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The Charger for Asus Zenbook Ux305 is a high-quality power⁣ adapter specifically designed for‍ the Asus‌ Zenbook Ux305 laptop​ model. It​ is an essential accessory for users of the​ Asus Zenbook Ux305, ensuring that their device remains powered ​and fully functional at all times.

One of the key features of the Charger ⁢for Asus Zenbook Ux305 ‌is its compatibility with the Asus Zenbook Ux305 laptop. The charger is specifically ‍designed to meet the power requirements of this particular model, ensuring a seamless and ‍efficient charging process. This compatibility eliminates the⁢ risk of damage that might occur when‍ using a non-compatible charger.

Another​ notable feature of the Charger ⁢for Asus​ Zenbook Ux305 is its efficient charging capability.​ It ‌provides a stable ​and⁤ consistent ​power supply, allowing for fast and reliable charging⁤ of the laptop.

Product Description for Charger For Asus Zenbook Ux305

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Product Description










WENYAA is a company specializing in the production and sale of a wide variety of high-quality electronic accessories for many years. All our products meet international quality standards and are highly appreciated in various different markets around the world.

High-Quality Charger Compatible with Asus Laptops

WENYAA laptop chargers are a good alternative to laptop chargers or spare chargers. It has a long enough power cord to provide more flexibility, allowing you to use your laptop more conveniently. At the same time, it is made of high-quality materials and designed with safety in mind.

Input: 100~240V / 50~60Hz
Connector size:3.0×1.1mm, 4.0×1.35mm,4.0*1.7mm 4.5×3.0mm, 5.5×2.5mm
Outlet: 3-prong

tip 3.0mm fits below ASUS laptops:

Replacing Asus Zenbook UX21E Laptop charger power adapter

Replacing Asus Zenbook UX31E Laptop AC adapter power supply

Replacing Asus T300 CHI T300CHI Laptop power supply cord charger

Replacing Asus Transformer Book T200 T200T T200TA T200TA-C1-BL T200TA-DB11T-CA Laptop charger cord adapter

tip 4.5mm fits below ASUS computers:

Replacing Asus Q524 Q524U Q524UQ Q524UQ-BBI7T14 2-in-1 15.6″ Touch-Screen laptop power charger

Replacing Asus Q534 Q534U Q534UX Q534UX-BI7T22 Q534UX-BBI7T16 2-in-1 15.6″ Touch-Screen Laptop charger ac adapter

for Asus Q535UD Q535U Q535 power supply cord charger

for Asus PRO Advanced B551L B551LG B551 P2520SJ P2520SA P2520LA P2520LJ P2520S P2520L P2520 ASUSPRO power adapter charger

for Asus PRO B8230UA B8430UA P2530UA P2530UJ P2430UA P2430UJ P2440UQ P2440UA P2440UF ASUSPRO B8230U B8430U B8230 B8430 P2530U P2530 P2430U P2430 P2440U P2440 P2430UA-XH53 power cord charger ac adapter

for Asus PRO Advanced B551L B551LG B551 P2520SJ P2520SA P2520LA P2520LJ P2520S P2520L P2520 ASUSPRO Laptop adapter charger

for Asus PRO P2540UA P2540UB P2540UV P2540U P2540NV P2540N P2540 P2540UA-AB51 P2540UA-XS51 P2540UA-XS71 ASUSPRO

Asus PRO P1440UA P1440UF P1440U P1440FB P1440FA P1440F P5430UA P5430U P3540FA P3540FB P3540F P2420LA P2420L ASUSPRO P1440 P5430 P3540 P2420 power adapter charger

for Asus PRO P5240UA P5240UF P5240U P5240FF P5240FA P5240F P5340FA P5340UA P5340UF P5340U P5340FF P5340F P5440FA P5440FF P5440F P5440UA P5440UF P5440U ASUSPRO P5240 P5340 P5440 power charger ac adapter

tip 5.5mm fits below ASUS laptops:

Asus TP500LA TP500LD TP500L TP500 TP550LA TP500L TP550 Laptop power supply cord charger

Asus D550 D550M D550MA D550MAV D550C D550CA D450 D450C D450CA notebook charger

Asus S300CA S300C S300 S400CA S400C S400 S500CA S500C S500 S301LA S301L S301 Laptop ac adapter power supply cord charger

Asus R554 R554l R554LA R556 R556L R556LA V551 V551L V551LA V551LB K551LN K551L K551 K550 K550CA K550C K550LA K550LNV K550L

Asus Q301 Q301L Q301LA Q501 Q501L Q501LA Q502 Q502L Q502LA Q551 Q551L Q551LB Q551LN Q301 Q301L Q301LA Q552 Q552U Q552UB Q400 Q400A Q500 Q500A laptop charger ac adapter

Asus X550 X550L X550LA X550C X550CA X550Z X550ZA X550J X550JX X550JK X455L X455LA X455LD X455LN X455LF X455LJ X450L X450LA X450LB X450LD X450LN X450LNV X450LC X450LAV X55A laptop adapter power supply cord charger

Asus X555Y X555YA X555L X555LA X555LB X555LF X555LJ X555U X555UB X555UJ X555C X555CA X555D X555DA X555DG X555QA X555QG X555Q X555 X551 X551M X551MA X551MAV X551C X551CA X501A X502 X502C X502CA X505ZA X505Z X505 F505ZA F505Z F505

Asus X751 X751M X751MA X751L X751LX X751LAV X751S X751SA X751NA X751N X552E X552EA X552W X552WA X552L X552LA X552LAV X552C X552CL X401 X401A X401U X451MA X451M X451MAV X451CA X451C X451 X53U

Asus F555L F555LA F555U F555UA F555 F555LA-AB31 F555LA-EH51 F555LA-AS51 F555UA-EH71 F554 F554L F554LA F554LA-WS71 F554LA-WS52 F554LA-EH71 F554LA-NH51 F554LA-NH71 F551CA F551C F551MA F551M F551 F502CA F502C F502 U52F U57A U47A X705M X705MA

Asus AD883J20, AD883220, AD883020, ADP-45BW B, ADP-65AW A, ADP-65JH BB, ADP-65GD B, AD890326, AD890528, ADP-33AW, ADP-33AW A, ADP-45AW, ADP-45AW A, ADP-45AW C, AD883320, AD883520, AD883P20, 0A001-00330100, 0A001-00340200, PA-1650-78, 04G268002900, 04G268003000, 04G268003100, 04G268003200, 04G268003300, 0A001-00041500, 0A001-00330200, 0A001-00441500, 0A001-00600100, N45W-01, 010HLF, 010HLF BAH, 010KLF BAH, 010HLFBAH, 010KLFBAH, 010H-3LF, 90-XB3NN0PW00010Y, 0A001-00230300-0A200-00021900, 0A001-00040500, PA-1650-93, PA-1900-36, PA-1900-42, N65W-03 EXA1208U, AD2131320, EXA1203YH, EXA1204YH, EXA1206CH, EXA1206EH, EXA1206UH, EXA0703YH, 90XB00BN-MPW010, 90-XB34N0PW00000Y Laptop power supply cord charger

tip 4.0mm fits below ASUS notebooks:

Asus F Series F556 F556U F556UA F553 F553M F553MA F510UA F510U F510 F402BA F402B F402 F402BA-EB91 F510QA F510Q F510

Asus K Series K200 K200M K200MA K556 K556U K556UQ K556UR K556UJ K556UF K556UB K556UA K401 K401U K401UB K401L K401LB K401LB-WS71 laptop charger adapter

Asus R Series R416SA R416S R416 R515 R515M R515MA R518 R518U R518UQ R518UA R518UB R540 R540SA R540S R540LA R540L R540NA R540N R543MA R543M laptop charger adapter power ac adapter

Asus Chromebook C202 C202S C202SA C202SA-YS01 C202SA-YS02 C300 C300M C300MA C300S C300SA C200 C200M C200MA C301SA C301S C301 laptop power cord charger

Asus Q Series Q302 Q302L Q302LA Q302U Q302UA Q303 Q303U Q303UA Q304 Q304U Q304UA Q504 Q504U Q504UA Q503 Q503U Q503UA Q200 Q200E Q324 Q324U Q324UA Q405UA Q405U Q405 Q505UA Q505U Q505 Q525UA Q525U Q525 Q526FA Q526F Q526 Q553 Q553U Q553UB Q326FA Q326F Q326 Q506FA Q506F laptop power supply adapter charger

Asus TP Series TP300 TP300L TP300LA TP300LD TP301UA TP301U TP301 TP501UA TP501U TP501 TP201SA TP201 TP201S TP401 TP401C TP401CA TP401N TP401NA TP203 TP203N TP203NA TP203NAH TP510UA TP510U TP510 TP410UR TP410UA TP410U TP410 TP412UA TP412U TP412 notebook charger ac adapter

Asus X Series X553 X553M X553MA X553S X553SA X200 X200C X200CA X200M X200MA X200LA X200L X453MA X453M X453SA X453S X453 X202 X202E X201E X201 X456UV X456U X456 X556 X556U X556UR X556UA X556UB X556UJ X556UF X405UQ X405U X405 X542UR X542U X542 X542B

Asus VivoBook 15 S512FA S512FL S512F X512F X512FA X512FB X512FJ X512FL X540BA X540B X540L X540LA X540LJ X540SA X540SC X540S X540U X540UA X540UV X540NA X540N X540YA X540Y X540SA-SCL0205N X540 X510UQ X510UA X510UF X510UN X510UAR X510UR X510U X510 L510MA L510M L510 L410MA L410M L410 E410 E410M E410MA E410MA-211.TBSB E410MA-202L E410MA-OH24 E410MA-PB04 R420SA R420S R420MA R420M R420 R420SA-RS01 R420SA-RS01-BL M509D M509DA M509DJ M509DL M509BA M509B M509 S533FA M413DA M413IA M413D M413I M413 E510MA E510M E510 F512DA F512D F512 F512JA F512J M513IA M513I M513 X512DA X512D

Asus Vivobook 17 M712DA M712DK M712DAM M712D M712JA M712J M712FA M712F M712 M712DA-WH34 M712DA-BX220T M712FA-BX842T 17. 3 Inch FHD R541NA R541N R541UA R541U R541SA R541S R541 F200CA S532FA S532F S532 S532FL-DS79 S532FA-SB77 S712JA S712J S712DA S712D S712UA S712U S712FA S712FB S712F S712 S712DA-DB36 S712JA-WH54 S712UA-DS54 S712UA-IS79 X705UA F705QA F705Q F705MA F705M F705 laptop charger adapter notebook power supply cord charger

Asus VivoBook Max X541UA X541UV X541UJ X541U X541S X541SC X541SA X541NA X541N X541NA-PD1003Y X541SA-PD0703X X541UA-DH51 X541 X543UB X543UA X543U X441 X441UA X441UV X441UR X441U X441SA X441SC X441S X441NA X441NC X441N X441BA X441B X441MA X441MB X441M

Asus VivoBook E402MA E402M E402SA E402S E402NA E402N E402 E403S E403SA E403N E403NA E403 X441 X441UA X441UV X441UR X441U X441SA X441SC X441S X441NA X441NC X441N X441BA X441B X441MA X441MB X441M D553MA D553M D553 L402S L402SA L402M L402MA L402WA L402W L402 L402WA-EH21 E203 E203N E203NA E203NAH E203MAH E203MA E203M X420UA X420U L203MA L203M L203 L203MA-DS04 L406MA L406M L406 TP470EA TP470EZ TP470E TP470 X512JA X512J F512DA F512D F512FA F512F F512 X540MB X540MA X540M

Asus Zenbook UX305 UX305F UX305FA UX305U UX305UA UX305C UX305CA UX305L UX305LA UX301LA UX301L UX301 UX330 UX330U UX330UA UX330C UX330CA UX360UA UX360U UX360CA UX360C UX360 UX303 UX303U UX303UB UX303UA UX303L UX303LB UX303LN UX32 UX32A UX21A UX31A UX31LA UX32VD UX32V UX310 UX310U UX310UA UX310UQ UX430UQ UX430UA UX430UN UX430U UX430 UX410 UX410U UX410UA UX410UQ UX530 UX530U UX530UQ UX530UX UX461UN UX461UA UX461U UX461 UX331UN UX331U UX331 13 UX331FAL UX331FA UX331F UX333FN UX333F UX333FA UX333 14 UX433FN UX433F UX433 UM433DA UM433D Q407I Q4071 Q507IQ Q507I Q507 Q5071 UX434FLC UX434FL UX434FAC UX434FA UX434F UX434FQ UX434 UM431D UX431FN UX431FA UX431FL UX431F UX431

Asus Imaginebook MJ401TA MJ401T MJ401 MJ401TA-BM3N5 MJ401TA-BM3NS

Asus Q406DA Q406D Q406 D553SA D553S D553MA D553M D553 F515JA F515J F515 F515EA F515E X507MA X507M X507LA X507L X507 L210MA L210M L210 R558UF R558UQ R558U M515 M515U M515D M415D M415DA M515UA M515DA M515UA-ES56 X509FA X509FJ X509FB X509FL X509F X509UA X509UB X509UJ X509U X509JA X509JP X509J X509 F441BA F441B Q427FL Q427FA Q427F Q427 Q427FL-BI7T5 X515JA X515J X515EA X515E X515MA X515JP X515M X515

Asus Vivobook Flip 14 TP412UA TP412U TP412FA TP412F TP412 TP412FA-SB55T TP412FA-OS31T TP401CAE TP401CA TP401C TP401NA TP401N TP401MA TP401M TP401 F412D F412DA F412DA-NH77 F412DA-WS33 X412FA X412FL X412FJ X412F J401MA J401M J401 TM420UA TM420U TM420 TM420UA-WS51T TM420UA-IS79T TM420UA-DS71T

Asus S Series S14 S410UA S410UQ S410UN S410UF S410U S410NA S410N S410 S410UN-NS74 S410UA-AS51 S13 S330UN S330UA S330U S330FA S330FN S330F S330 S14 S430UN S430UA S430UF S430U S430FA S430FN S430F S430 S15 S530UN S530UA S530UF S530U S530FA S530FN S530F S530 S510UQ S510UN S510UA S510UF S510UR S510U S510 S510UA-DB71

Asus Model Number 90-XB3NN0PW00060Y , Part Number N65W-02







3-Pin Strong Connection Tip

Tips are 3-pin construction which is stronger connected and will not fall out. Provide Stable Power for you!

High Quality & Compatibility

It is made of high temperature resistant materials, safe and intelligent chip technology.

It can charge quickly and stably at any time.


The power cord is made of high-quality,PVC shielding material,Pure Copper Cade,Antioxidant and Corrosion.







Replacement for AS US C202 C202S C202SA C300 C300M C300MA C300S C300SA C301SA C301S C301 X200 X200C X200CA X200M X200MA X202 X202E X201 X453MA X453SA E402MA E402M E402SA E402S E402NA
Replacement for AS US UX330 UX330U UX330UA UX330CA UX330C UX360 UX360C UX360U UX360UA UX360CA UX305F UX305FA UX305L UX305LA UX305C UX305CA UX305U UX305UA UX305 X541NA X541N X541S X541SA X541SC X541UA X541UV X541UJ X541U X541 F556 F556U F556UA F510UA F510U F510 Q504 Q504U Q504UA Q304 Q304U Q304UA Q303 Q303U Q303UA Q503 Q503U Q503UA Q405UA Q405U Q405 Q505UA Q505U Q505 Q553 Q553U Q553UB S510UQ S510UN S510UA S510UF S510UR S510U S510 TP412UA TP412U TP412 TP300 TP300L TP300LA X553MA X553S
Package Includes – 1 x Asus replacement laptop charger adapter, 5 x DC plug.
Features 100% Brand Replacement New adapter , with 1 year warranty(full refund in 30 days and free replacement in 12 months)


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