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A compressor​ for vending machine is an essential component that ensures the proper functioning of ⁢a vending machine’s refrigeration system. ⁤It is responsible⁢ for creating the necessary pressure to circulate refrigerant and maintain the desired ‍temperature inside the machine.

The main‌ purpose of a compressor is to compress low-pressure refrigerant vapor into high-pressure vapor, which then travels through the refrigeration ‍cycle to cool and maintain the ⁢freshness of the products inside the ⁢vending machine. Here are ⁤some key features of a compressor⁢ specifically designed for​ vending machines:

1. Compact Size: Compressors for vending machines are designed to ‍be small‍ and space-efficient, allowing them to fit easily within the limited space available in vending machines.

2. ​Efficient Cooling: These compressors are engineered for optimal cooling performance, enabling them to quickly and effectively cool⁤ beverages, snacks,‌ or other perishable goods stored within the vending machine

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Product Description

phiestina family-01

phiestina family-01








Our 30 inch Phiestina wine and beverage refrigerator has a high-tech compressor and air circulation system, you may rest assured that this wine cooler unit is quiet. It ensures that the cold air is transferred to every corner of the wine cooler. Let’s enjoy your favorite drinks unobstructed from now on.

Front Vent Heat Dissipation System and Door Safety Lock

Front vent is an excellent design for a built in item so the heat can go out from the front but not have to stay in your cabinet.
Besides, the safety door lock is neccessary, because alcohol is not good for children, and can protect your wine and drinks without being taken away.


This beverage and wine cooler is also designed with an additional temperature sensor for auto defrost mode,so that your drinks and wine will not be frozen out and kept at the suitable temperature.
It has 2 INDEPENDENT STORAGE ZONE, one is 40℉ to 66℉,another is 38℉ to 50℉,which is preset the most suitable temp for your wine and drinks.

180CB open door

180CB open door

Truly Adjustable & Removable Shelves! Big capacity !

11 Removable Shelves

This 30 inch Phiestina wine cooler and beverage fridge comes with totally 11 removable shelves(7 for left and 5 for right ) . At the end of the inner wall, there are two stoppers on each side, that prevent the shelf from moving and the bottles from falling down.

Inside the fridge the trays have been shaped in such a way to encourage maximum storage for minimum space. Fill it up with your favorite beverage and wine!


It can hold up33 bottles of wine and 100 cans of drinks or beravages at the same time. Great for champagne, sparkling water, red, rose and white wine, sodas, cola, lemonade, juice, refreshing drinks, cocktails and all kinds of beverages or wine.



Your Kitchen Partener, Let Your Family and Guests Pleased

Being Beautiful and flawless the Phiestina wine and beverage cooler will complement any corner of your house. It can be used for personal and professional use as well. It can be use in home , kitchen , Study room, living room,bar , office or any places you like.
The stainless steel door frame and transparent glass could cater to any type of home and kitchen decoration. Whether your home is vintage, country, boho, shabby chic, retro, modern or minimalistic this wine cooler kit will fit the bill.
Its door handles are non-slip and ergonomically designed to ensure a comfy grip every time you open the door.

Dual Zone



Temperature Range
Upper zone: 40-50°F Lower zone: 50-66°F
Upper zone: 40-50°F Lower zone: 50-66°F
Left zone: 40-66°F Right zone: 38-50°F

29 bottles
96 cans
46 bottles
175 cans
20 bottles + 78 cans

Built-in/Under Counter


Energy-Saving & QUIET OPERATION: Our dual zone wine cooler is quiet when working , so you can enjoy your happy peaceful moment at home or in the office or anywhere,no matter household or official use. What’s more, ONLY 1KW.h ONE DAY, which is extremely efficient and COST SAVING.
TWO STORAGE ZONE,TWO INDEPENDENT SENSITIVE TEMPERATURE CONTROL with pretty blue light displays: This built-in beverage cooler cools your drinks and wine at the right temp thanks to our advanced temperature control technology system.The left side of the wine cooler zone temp ranges 40℉ to 66℉,the right side of the beverage cooler zone ranges 38 to 50℉,which is preset the most suitable temp for your wine and drinks.
AUTO DEFROSTING FUNCTION: Our beverage Refrigerator cooler is also designed with an additional temperature sensor for auto defrost mode,so that your drinks and wine will not be frozen out and kept at the suitable temp. Phiestina 30inch wine beer fridge has a powerful cooling system with a small convection fan to cool quickly, and keep consistent air circulation for a uniform temperature supply inside.
GOOD QUALITY SATISFICING SERVICE PRODUCT GUARANTEE: Phiestina focus on the design, research and development, production, sales, and service of a one-stop supply chain for wine cellars fridges and beverage cabinets all along.What’s more,we offer one year warranty, if you have any question about your purchase , please contact us.We will do our best to help you for product guarantee.


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