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“Charging Battery Price With Charger” is a product ⁤that offers a⁢ convenient and efficient solution for charging batteries. This charger is designed to be used with various types of batteries, including rechargeable batteries for ⁤electronic devices such as smartphones,⁢ tablets,⁤ cameras, and‌ other ⁤portable gadgets.

One of ‌the key features of “Charging⁣ Battery Price​ With ​Charger” is its compatibility with multiple battery types. It supports both NiMH (Nickel-Metal Hydride) and Li-ion (Lithium-ion) batteries, making it⁣ versatile and suitable for a⁣ wide range of devices. This eliminates the⁢ need for⁤ multiple chargers for different devices, saving both space and costs.

Additionally,‌ this charger is ​equipped with advanced charging technology that ensures safe and efficient charging. It features overcharge protection, overcurrent protection, and short-circuit protection, which help prevent

Product Description for Charging Battery Price With Charger

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Product Description








Input: AC/DC 100-240V 50-60Hz 1.2A
Output: 5V/3A,9V/3A,15V/3A,20V/2.25A
Power: 45W(5W/10W/15W/18W/28W/33W/45W )
Connctor size: USB Type C (reference the pictures)
Condition: 100% New from Manufacturer, NEW
Package:1x Ac adapter and 1x Ac power Cord

About DMKAOLLK Laptop Charger

The DMKAOLLK laptop adapter is a versatile choice for a replacement laptop charger or backup option. It features an enough extra-long power cord for greater flexibility.All of our products are put through rigorous quality control measures to ensure safe and reliable operation. In addition, our products are in compliance with top industry standards, and include numerous safety mechanisms, including protection against short circuiting, overvoltage, overcurrent, and internal overheating. DMKAOLLK ‘s business idea is Based on advanced technologies, satisfactory services and constant efforts for improvement as well as our absolute integrity.

Main Features:

Portable volume: Small size allows you to use it anywhere
10ft Extra-long laptop power cord: Enough extra-long power cord for greater flexibility
Fast Charging under stable voltage
Longer Service Life: Used new national-standard raw materials

Main Benefits:

More Protection: International brand IC, built-in overvoltage, over-current, over-temperature and short-circuit protection
Better Safeguard: PD fireproof plastic particle-made shell, resisting high temperature, promoting heat dissipation
Stricter Control: Exquisite workmanship, strict incoming material control and process control, shipment after real-machine tests

Compatible with 45W Type C USB-C Series Laptop Notebook PC, Compatible with HP Chromebook , Compatible with Lenovo Chromebook Yoga, Compatible with Acer Chromebook, Compatible with Samsung Chromebook Plus Pro, Compatible with Asus Chromebook, Compatible with Dell Chromebook

Compatible with Acer model:

for Acer Chromebook Spin 11 13 R 13 R13 14 15 311 314 511 512:

CB311: CB311-8H CB311-8H-C5DV CB311-9H CB311-9HT

CB314: CB314-1H CB314-1H-C34N CB314-1H-C884

CB514: CB514-1H CB514-1HT: CB514-1H-C47X CB514-1HT-C7AZ CB514-1HT-C6EV

CB515: CB515-1H CB515-1HT CB515-1HT-P39B CB515-1H-C3MD

CB713: CB713-1W

CB714: CB714-1W CB714-1WT CB714-1WT-32KD CB714-1W-P5SR

CB715: CB715-1W CB715-1WT CB715-1WT-39HZ CB715-1W-P4Y6

CB5-312 CB5-312T:CB5-312T-K8Z9 CB5-312T-K5X4 CB5-312T-K40U CB5-312T-K0YQ CB5-312T-K5X4 CB5-312T-K95W

CP5-471:CP5-471-581N CP5-471-312N CP5-471-C0EX CP5-471-35T4 CP5-471-C0EX

CP311: CP311-3H CP311-2H CP311-1H CP311-3H-K23X CP311-3H-K3WL CP311-3H-K5GD CP311-3H-K4S1 CP311-3H-K6XD CP311-2H-C679 CP311-1HN-C2DV CP311-1H-C1FS CP311-1H-C5PN

CP315: CP315-1H CP315-1H-P1K8 CP315-1H-P4VG CP315-1H-P8QY CP315-1HT-39B CP315-1H CP315-1H-P4VG CB315-1HT-C4RY CP315-2H

CP511: CP511-1H CP511-1HN

CP713: CP713-1WN CP713-2W CP713-1WN-37V8 CF713-1WN-53NF CB715-1WT-A38P CP713-1WN-53NH CP713-2W-560V CP713-2W-5874 CP713-2W-3311 CP713-2W-79H3 CP713-2W-568T CP713-2W-560V

C721 C732 C733 C771 C851 C933: C721 C732 C732L C732T C732T-C8VY C732-C6WU C733 C733T C771 C771T C771-C4TM C771T-C1WS C851 C851T C933 C933T C933T-P8SM C933T-C0C1 C933-C7GM C933-C2QR

R721: R721T R721T-28RM

R751:R751T R751TN R751T-C4XP

R752T: R752TN R752T-C1MT R752TN-C2J5

R851: R851TN R851TN-P4VW R851TN-C9DD

for Acer Switch Alpha 12:

SA5-271:SA5-271P SA5-271-5030 SA5-271-52YL SA5-271-3981 SA5-271-707Z

for Acer SWift Spin 7:

SF713: SF713-51 SF713-51-M90J SF713-51-M51W SF714: SF714-51T SF714-52T SF714-51T-M9H0 SF714-51T-M871 SF714-52T-73CQ SF714-52T-70CE SF714-52T-75R6 SP714:SP714-51 SP714-51-M4YD SP714-51-M98D SP714-51-M024 SP714-51-M24B SP714-51-M5CD SP714-51-M33X SP714-51-M37P

for Acer Chromebook Tab 10: D651N: D651N-K9

Compatible with Lenovo Laptop:

for Lenovo ThinkPad E470 E480 E485 E490 E490s E575 E580 E585 E590 E595 20KS 20KV 20NB 20NB004GUS 20NB004GUS 20NB004HUS c330 s330 c340 s340 s345 c630 c340-11 c340-15 s345-14ast 100e 300e 500e , 100e 300e 500e chromebook 2nd gen ast mtk, chromebook n23 yoga, thinkpad 13 chromebook, flex 11 chromebook

Compatible with Dell Laptop:

XPS 13 15 series 7390 9300 9360 9365 9370 9830, Insprion 13 7368 7378, Latitude 5289

for Dell XPS9250, XPS12 12D: L221x 9Q23 9Q33, 13: 9350 9360 9365 9370 321X 322X L321X L322X 3943 9333 9344, 15: 9530 9550

for Dell Latitude11 5175 5179, 12 5285 5289 5290 7212 7275 7285 7290 7202, 13 3380 3390 3379 7350 7368 7370 7389 7390 2-in-1 E7370, 14 5490 7490 E7480 E5450, 15 5590 7569, 17 7778

Compatible with Google Pixel 2 XL, Pixel 3XL, Pixel 2, Pixel 3, Pixel 4a

Compatible with for Samsung Galaxy Note 9 S10 S10e S9 S9+ S8 phone, Chromebook Plus, chromebook pro, galaxy book 12, Chromebook XE310XBA XE350XBA XE510C24 XE513C24 XE520QAB XE525QBB, Notebook 7 Spin/9 Pro/9 Pen NP750QUA NP750QUB NP930MBE NP950SBE NP950SBE and more

Compatible with ASUS Chromebook (Flip) C423NA-DH02 C204MA C213SA C213NA C214MA C223NA C302CA C403NA C423NA C425TA C434TA C523NA C204 C213 C214 C223 C302 C403 C423 C425 C434 C523, Chromebook Spin 11 13 R 13 R13 14 15 311 314 511 512:CB311 CB314 CB315 CB514 CB515 CB713 CB714 CB715 CB5-312 CB5-312T CP5-471 CP311 CP315 CP511 CP713 C721 C732 C733 C771 C851 C933 R721 R751 R851, Switch Alpha 12 SA5-271, SWift Spin 7:SF713 SF714 SP714, Chromebook Tab 10:D651N: D651N-K9 and more

Compatible with HP laptop:

for HP Chromebook SeriesChromebook 11 G8 EE / 11A G8 EE / 11 G7 EE / 11 G6 EE / 11A G6 EE /13 G1 / 14 G1 /14 G5 /14A G5/14 G6 / X360 11 G1 EE / x360 11 G2 EE /; Chromebook X2 12-F000: 12-F040DX 12-F014DX 12-F015NR

for HP Chromebook X360 14-CA 14-DA14-CA043CL CA003CL CA091WM 14-CA020NR 14-CA021NR 14-CA023NR 14-CA030NR 14-CA040NR 14-CA050NR 14-CA051WM 14-CA052WM 14-CA060NR 14-CA061NR 14-CA070NR 14-CA091WM 14-CA092WM 14-da0003tu 14-da0011dx 14-da0021nr 14-db0050nr 14-db0020nr 14-db0023dx 14-db0030nr 14-db0031nr 14-db0050nr 14-db0051nr 14-db0055cl 14-db0060nr 14a-na0010nr 14a-na0020nr na0022od

for HP Chromebook X360 11-AE00011-ae051wm 11-ae001tu 11-ae027nr;11-ae001nr 11-ae002nr 11-ae010nr 11-ae020nr 11-ae027nr 11-ae030nr 11-ze040nr 11-ae044cl 11-ae051wm 11-ae091wm 11-ae110nr 11-ae120nr 11-ae131nr 11-ae161cl

for HP Elite x2 x3601012 G1/1012 G2/1030-G3/1030-G4/210 G2 Laptop

for HP Chromebook X360 15-DE000015-de0010nr 15-de0010br 15-de0021cl 15-de0035cl 15-de0043dx 15-de0517wm

Compatoble Part Number:

ADP-45ME BA PA-1450-33HP A045R031L 24415 R35737 V5Y26AA TPN-CA01 TNP-CA02 TPN-DA04 TPN-CA01 TNP-LA07 815049-001 828522-002 828622-003 828769-001 814838-002 815049-003 863469-001 844205-850







Easy to Use and Carry with You

45W Type-C AC Charger is ready to go anywhere you do. It’s the perfect partner whenever, and wherever you need to charge.

Safety and Reliable

Our products are in compliance with top industry standards, and include numerous safety mechanisms, including protection against short circuiting, overvoltage, overcurrent and internal overheating. Designed with high temperature resistant, flame retardant and fire-resistant materials, all our products provide ultimate protection for your devices.

High Quality Materials

ABS+PC Shell: The Shell made of ABS material is anti-aging and does not break. It has good high temperature resistance.

High quality wire core: The pure copper cell conducts electricity faster, the current is more stable and the charging speed is more efficient than other power sources.

Anti-Jamming Magnetic Ring: High-Performance Ferrite Magnetic Material, Strong Anti-interference, Electric Current Stable

USB-C laptops and smart phones that support power delivery function
USB-C laptops and smart phones that support power delivery function
HP Pavilion x360 x2 741727-001 740015-003 Laptop Charger
Acer Chromebook R 11 13 14 15 N15Q9 N16P1 N15Q8 Laptop Charger
Dell Inspiron 15 LA65NS2-01 Laptop Charger
Dell Inspiron 15-5000 15-3000 15-7000 17 13-5000 13-7000 11-3000 14-5000 17-7000 17-3000 17-5000 Series

Connctor size
USB-C Port
USB-C Port

Over voltage protection

Short circuit protection

Over current protection

Acer Chromebook Spin 11 13 R 13 R13 14 15 311 314 511 512 CB311 CB311-8H CB311-8H-C5DV CB311-9H CB311-9HT CB314 CB314-1H CB314-1H-C34N CB314-1H-C884 CB315 CB315-1H CB315-1HT CB315-1HT-C4RY CB315-1HT-C9UA CB315-2H CB315-2HT CP311-2H-C679 CB315-2HT-47WG CB315-2HT-63R0 CB315-3H-C2C3 CB315-3H-C4QE CB315-3HT-C296 CB315-3HT-C3J0 CB514 CB515 CB713 CB713-1W CB714 CB715 CB715-1W CB715-1WT CB715-1WT-39HZ CB715-1W-P4Y6 CP5-471 CP5-471-581N CP5-471-312N CP5-471-C0EX CP5-471-35T4 CP5-471-C0EX
Acer Chromebook C721 C732 C733 C771 C851 C933 C721 C732 C732L C732T C732T-C8VY C732-C6WU C733 C733T C771 C771T C771-C4TM C771T-C1WS C851 C851T C933 C933T C933T-P8SM C933T-C0C1 C933-C7GM C933-C2QR R721 R721T R721T-28RM R751 R751T R751TN R751T-C4XP R752T R752TN R752T-C1MT R752TN-C2J5 ADP-45XE B ADP-45EW B PA1450-33HQ 918337-001 844205-850 TPN-LA07 828769-001 828622-003 ADP-45ME TPN-LA06 860066-001 918338-003 860210-850 PA-1450-33HD ADP-45VE BB 815049-001 A045R031L TPN-CA01 PA-1450-33HP
Acer Chromebook Spin CP311 CP311-1H CP311-2H CP311-2H-C679 CP311-2H-C3KA CP311-1HN CP311-1HN-C2DV CP311-1H-C1FS 1H-C5PN CP315 CP315-1H CP315-1H-P1K8 CP315-1H-P4VG CP315-1H-P8QY CP315-1HT-39B CP315-1H CP315-1H-P4VG CB315-1HT-C4RY CP315-2H CP311-2H-C679 CP511 CP511-1H CP511-1HN CP713 CP713-1WN CP713-1WN-37V8 CF713-1WN-53NF CB715-1WT-A38P R851 R851TN R851TN-P4VW R851TN-C9DD Acer Chromebook Tab 10 D651N D651N-K9 Acer Switch Alpha 12
Warranty :Rest assured with 60 days Refund and 12 months Replacement,also get our friendly customer service;The return window will be closed a month after you received the the product.Contact us by follow step:Please click on seller store on right corner “ask a question” and contact seller


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