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A compressor machine for ‌painting is a versatile‍ tool used for different painting applications, including‍ automotive painting,‌ household painting, furniture painting, and other similar⁣ tasks. It is designed to deliver ‍a constant and continuous flow of​ compressed air, which helps in creating an even and efficient paint finish.

The main features of a ⁣compressor machine for painting include:

1. ⁤Power and Performance: These ‌machines are equipped with powerful motors‍ that generate high-pressure airflow,⁣ allowing for efficient and quick paint⁢ application. They provide consistent pressure throughout the painting process, resulting in a smooth and professional finish.

2. Tank Capacity: Compressor machines for painting come with different tank capacities ranging from ​small ⁢to large. The tank stores compressed air, ensuring a continuous ‌and uninterrupted‌ airflow, reducing the⁢ need for frequent refills.

3. Adjustable Pressure ⁣Control: Most ‌compressor machines for painting come with pressure regulator knobs⁢ that ⁤allow users to

Product Description for Compressor Machine For Painting

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Product Description

airbrush kit

airbrush kit

What Can You Do with EDIFOLLY Airbrush Kit?

Airbrush for Nails: The choice of professional nail artist, even if you are a beginner, using this airbrush nail machine make you like a pro.

Airbrush Makeup Kit: Say goodbye to unruly hands, evenly sprayed or foundation for a refined look.

Airbrush for cake decoration: A good airbrush for cake decorating, helps you decorate cakes fast and well.

Airbrush Kit for Clothes: DIY your no color shirt, shoes becoming colorful.

WARM TIP: Please select individual use for each air brush gun, mixed use is not clean. You don’t want to eat a piece of cake with foundation.

airbrush kit

airbrush kit

How To Operate These Air Brush Kit?

Install the air brush gun and wanted cup;
Fill the cup with desired solution;
Press the on / off button to turn on the host;
Toggle backwards to use the machine to spraying;
Turning the knob at the end to adjust the intensity of the spraying mist;


airbrush kit

airbrush kit

Simple Cleaning Steps After Every Use (MUST HAVE)

1. Pouring out the remaining solution into right trash can, then cleaning the used cup with water or cleaning solutions;

2. Fill the cleaned cup with water or cleaning solutions, a small half cup is enough;

3. Plug the nozzle and cup with hand, then turn on the airbrush gun for internal cleaning;

4. Repeat the above 2 steps until the inside of airbrush gun is cleaned and free of colorful water;

5. Spray out the water or cleaning solutions, until no color remains.

airbrush kit

airbrush kit

Please Do Not Be Anxious If Your Airbrush Gun Is Clogged

Unscrew the screw in the middle of the airbrush gun, twitching the needle to keep the inside flowing smoothly;
If the needle is dirty, you can take out a separate clean then put it back, but be careful for not losing small accessories;
Unscrew the nozzle in front and clean it, ensure that the 0.3 mm nozzle is not clogged, then reassemble it. Please don’t lose 2 small rubber rings in the connection when cleaning;
Fill clean water to test whether the airbrush gun can be used properly.


airbrush kit

airbrush kit

Frequently Asked Questions

Why the airbrush gun can not spray out?

The tail knob is screwed too tightly;
The airbrush gun is clogged and needs to be cleaned.

Why the air brush gun starts spraying when I only pressed the on / off button?

Needle installation is too far back, unscrew the middle screw and push the needle forward, then tighten it.

Can all solutions be sprayed?

NO, the nozzle is only 0.3 mm, only water-soluble solutions can be used, DO NOT use hard, granulated solutions.

Why is the spraying not smooth anymore?

Low battery power affects usage, please fully charge before using.

Can you use the same airbrush gun for painting and skin care?

For your personal health, we recommend NOT mixing them.


airbrush kit

airbrush kit

airbrush kit

airbrush kit

Pack List

1 X airbrush gun

1 X 1200 mAh compressor host

1 X 5 ml water cup

1 X 20 ml water cup

1 X 40 ml water tank

1 X airbrush cleaning kit

1 X charging cord

1 X instruction

Best Airbrush Kit with Compressor: Airbrush with compressor provides 20psi to 30psi air pressure, 50% higher than similar air brushes. Be care to use the correct fluids as the nozzle is only 0.3mm. The airbrush gun can only spray watercolor pigment, dyes, inks and properly diluted paint. Please care the concentration of fluids.
Adjustable Controls Air Brush Kit: The intensity of the spraying mist can be adjusted by turning the knob at the end. But be careful NOT to screw it so tightly that it can not be sprayed. The tighter you screw it, the smaller the spray strength.
Portable Airbrush Kit: Portable air brush design is a cordless airbrush kit, very convenient to carry, just put it in the bag or pocket. Whenever you want to use these mini airbrush kit, just take it out and use it.
Easy Operate Air Brush Kit: Installing the air brush gun on the compression host, selecting the desired solution and fill the cup, pressing the on / off button, then you can control the spraying of the air brush gun by triggering it backward. Press the on / off button only will not start spraying.
Simple Cleaning Airbrush Sets: Prompt cleaning the airbrush gun after using is essential, or it will be blocked and cannot be used again. The host can not be cleaned with water, dry with a dry rag. Cleaning the air brush gun with airbrush cleaning kit ( included ) ,and water or cleaning solutions. Make sure the inside of the air brush gun is cleaned by spraying clear water. We offer detailed cleaning video.
Airbrush for Nails: The choice of professional nail artist, even if you are a beginner, using this airbrush nail machine make you like a pro.


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