes!

electric chainsaw sharpener made easy

Electricity Made Easy

The sharpening process should be easy. Save effort and get rid of hand sharpening once and for all!

electric chainsaw sharpener made sharp

Back To New

There is no doubt that the result of sharpening must be razor- sharp! Get your chain back to new.

cutting wood like hot knife through butter

Perfect Cut

Cutting wood is just like a hot knife through butter! Just enjoy the wonderful moment.

1 Titanium-plated Bits 2 Fast Result 3 Easy To Use 4 Razor-Sharp 5 Perfect Cut

chainsaw sharpener

A must have!

I’m not cautious of dulling the chain anymore because I can perfectly sharpen it in ten minutes or less without being in a hurry. I wish I’d have had an EzzDoo 30 years ago.

-Double E

chainsaw sharpener

Much faster than hand sharpening!

So far it’s great! I’ve hand filed chains on my saws, and this has gotten my chain just as sharp, but in way less time. Just be sure to use the right bit, & “get the gullet”. This is EZ for sure


chain saw sharpening tool

It workes great!!

I like the sharping grinders are metal instead of stone. They don’t lose their shape like the stones. I have 3 chainsaws to cut logs and firewood, so this tool saves me alot of time and effort.


chainsaw chain sharpener

Great tool for sharpening chainsaws!

I like that the chain doesn’t have to come off the saw to sharpen and this sharpener does no damage to the bar or saw.I’d highly recommend for anybody that wants ease, convenience & speed!

-Janice P

What is the after-sales service?

1 year of after-sales service. You can return the product within 30 days for free. If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact our service 24/7.

Will it sharpen my chain?

It comes with 4 bits in 3 sizes(5/32”3/16”, 7/32”) which can help sharpen any of the chains out there. And you can usually find the sharpening size on the packaging of your chain.

Does titanium plated bits come off easily?

It does not. However, although we use the process of titanium plating, bit is a consumable and incorrect use will accelerate its come off. It is recommended to sharpen with speed 4 and keep the correct angle when sharpen chainsaw chains.

More Options

Bit size

3 sizes
3 sizes

Bit Qty


For small 3/8-inch,1/4” chain

For .325”, big 3/8” chains

For 404 ,3/8” chains

😍 Easy to Use ➡ No chain removal required, No replacement parts needed, Only 4 installation steps are needed at the first time of usage, and a short guiding VIDEO is provided. Let’s simplify your sharpening work with this helpful Chain saw Sharpener.
👍 Fast Result ➡ This is a HIGH-POWER sharpening tool, which means that even sharpen the bluntest chain, you can see how quickly your sharpening work could be done just in a few minutes. And get rid of troublesome hand sharpening once and for all. This is a great replacement for hand chain saw file/ sharpener.
🛠️ Accuracy ➡ With the Angle Attachment’ help, see how easily you can be a professional and sharpen chainsaw blade at an exact angle & depth, which can efficiently makes the chain razor-sharp & protects the chain from wrong-angle damage. Thus, getting you chain back to razor sharp is no longer a unique ability of hand files.
🎁 Perfect Assistant ➡ This efficient chainsaw sharpener is the perfect companion for chainsaws. It sharpen the chain, protects the chain, makes work easier & safer than ever before. And the exquisite packaging makes it a unique and practical GIFT for father husband and logger. So, get it and you will find you are a cool working style leader!


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