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A charge ‍controller for an alternator⁣ is a device that regulates ⁤the charging ‍process of a battery or battery bank connected to an alternator. It ensures that⁢ the battery⁤ is charged ⁤efficiently and prevents overcharging or undercharging, which can lead to damage⁤ and reduced battery lifespan.

Some‌ of​ the key features of a charge⁤ controller for an⁣ alternator include:

1. Voltage regulation: The charge controller monitors the ⁣voltage⁣ level of the ‌battery and regulates ⁤the charging⁤ process accordingly. It prevents overcharging by reducing ⁣the ​charging current when the battery⁣ reaches its ‌optimal voltage level.‌ Similarly, it provides additional charging current when the battery voltage is below a certain threshold.

2. Temperature ​compensation: Charge controllers for alternators often have temperature sensors to ‍measure ​the battery temperature. This allows for temperature compensation, which adjusts ‌the charging voltage to⁢ compensate ⁢for the battery’s temperature fluctuations. By doing so, it ensures that

Product Description for Charge Controller For Alternator

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Product Description





EPEVER MPPT Solar Charge Controller 20A ,12V/24V DC auto work ,Max PV 100V , Max solar panels input 260W charging for 12V battery system / 520W charging for 24V battery system, Common negative grounding DS2 + UCS Intelligent Modular-Designed Regulator Suitable for Lead-acid battery and Lithium battery . (MPPT 20A 100V)

Identify and load the drivers of various modules automatically.
Support the hot swapping function without any damage for each module.
Modular design for easy combination and replacement.
Advanced MPPT control algorithm to minimize the maximum power point loss rate and loss time
High quality components, perfecting system performance, with maximum conversion efficiency of 98%. Ultra-fast tracking speed and great tracking efficiency ≥99.5% .
Automatic limitation of the charging power and current , Wide MPP operating voltage range.
Compatible with lead-acid and lithium-ion batteries; Multiple load work modes .
LCD and indicators to display operating data and status of the system.
Real-time energy statistics function, Overheating power reduction function.
Provide 5VDC power through the dual USB output interface to charge electronic devices.


System voltage: 12/24V battery system auto work
Rated charge current: 20A
Max. PV open circuit voltage:100V
Battery input voltage range:8-32V
Lithium battery: 9~34V LiFePO4/Li-NiCoMn/User.
Lead-acid battery type: 9~34V Sealed(AGM), Gel, Flooded, Lead-acid User.
Max. PV Array Power:260W for 12V battery system; 520W for 24V battery system
Working environment temperature:-25℃~+55℃(with LCD)/-30℃~+55℃(without LCD)
Storage temperature range: -30℃~+70℃
MPP voltage range: (Vbat+2V)72V
Self-consumption: ≤14mA(12V);≤15mA(24V)
Temp. compensation: -3mV/℃/2V
Humidity range: ≤95%,(N.C)
Terminals/Wire Size: 6AWG(16mm²)
LCD backlight time: 60s(default)


1* TRIRON2210N (DS2 module+UCS module)
1* Temperature sensor(Model:RT-MF58R47K3.81A)
1* English user Manual



• PV over current protection • PV short circuit protection

• PV reverse polarity protection • Night reverse charging protection

• Lithium battery low temperature protection

• Battery over heat protection • Controller overheating protection

• Battery reverse polarity protection •Battery over discharge protection

• Battery over voltage protection

• Load short circuit protection • Load overload protection



How to program for Lithium Battery?

Via PC software (Accessories needed RS485 cable :CC-USB-RS485-150U )
Via phone (Accessories needed RS485 cable :CC-USB-RS485-150U & OTG cable)
Via phone APP, Android or IOS system (Accessories needed:eBox-WIFI-01 or eBox-BLE-01 )
Software download website: EPever official website or read in manual



Step: Connect solar system in the order of 1.battery–> 2. load–> 3.PV array. Disconnect solar system in the reverse order 3.> 2.> 1.

Battery must be connected first ! Never connect soalr panel array to controller Without/Before connect battery.
DO NOT connect any inverter/wind/alternator or charger into the charge controller directly ! You should connect with battery and add fuse .
If there is a long distance between the PV array and the controller or between the controller and the battery, larger wires can be used to reduce the voltage drop and improve performance. (Recommended wire size is only for reference.)

Rated Charge Current

Max PV Voltage

Max Array Solar Panel power
130W/12V; 260W/24V
260W/12V; 520W/24V
390W/12V; 780W/24V
520W/12V; 1040W/24V
520W/12V; 1040W/24V

Battery Type
Sealed / Gel(AGM) / Flooded;LiFePO4 / Li-NiCoMn / User
Sealed / Gel(AGM) / Flooded;LiFePO4 / Li-NiCoMn / User
Sealed / Gel(AGM) / Flooded;LiFePO4 / Li-NiCoMn / User
Sealed / Gel(AGM) / Flooded;LiFePO4 / Li-NiCoMn / User
Sealed / Gel(AGM) / Flooded;LiFePO4 / Li-NiCoMn / User

Common Negative
Common Negative
Common Negative
Common Negative
Common Negative

Controller Terminal
12AWG(4mm 2 )
6AWG(16mm 2 )
6AWG(16mm 2 )
6AWG(16mm 2 )
6AWG(16mm 2 )

Recommended Cable Size
12AWG(4mm 2 )
10AWG(6mm 2 )
8AWG(10mm 2 )
6AWG(16mm 2 )
6AWG(16mm 2 )

Net Weight

☀Negative ground designed of mppt controller can be widely used for different applications, e.g., communication base stations, household systems, street lighting systems and field monitoring, RV solar system etc.
☀7 battery type selection Sealed(AGM), Gel, Flooded, Lead-acid User, LiFePO4 Lithium, Li(NiCoMn)O2 Lithium, Lithium User(9~34V). Dual 5V DC USB output interface of this mppt controller can charge your electronic devices directly.
☀Three Indicator with different color show your PV/Battery/Load working Status more Intuitive; Five Button to adjust and browsing system’s parameters in more simpler way.
☀USB output,provide power to DC devices; COM port supports PC software and mobile APP can remotely monitor the controller status through the port. Easy to set and operate.


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