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The Compressor with‌ Airbrush Kit is a professional-grade tool designed for artists, hobby⁢ enthusiasts, and craftsmen‍ who require precise and controlled airbrushing.​ This kit includes ​a high-quality air⁢ compressor ⁣unit‌ that is​ specifically designed to power airbrushes of various⁢ sizes.

One of the standout ⁤features of the Compressor ⁢with Airbrush Kit is its ​high-performance air⁢ compressor. ​This compressor is equipped with ‌a powerful motor that provides a ⁤steady and ​consistent airflow, ensuring a ⁣smooth and consistent paint application. It has adjustable pressure settings that allow ​for precise control over the air pressure, catering to different painting techniques and materials.

Another⁢ notable ⁤feature of the Compressor with‌ Airbrush Kit is its portability and ease of use. The compressor unit has a compact and lightweight design, making it highly portable and convenient for artists ⁢who need to work ⁢in various locations. It is also user

Product Description for Compressor With Airbrush Kit

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(as of Nov 11,2023 09:41:50 UTC – Details)

Product Description

Welcome to choose Casubaris airbrush kit

We call it cordless mini airbrush kit or airbrush handheld,it can be also corded airbrush kit as we added a braided hose together

this new cordless air brush machine can replace the battery very easily,just push the bottom of the battery to take it off to

charge it separatedly,whatever with airbrush braided hose or without hose,it can both reach auto stop function.

Airbrush multipurpose fields

airbrush makeup air brush foundation spray

airbrush makeup air brush foundation spray

Airbrush kit for barber hair enhancement

Airbrush kit for barber hair enhancement

handheld airbrush kit for model spray

handheld airbrush kit for model spray

Air Cordless Professional Airbrush Makeup System

With airbrush foundation makeup,you work with a spray gun, which connect with a compressor with air, that delivers a very even stream of makeup.

The benefit is that the airbrush kit tool delivers a level of control you can’t achieve with hand application, meaning you can layer on as much,

or as little, as you’d like.

Unlike traditional makeup, airbrushing sprays a fine mist so the makeup blends evenly on the skin. With airbrush foundations it provide the flawless

coverage of your preference and minimizes skin imperfections. The result is a beautiful and natural finish.

airbrush for barbers

So far as “barber airbrush system” is concerned,we strongly recommend this barber cordless air compressor airbrush kit,

as this airbrush barber compressor machine can connect with any different spray gun for barbers,you can use painting

enhancement spray gun to creat fantastic barber hair or beard style designs

airbrush model

If you are a model painter cars, warships, and fighter planes and now you are searching foIf you are a model painter cars, warships, and fighter planes and now you are searching foIf you are a model painter cars, warships, and fighter planes and now you are searching for the best cordless airbrush kit,

really suggest you to use this new designed either corded or cordless airbrush air compressor

Airbrush pen cleaning method and other matters need attention

Air brush spray bubble way cleaning

Air brush spray bubble way cleaning

Two cleaning way of airbrush pen

Every air brush pen must be cleaned after paint spray,normally,we just use the simple bubble cleaning way,put into clean water into the cup,and use your finger to block the airbrush,let it bubble for a while.However,if your airbrush gun have sprayed some thick paint,and meanwhile,you did not clean it for a while,then you must clean it deeply,disassemble the airbrush pen and use our brush tool to clean it,but please do remmember that as the nozzle is very fragile,and you are not suggested to disassemble the nozzle unless you are professional.Anyway,you have no need to disassemble the nozzle and clean it.

Removeable battery charge

airbrush battery charge

airbrush battery charge

Battery replacement and charging need attention

As the motor can reach 28 to 32psi,and if the airbrush machine works continuousely,it can last only around 40mins,however,because it can reach auto stop function,when your finger release,then the airbrush pump will stop automatically,this can save much power and meanwhile,it can release much noise.And for the new designed type,we also added new battery as extra airbrush battery replaceable as supplement,just push the bottom of the battery and then take the battery off very easily,you must be carefully when you plug in the battery and make sure the same direction.

To keep safe,we strongly suggest to charge the battery separatedly,means you need to take the battery off to charge it separatedly.And the airbrush machine will not work when plug the Type-C cable.

Easily battery replaceable cordless airbrush kit:We upgraded this new mini handheld airbrush with compressor with easily battery replacement way, just push the bottom of the airbrush compressor body to take the battery off to change a new one,and just plug the replaced one for continue work.Please note the correct direction when plug in.This is really an applicable airbrush starter kits for both beginners or testors
Two connect way to airbrush:We added a braided hose to reach two connect way,you can connect the air brush pen to the electric air brush machine directly to work as hand-hold wireless airbrush cordless,or you can connect the airbrush gun through the airbrush hose,you can put the small electrical air brush compressor into your pocket and only hold the airbrush pen in your hand to spray.
Connect with different airbrush pens to work:With our wireless spray compressor it can connect with most kinds of airbrush pens so long as the connection joint air-valve is 1/8”. Especially when you need different colors,you can use different airbrush pen to match it to work. Remember to clean every airbrush pen after finish your spraying.
Multipurpose use for different airbrush fileds.Airbrush flawless spray foundation for makeup,barber dye spray gun airbrush for hair or beard enhancement,airbrush stencils for nails,art & craft etc.If the liquid too thick,dilute it a firstly. Airbrush pen is a precise tool,customers are not suggested to replace the nozzle,because it is very precise. You can contact with us for the instructions about the nozzle replacement if you need.


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